Chapter 1: What's going on?

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I dedicate this story to my friends: YuniPietato, JeshKwawabe_ and ihartcupcake

Chapter 1

Natsuki, shifted around his bed uncomfortably, eyebrows furrowed slightly. He turned and turned entangling himself from his blankets and making the bunk bed shake, waking an already angry and uncomfortable Kurusu Syo.

"What the F*** are you doing?" Syo growled angrily his head underneath his overly large pillow muffling his curses and complaints under his breath. He peered over the side of his bed and shrieked. Syo jumped down from his bunk bed which was a few feet of the ground, momentarily forgetting about his acrophobia ran to the other side of the room. His back pressed against the wall as he stood frozen staring at the sleeping figure on Natsuki's Bed.

Outside, STARISH, Quartet Night, Ringo and Ryuuga hearing Syo scream dashed from their respective places towards Natsuki and Syo's Dorm Room. Everybody was banging on the door. Some where screaming, others were praying *Cough Couch* Cecil *Cough Cough*.

Everybody even his somewhat cold hearted senpai's were worried about him and Natsuki's.

Ittoki was texting Nanami who was staying over her boyfriends house to come over quickly.

Syo obviously heard them but he can't do nothing. He was frozen in shock. His chest was starting to hurt, all he could do was hear them shout his name out in worry.





"What's going on?"

Ren and the others screamed, while watching there Sensei's and Senpai's struggle to pry the door open.

"That's it!! I've had enough!! Step Back!!" Ringo screamed, stepping back he hiked his dress up to his mid thigh revealing soft smooth skin, then kicked the door down. Splinters flew everywhere as the door hang limply on it's hinges. A large dent in the middle. Despite the serious atmosphere, Reiji couldn't help but mutter, "Remind me to never piss Ringo-sensei off" Thos who heard him couldn't help but agree. The others stood openly gaping at their petite girly cross dressing teacher. Their eyes switching from the door to Ringo who was dusting himself off.









Ringo, noticing their bewildered stares grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well... Since... You guys know... I cross dress as a girl. I was required to take defensive lessons like: Judo, Tai Chi, Kendo and Karate. You guys never know. Street thugs, robbers, rapists or something might jump on me since I look like a girl so the agency required me to know self defense" he explained still rubbing the back of his neck. The lower corners of his eyes crinkling; his eyes suddenly widened when he remember Syo.

He rushed in the the other's following behind him in a slower pace. They were greeted with a frozen Syo standing, his back pressed against the wall. Syo was unnaturally pale. His vision was getting more and more blurry his heart was beating fast against his chest,

Ryuuga cautiously walked towards his favorite student *Shhh...* and gently waved a hand in front of his face yet nothing happened, he then proceeded to poke, prod, shake then finally slapped Syo awake.

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