Chapter 2

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She remembered how cold it had gotten in that cell, and how it had felt like days, that she was left there, with only a few scraps of food from time to time. She thought about when the Alpha finally came to see her. She could feel his aura as he opened the door. It was strong, and rolled off him in waves of heat. She could tell he was strong, and just from feeling his presence, she knew his pack must be large and very powerful.

He stared at her for a while before speaking. She could have stared back, as the daughter of an Alpha, she was strong enough that she could have fought his commanding presence for at least a few moments if she had tried, but remembering what Tina had told her, she opted to play the part of an Omega, not knowing what they would do to her if they found out who she really was. So she bent her head down in submission as soon as he came close to her cell.

"We may have a place for you" he finally said. "We've recently had a vacancy in our kitchen staff, so we're in need of another Omega to fill the spot. We won't be inviting you into the pack, but I think we're going to keep you unless you prove to be useless, in which case we'll probably just kill you. Your Silver Crescent Pack is in such disarray, nobody is going to be looking for you, so don't place any hope on a rescue. But if you do your job, we'll feed you and you won't turn into a pack-less Rogue. I'm Luther, but you will address me as Alpha."

"Ok" was all she was able to say. She wanted desperately to leave, but she knew that escape from this cell was unlikely, and rescue was also unlikely, so it seemed her best option would be to play the part of Omega, do what was asked of her, and wait for an opportunity to escape.

The jailer, who had been the one to provide the occasional meal, came and opened her cell, and put a cuff on her arm, causing her to immediately wince and snarl. It wasn't silver, so it didn't burn, but she could feel that something was wrong.

"That's wolfs bane" the Alpha said to her. "It has been integrated into your arm cuff to keep you docile and pliable. You won't be able to shift while it's on. It's just one of the ways we keep our ladies in line" and he chuckled to himself, obviously amused at the power he seemed to enjoy having over her and apparently other females within his pack.

She was then moved into the Omega housing, where she was assigned a small corner of the room. She was given what had once been a mattress, two sets of clothes, and one pair of shoes. They never asked her name, and she never offered it to them. Instead, they took her to a building adjacent to her assigned housing and pinned her down to a gurney, where they then carved the number 7 into her wrist, with a silver blade. Werewolves heal so quickly, they rarely have scars. But if they are cut with silver, and it isn't treated properly, they will have scars that can stay for years before finally healing over. So with the wolf's bane cuff on her arm, the scar would remain visible indefinitely. After they had marked her, a large woman came to speak to her.

"I don't know or care who you used to be, but moving forward, you are Omega Seven." She began. She seemed like an angry woman, with little patience. "You will do what you're told, and you will only speak when spoken to. I run the kitchen, and if anything goes wrong, it'll be your ass. If Alpha Luther doesn't like something, I'll be taking it out on you. You will bunk with Omegas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. If you have any questions, you can ask them. Don't ask me, I don't have time for it. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am" Omega Seven replied demurely, eyes on the ground.

"Good" the woman later determined to be Gretchen responded. She then led Omega 7 back to the bunk house to meet the other Omegas she would be working with.

The first week was pretty rough, and Seven took more than one beating as a result of doing something incorrectly, but it wasn't until she responded to Gretchen in anger that she got her first lashing with silver.

Omega Eight was only about 14 years old, and was washing dishes after lunch. She had dropped a plate and it had shattered on the floor, in about a million pieces.

"What are you doing, you clumsy little brat?" screamed Gretchen, giving a quick backhand slap to Eight's face. "Clean this up, now!" she screamed at the terrified girl.

Seven immediately stopped scrubbing the counters where she had been working, in order to help Omega Eight clean up the pieces.

"She needs to do it herself!" snarled Gretchen, kicking Seven over.

"It's ok, I've got it" whispered Eight, quickly scooping up the shards, and cutting her hand in the process.

Seven picked herself up and continued to help Eight with the shards, and tried to help her stop the bleeding on Eight's hand.

"I said, let her do it!" Gretchen yelled again, this time pulling Seven away by her hair. Gretchen then proceeded to kick Eight, knocking her down into the pile of broken pieces.

Seven turned on Gretchen and pushed her away, before dropping back to her knees to help Eight.

"Vincent" Gretchen screamed at the top of her lungs, and immediately Vincent entered the room. He was one of the wolves who assisted with keeping the pack house running smoothly, sort of like a butler.

"Take Omega Seven to the barn, she needs a lesson." Gretchen instructed him.

Immediately, he grabbed Seven by the arm and dragged her to the barn, which was the room she had been taken to when first given her name of Omega Seven, the place where they had carved the 7 into her arm. She was strapped to the whipping post in the center of the room, and received 7 lashes from a whip that was fitted with shards of silver, so that the wounds wouldn't immediately heal. She was unstrapped from the post, and left there with the instructions to get cleaned up, and that she still had to participate in her required duties for the remainder of the day.

They didn't have a shower in their bunk house. It was really just one large room, with several mattresses, they each had a little bit of space to keep their clothes and shoes, and there was a bathroom with a sink. But no tub or shower. Basically, they had to use the sink to get themselves clean, unless they had time in the evenings after dinner or in the mornings before they began their day, to go to the lake for a swim.

Omega Seven crawled her way to the bathroom in the bunk house, and tried to rinse her scarred back. Omega Two was in the bunk house at the time, and was able to assist a little, before they both had to return to the pack house for their afternoon duties.

Life for Seven continued like that for weeks. Most of the time, she was able to control herself, but every now and then she would stand up to someone, typically on the behalf of one of the smaller Omegas, and then she would receive her lashes with silver. They were all so dehumanized over time that they only ever spoke to each other using their numbers and even then, they spoke very little. If they were overheard using real names, they were beaten. And most of the time, even just a conversation could get you smacked by a pack member who didn't want to hear your voice. They were all fitted with wolf's bane arm bands that prevented them from shifting. She still had her wolf senses, like the heightened sense of smell and moderate healing properties, but not being able to shift and exercise her wolf was its own form of torture. After the first few days, she could barely even feel her wolf inside.

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