Chapter 1

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A/N: While the overall content doesn't specifically qualify as 'mature' I would like to post a possible trigger warning, for violence and sexual intent. There are some unsavory characters.

"Run" she remembered Tina saying to her. "Run and don't look back. And whatever you do, don't let them know you are the daughter of the Alpha. They will use that against you. Go!"

She was 19, and it had been a wonderful evening celebrating her mother's birthday. It had been an amazing party, as everyone in the pack had come to honor their Luna. There were even several guests from other packs in attendance. It was late and she had been helping Tina clean the kitchen. She loved Tina. Tina was an Omega who had worked for her parents and had helped to raise her. Omegas were basic level wolves, with no specific rank. They made up a large portion of the wolf population. Tina had been devoted to their family and the two of them often spent time together, and that evening they had just about finished for the evening, when the Rogues attacked.

Rogues were pack-less wolves, but more than that, they were often a bit deranged. When a wolf leaves their pack, or is banished and no longer has an Alpha to follow, it can have devastating effects on the well-being and mental stability of the wolf. Sometimes the rogues would organize, in order to raid, and often they were violent and killed for pleasure, but without a true Alpha, rogues were dangerous outcasts, on the fringe of wolf society. Attacks from rogues weren't uncommon, but most of the time, it was just one or two, and they would cross into a pack territory to hunt or kill, but it was very rare for rogues to enter a pack and go deep enough into the territory to reach the pack house or the general dwelling areas of a pack. It was for that reason that she never believed that it had been a simple rogue attack. She believed there was more to it than that.

When the rogues arrived, they stormed the pack house, killing dozens and leaving carnage in their wake. She believed they had come with the intent to destroy the pack, not just to hunt or kill a few wolves at random. And in order to do that, they would have needed help. Someone would have had to provide them help getting onto the territory all the way to the pack house before being spotted and assistance with the layout of the territory and where her parents had been. She believed her parents had been a primary target as well. They had been killed quickly, not even aware they were under attack. Another reason she believed that there had been help from inside the pack.

At the time, she had run. She had been in the kitchen with Tina, and they both heard a commotion and smelled the rogues enter the pack house. When Tina told her to run, she didn't hesitate. She shifted immediately and ran as fast as her four legs would carry her. Ever since that day, she had regretted that decision. She wished she had stayed to help, stayed to protect her family, and if nothing else, she wished she had stayed to die with them.

She laid still in bed, keeping her eyes open, and she continued to think about that day. She had run until her legs gave out, even though it hadn't seemed like anyone was chasing her. She had run until the exhaustion had caused her to collapse, and when she closed her eyes, darkness consumed her.

She recalled waking up, in a cold damp cell. The bars were made of silver, so as a werewolf, she couldn't even touch them without it burning her skin. The cell was dark, and quiet except for the sound of dripping water somewhere off in the distance. It had felt like hours before someone finally came into the dungeon-like prison where she was captive.

"Well, well, well" said a voice, as the man it came from slowly came down the stairs from what appeared to be the only exit to the place. "Glad to see you're awake" he smirked at her, walking up to the cell. He was a high ranking wolf, she was pretty sure. Not an Alpha, she thought she would have been able to sense that if he had been, but she thought to herself that he was likely a Beta or a Gamma, one of the Alpha's second or third in command. The Alphas were the strongest of any pack, the highest and purest bloodlines, a position they were born into. The Beta and Gamma were often chosen by the Alpha from the strongest in their packs, often children of Alphas or Betas.

"Where am I" she had asked, shrinking away from the man who was standing in front of her.

"You were caught trespassing on pack territory. An offense punishable by death" he sneered at her.

"Please" she begged, "I meant no harm. I'm from the Silver Crescent Pack" she continued, as her warm brown eyes began to fill with tears. "We were attacked, and I ran."

"Interesting" he said, thinking about what she had said. "So you're a coward then" and again he smirked at her unkindly.

"Yes" she sobbed, "I'm a coward and I ran. Please, can I go home? I need to go back." she asked, raising her eyes to look at him.

"There isn't much to go home to" he said. "Every pack for a couple hundred miles has heard about what happened. Seems to have been rogues, but they didn't leave much behind."

He stopped and just looked at her for a little bit. "How do we know you aren't a rogue yourself?" he asked. "Why should I believe that you weren't part of the attack?"

This seemed like a stupid question to her. Rogues had their own smell. There was something missing with the scent of a rogue. The lack of a pack and lack of an Alpha resulted in rogues being easily identified as pack-less. A rogue couldn't easily pretend not to be a rogue.

"You can smell that I'm not a rogue" she responded, fear beginning to take over her. This man would have to have known that she wasn't a rogue, by her scent alone. But having found her on his territory and putting her into a cell, she began to fear she might not be allowed to leave.

"That may be so" he said, "but I don't think going back to Silver Crescent is a good idea for you."

"Why not?" she asked.

"Well, they're going to end up going through a restructuring, since the Alpha and Luna were killed, and there doesn't appear to have been a son to take over the title of Alpha for the pack. So, it'll probably be a messy to-do until they get themselves organized. No place for a cowardly little Omega like yourself."

At the mention of the death of the Alpha and Luna, she burst into tears and uncontrolled sobs. Her parents were dead, and she had done nothing to help. Tina was probably dead, and much of the pack was also likely dead. And with the death of the Alpha, the mind-link was severed. She couldn't even communicate with anyone in the pack. She was completely alone, a prisoner, miles away from home and everything she knew.

"Rest up" he had then said to her. "We'll let you know when we decide what to do with you." And with that, we walked back up the stairs and out the door.

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