Stay With Me

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This imagine was requested by Amber_green77

   Thank you for the request, and being active in my books. I hope this is what you had in mind ❤️

Warning: Mature content and TW

This is also a G!p (girl with male counterparts)


Amber's POV

"How's the club coming along?" I asked, on the phone, to my constructor

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"How's the club coming along?" I asked, on the phone, to my constructor.

I was building my fifth night club, down in Dallas, Texas. I have two here in Cali, one in Memphis, and another one in New York.

"Everything's going great. It looks like everything will be done, a week early." He said.

I could hear drills and yelling in his background, letting me know they're doing their job.

"Good, I'll be down there in a couple weeks to check it out. Then we'll go from there." I said, while checking my emails.

"Of course. See you then, boss." He said, before I hung up.

I continued to work for a few more hours, signing contracts, checks, and approving blue prints, for a couple more business ventures.

Right when I got done sending an email, I got a text on my phone.

Ted: The rat's in the trap

Sent at 6:42 pm

:Don't touch it, pest control is on the way.

Delivered at 6:43 pm

Ted: Yes boss

Sent at 6:43 pm

Turning my phone off, I called my secretary to my office.

Knocking on the door, she came in switching her hips a little too hard.

"Yes, Ms. Creed?" She asked, trynna sound sexy.

This bitch stay doing too much.

"Get into contact with, Lenyx Scott. Let her know that I'll be in Dallas in two weeks, to do the finalization on the club's interior. And clear my schedule for tomorrow." I said, throwing my suit jacket on.

"Yes ma'am. Is there anything else, I can do for you? Anything at all?" She asked, stepping closer to me.

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