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You looked up from your phone as you feel a strong force run into your stomach. You had to focus all your strength on him otherwise you both would have fallen.

"Hello to you too Noya," You smiled.

He starts to pull your arm towards the entrance of the school. He takes one look at you as his smile blinds your eyes from how bright it was.

'Holy shit when were there two suns?'

"Cmon (N/n)! Practice just ended and I really want to get some Gari-Gari kun!" He pleaded.

You couldn't deny him as you both ran together to one of the shops nearby. Noya enters the shop as you wait outside for him. Not even a few minutes go by as you see him race out the building, a popsicle in one hand and the box in the other. You let out a light chuckle as you motioned him to come walk with you.

As you both leave the shop, you couldn't notice the clerk look outside staring at you in confusion. Wondering ever so slightly why you were looking down at the ground.

You both end up on top of your house, just chilling on the roof. You open up a cold one as Noya sits next to you with a content smile on his face.

It's late into the night and you both enjoy the comfortable night. Seeing stars litter the sky and the quiet chirps of crickets makes this moment nice.

"Thank you, Nishinoya Yuu. Thank you for sticking with me."

You look to the side as Nishinoya looks right back with his head tilted slightly. A small smile creeps onto his face and all you could do is giggle.

Closing your eyes and breathing in, you opened them back up to find yourself alone on your rooftop. The popsicle sticks that were once on the roof were gone and you were there alone with your thoughts.

'Mom always said you couldn't fall for a fictional character. Boy, was she so wrong..'

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