Rogue Cheney x Reader

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Request by @bearsandcupcakes

You were walking through a village when you saw a... Frog? You went look closer and see that it is a cat with a frog costume. It looked like he was lost. You walked over to him. "Hello there." you said as hou bowed closer to him. "Are you lost?" you asked him. The fr- cat nodded. "Fro is looking for Rogue." He said. ,He talks? Cool.' you thought. "Do I have to help looking?" Fro, you guess his name is, nodded in reply.

While looking for the so called Rogue, you asked Fro a few questions. "What is your name, little one?" You asked, you still weren't sure. "Fro's name is Frosh." 'Ofcourse' you facepalmed. Makes sense. "How does Rogue look like?" You asked Frosh. Fro tried to explain and the pieces started to fit together. Now you remember the name Rogue. The Shadow dragon slayer from Sabertooth! "Is he... in a guild?" You hoped he remembered what a guild is since you noticed he isn't one of the smartest... "Rogue is from Sabertooth, so is Fro" Fro answered. Told ya'!

After another few minutes of walking you noticed someone in the crowd. He was completely in dark.

Frosh, who now was in your arms, also noticed. "That's Rogue huh?" You asked Frosh, who nodded in reply. You walked over to Rogue, who was with his back turned to you. "Looking for something... or should I say someone?" You said. Rogue turned his head when he realized you were talking to him. His face lit up a bit once he saw Frosh. "Frosh!"He said and took a step closer to you. You handed him Fro. Rogue tightly hugged Frosh.

You smiled at the sight. They are so cute together. You wished you had more time with them. But a matter of fact, you are also in a guild, ( fav guild except for FT and sabertooth). And you were here on a quest.

You sighed and started walking, not wanting to disturb the two any further. "Wait!" You heard a voice yell after you. You stopped walking and turned around, seeing the Shadow Dragon Slayer run over to you. "Yes?" You asked, not meant to be rude. "Thank you for finding him, I lost him out of my eye and he has a-" "Short memory, I know. I noticed while we were talking." You told Rogue with a small smile on your face. He smiled back a little. 'Oh my, his smile is so cute!' You thought, realizing what you were thinking a blush covered your cheecks.

"Fro thinks (Y/N) likes Rogue-kun." Frosh said. "Wh.. what?!" You stuttered. You absolutely not liked Rogue like Frosh meant you did. You noticed a small blush on Rogue's face too.

"I.. I have to keep going, I have to finish something.. here.." You awkwardly laughed and started to take steps back, making you bump in a few peoples backs. "Uh.. Bye." You said and turned around starting to walk. You suddenly stopped, for an unknown reason. You had a pretty good hearing so you heard a little conversation from Rogue and Frosh, and another boy with an exceed who joined them after you left.

"Fro thinks Rogue and (Y/N) are cute together." Frosh said. "You have a big imagination, Frosh." Rogue said. "Haha, I agree with Frosh on this one." The blonde, Sting, said. "Yeah, me too, it totaly looked like you and that girl were into eachother." The exceed, Lector, agreed. "I.. I don't like her. I just met her." Rogue stated. "But you are stuttering." Sting said, smirking. "Because you guys are making me nervous, let's just go already." Rogue said, a little nervous. "Ok ok, as you say so. I still think Frosh is right, though." Sting said, annoying Rogue a little. "Fro thinks so too." "So do I." Lector agreed. Rogue stayed silent for a second. Then just started to walk away. "Looks like we won this one Lector." Sting high-fived Lector.

You, who somehow managed to hear the whole conversation, were as red as a tomato. You started to walk, still thinking about the black haired mage. "I think so too..." You said quietly.


This was short, I know I know.

And also bad grammar, usually I have a friend who correct this.. but she doesn't have her phone with her right now and I want to post this right now.

So sorry.

Hope you liked it! @bearsandcupcakes


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