Chapter 1

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This is the first story I put here on Wattpad. By only clicking on this story, you have given my writing a chance, so I thank you with much gratitude.  With no further ado, here's When Life Hands You The Real Experience OF Love~♥ 

P.S. Stay tuned at the end! :)

“So, tell me.Are you really going to be staying in New York for a week?” Lorraine Depliey asked me while taking a sip from her iced latte.

“Concert, remember?” I replied, taking a small sip from my Green Tea frap.The coolness slithered down my throat, and I couldn’t help but resist escaping a satisfying “aahh.”It was such a peculiar sunny day in Pennsylvania.But, it was also a good excuse to go out and relax a beautiful Saturday afternoon with my best friend.

Lor whined and slumped her shoulders.“I’ll miss you though.I’ll be really lonely.”

“I’m doing this for a good cause,” I pointed out, glancing outside the polished window.My mind wandered to think of which songs were suitable to perform with my band, Just Destiny.We were to perform for donations for Red Cross, and this amazing opportunity has happened from Mom, who had some-I admit-benefits. She has a friend from RedCross that was struggling to find some idea to get donations for the patients.Mom immediately pitched in and offered for Just Destiny to make a concert.Course, there were some quick financial crunches, but they were easily solved by smart ol’ Mom.The band has been ecstatic about the idea ever since.I mean, who wouldn’t?

Lor snapped her fingers sharply in front of my dozed off face.“It’s not going to be until a month, so stop with the stress.Can’t you just relax like any other teenager?”

I gave her a smile.“Fine.You coming over for dinner tonight?”

She returned the smile.“Spaghetti…it’s a hard offer to refuse.”

I stared at my frap, which was already empty.Wow.Had I devoured that already in the past ten minutes?

The wooden mahogany door to Nina’s jingled, announcing the presence of a customer.Lor’s eyes widened, watching the figure behind me.I gave her a curious look, but twisted my waist just in time to see what was making her so shocked.

“Oh my gosh!”

The figure-which was a male-immediately looked at our direction.His face contorted into a mix of shock then happiness.He quickly rushed towards us and beamed his pearly whites.

“Evalynn! Lorraine!” His British accent sent me smiling.

“Mason! What the heck are you doing here?! I thought you were still in Cali…” Me and Lor stood up, and I could see curious glances aimed straight at us.I brushed them away, too excited to see my best guy friend, standing right in front of me that has been gone for more than a complete month.

I hugged him, taking in the smell of sun-kissed sun and his signature Ralph Lauren cologne.

Mason hugged me back and pulled me away, but still holding onto my shoulders.His deep, pure blue eyes quickly darted around my facial features. “Still beautiful, as usual I presume?”

“Hello?” Lor waved her hand at him.She feigned a look of hurt.“I thought you promised me a-”

Mason easily swooped her from the floor, squeezing the daylights out of her.She had to let out a loud giggle, which sent us annoyed looks.

“Let’s take this outside?” I suggested.The last thing I wanted was to be kicked out just because of hyper outbursts.

I picked up my empty frap and tossed it into the half-filled trash can near the table.Lor placed her leather purse across her arm and grabbed her latte, practically dragging Mason out of the café.

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