"That's way to hard Britt,I love you with everything i have.I don't want to forget about you." I looked at him and smiled.

"That's the exact same way i feel about you."

"See,We are meant to be together.So if you let me....I can prove i feel that way about you."

"I don't know."

"OK how about we start again.....Hi I'm Harry styles from one direction." I looked at him and he was giving me that cheeky smile i rolled my eyes.He chuckled and i laughed.

"I guess we can try."

"Are you serious?" He said getting excited.

"I guess." He did a stupid little dance.I laughed."As long as you don't do that again." He stopped and looked at me.

"I love you."

"I love you too." He leaned over and kissed my cheek.I felt happy again.W e finally made it home and we got out and we waited for me.I walked over to him and i stopped in front of him and looked up to him.He looked down at me.He leaned down and i met him half way we stood there kissing for a while until we herd someone scream and claps,We pulled away and looked at the porch everyone including the body guards were standing there clapping and smiling but Louis oh my god that boy was overly excited.He ran to us and stopped in between us.He looked at me and grabbed my shoulders.

"ARE YOU GUYS BACK TOGETHER?" He yelled in my face.I looked at Harry and everyone else.I nodded and Louis screamed like a little girl and started to jump up and down he hugged me and Harry.He ran back up the stairs and inside along with everyone else.Harry looked at me and grabbed my hand he intertwined our fingers and we walked inside together.He shut the door behind us and he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.We walked into the living room and stopped.Everyone looked extremely happy.I looked at Harry and He looked back at me and i leaned up and pecked his lips.He smiled.I grabbed his hand and started to walk up the stairs.I walked into his room and shut the door.I stood in front of him and he put his hands on my sides.I started to make him walk backwards and then he fell on his bed.I crawled on top of him and looked down at him.

"I think i like this." Harry said.

"Yeah....."I leaned down and pecked his lips.I pulled away and he smiled so did i.I layed down on his chest and just enjoyed being in his arms.

" So...When do you leave?" He asked.

"Well we have to find a flat.Then we have to pack and move in and un pack and then classes start august 1." I said.I felt him sigh.

"But your gonna be pretty close to home?" He asked.

"Yes." I said.

"So we can see each other?"



"Shut up." I said.I could feel him laugh.After that it got silent and i passed out.

"BRITTANY ITS TIME TO GET UP WE HAVE TO GO FIND A FLAT!" I herd Tabby yell in my ear.I opened my eyes to look at her in my face.I flicked her off and realized i was in Harry's arms.I had the biggest smile in the world.I looked at him and he was awake.

"Good morning beautiful." He said.I blushed and pecked his lips.

"Good morning." I said i got up and walked into his bathroom and did my business.I walked out and he was up and shirtless in his boxers.I bit my lip and thought my nasty thoughts.I was pulled out of my nasty thoughts by Tabby running in to the room.She stopped when she saw the look on my face and grunted.

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