Chapter 5

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Amelia's Mate--------->

Immediately after entering our backyard I took a deep breath. I was seriously in need of that. I started roaming around the garden. While walking something got my sight. There is a silhouette present leaning against a tree at the end of our garden. Something is there which is pulling me towards that person. What am I doing what if he/she is a treat? I don't know why i just could't stop my legs from going near that person.

While moving little near I think that person sensed me and became stiff.

“Whoever is that leave me alone, i came here for some peace from that stupid party, you may leave.” He said with authority. That voice just caused a shiver through my spine. Even though he called my party stupid which took alot of effort by my parents to organize I just couldn't get offended by that i don't know why and Damn that was one hell of a voice.

With much curiosity I started moving even more near him. When I was totally near him I can see that he have very broad shoulders.

“How many times I need to say to back off. Can’t you………..” whatever he was going to say stopped at mid sentence when he looked at me.

I slowly raised my eyes to his. That’s it my breath got hitched. It’s like I am just drowning in those beautiful blue eyes. The world around me just stopped. Only I and he are present. I can just stand here forever just looking at his eyes. I can’t turn away my eyes. They just got glued to his eyes. In those eyes I saw happiness which in matter of a second turned into blankness.

My wolf said the word which I have been dying to here ‘mate’

So this is my mate, for whom I have been waiting. With whom I am going to spend my entire life. Who is going to love me, cherish me and never hurt me? But one thing I can’t understand why is there no emotion present in those eyes at present. Is he not happy that I am his mate or is he just shocked?

I was about to say something but I just couldn’t form any words to say to him. By taking a deep breath I decided to introduce myself at that time “Meli come on there are still guests you need to meet.” Amanda said shouting coming outside of the backdoor.

I turned towards her to say “Ya wait.” And returned to see my mate, but there is no one present. Did he just left? Why did he? Fear starts creping my heart.

Amanda just held my hand and started dragging me inside. I don’t even know his name. Did he just reject me like this? No, no maybe he is just in shock and wanted to have some space to clear his mind. Ya that must be the reason.

“What happened meli, you are quite frowning. Is there any problem?” Amanda asked worrying.

Should I say it to her about what just happened? But I myself don’t have a proper idea about actually what happened. I will say it after talking to him. Yes that’s the best thing to do than assuming something stupid and worrying others.

“Nothing Amanda just thinking about my mate.” I told her assuring. Well that’s not a complete lie. It’s just half truth so it’s not bad I guess.

“I can understand you must be stressed. But I am sure you will meet your mate today only. And you will be completely happy. Trust me.” Amanda said to me.

“I hope so Amanda. I really hope so.” I told her.

“Now come on this is your party. Forget the mate part for some time and enjoy. Today is after all your birthday right.” Amanda said.

“You are right I need to enjoy my own party. Come on let’s go and call matt. And let’s dance.” I told her giving her a big fake smile and reached the dance floor. Amanda caught that but didn’t say anything. Understanding that no matter what she says isn’t going to change my mood.

After few minutes matt joined us. We started enjoying and dancing for all the songs smiling brightly outside. But inside I am just dying with nervousness and with so many questions. I just started looking at every direction for those amazing blue eyes. Where is he? Did he left the party and returned. God I hope not. I need to talk to him immediately I can’t have all these doubts in my mind. I need his assurance.

I closed my eyes and danced with matt as amanda went to bring some refreshments for us. After sometime i got a feeling that some one is watching me so i opened them and those eyes staring right at me. He is at the corner. I excused myself from matt and started to go near those eyes. He knows that I am coming but stayed at his spot at least he is not running away. That’s a good sign till now.

I reached him and said “We need to talk.” He nodded his head and started following me to the backyard. I don’t know what I am going to say but things need to get clear for sure.

We walked in to the garden until we are sure that no one inside the house will listen to our conversation. We stopped and turned toward each other.

I didn’t get a chance to see him properly before. He is 6’4 inches of tanned chiseled body, sculpted arms and washboard abs that’s looks like has got 8pack. His hair is dark brown. His face is composed; there are no emotions visible like he is wearing a cold mask or something.

Is he happy or sad or disappointed? Ugh!!! I don’t know what he is feeling at present. I am totally confused but my wolf is happy completely.

His face suddenly showed irritation. I guess I have been staring at him for a while. I need to say something right. Let’s start with the obvious.

I cleared my throat and said “We are mates.”

He raised his left eyebrow and said, “I got that alright, you need not say it out loud.”

Ok…. What is his problem? Why is he talking like this? Even my wolf is little hurt. Meli you totally need to be patient.

I took a deep breath and held my hand to him “Hi. My name is Amelia Raferty.”

He didn’t return the gesture just stood there with his hands in his pocket.

“So?” he said to me with bored tone. I retrieved my hand.

“So? Is that the only thing you can say now? Don’t you have anything else to say to me?” I asked him raising my voice a little before I could stop it. I just couldn’t hold my patience anymore.

I think I just made him angry. He growled at me by which I flinched a little and took a step back.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice when you are talking to me.” He said to me with anger.

I don’t know what to feel happy or sad. Happy that at least he showed some emotion even though it is anger or sad that he just growled at his own mate.

“Ok, I will not raise my voice could you tell me your name. I have a mate whose name I don’t even know.” I said to him.

He is taking deep breaths to control his anger I guess and said “I am Calder Brumback, alpha of savage moon pack. Happy.”

I am literally shocked; the savage moon pack is the best of all. It is the most fearful and cruelest pack completely and its alpha is like coldest, that's what i heard from many people i know. Wow my luck please note the sarcasm. But i know he will be normal towards me, I am his mate afterall. That's how any couple works no matter what is your nature you will always show love towards your mate.

Before I could say anything, the backdoor opened revealing my father. He is looking at us with questioning looks, and started walking towards us.

“What’s going on meli?” my father asked me.

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