Chapter 1: What's going on?

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"N-natsuki!!" Syo sobbed hysterically, his eyes filled with tears as he stared at the sleeping figure on Natsuki's Bed. His eyes were hurting. His chest was hurting and hurting. He was sweating buckets and he was starting to lose consciousness what he didn't expect was Ai. His unemotional senpai was gently rocking him forward and backward, whispering soothing things in his ear making him blush as Ai's hot breath reached his ears.

"Shhh... Shhh... It's okay.... Everything's going to be fine.... Breathe... Breathe... Now. Tell me what happened" Ai cooed in his ear. His whispery breath turning stern at the end, yet the concerned look on his face was still there.

"I w-was sleeping... and you guys know I'm a light sleeper right?" Syo began, "The b-bed was shaking so I decided to c-check so i leaned over the ledge to check what's going on and when I looked there. S-Someone was sleeping on N-Natsuki's bed. So N-naturally I screamed and... I would have noticed if N-Natsuki's gone out since I a a light sleeper but when I check his gone!!!! And that p-person over there is on his bed... " Syo stopped when he broke down in into short sobs. Everybody couldn't help but pity Syo. Seeing there usually strong friend breaking down infront of them was hard.

Everybody finally turned their head towards the bed finally noting the sleeping figure.

"Tsk... This may better be worth it. You just destroyed the best sleep I had in weeks" Ranmaru

grumbled signaling Reiji and Camus to back him up. The three of them slowly crept towards the bed. Counting 1 to 3 with his fingers. They gently pulled the blanket off revealing a kind off tall slender yet curvy looking girl asleep.

"Nanami! No" Ittoki screamed towards his bestfriend.

Nanami, who they didn't even notice arrive courageously stepped forward ignoring everyone's warning and gently shook the girl. The girl's back facing the wall so they couldn't see her face. The girl turned finally facing them and gently sat up. Her long blonde hair creating a curtain in front of her face. Yawning, she slowly tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and properly faced them. Everybody's breath got caught in their throats. One word simultaneously popping into there heads.

'Beautiful' Everyone thought, their eyes traveled from her long and think eyelashes, flushed pink cheeks, cute button nose, plump pinkish red lips to her um.. ehem... well developed chest, curvy body and long legs. They noticed she was wearing a very loose green button up shirt that keeps slipping from her right shoulder showing of pale smooth porcelain skin. Her eyes finally opened revealing 2 mesmerizing yet somewhat familiar bright green eyes filled with warmth... and something else they couldn't place; sorrow, sadness, and even anger.

The girl smiled revealing a 2 sets of perfect pearly white teeth. Her smile suddenly turned something like confusion. She looked up and stared at the three incredibly attractive guys in front of her.

"Reiji-senpai? Ranmaru-senpai? Camus-senpai? What are you doing here in my room? Where's Syo-chan? Wh-AAHHHHHH!!!! Breasts?!!! Why do I have Breasts?!! I was a guy when I slept last night?!!! WHAT'S GOING ON?!!" the girl frantically screamed, her eyes roaming around the room until they stopped when it gazed at a familiar looking orange haired dude.

"Ren!!!! Why am I a girl?!! Where's Syo-chan!!! What happened?!!!!" the girl screamed as she launched herself towards Ren knocking him over, her face pressed against his chest her body flush against his, she was straddling him. She was also shaking and trashing around.

Ren without thinking wrapped his muscular arms around her waist. Then finally sitting up there faces only inches apart. The other's couldn't help but blush at their sexually suggestive position. The girl with her I-just-had-sex-hair and flushed cheeks while being pressed to an extremely hot dude. They make quite a pair.

Putting the clues together. Masato suddenly grabbed the girl by arms and gently asked, "Natsuki? Are you Natsuki" the girl nodded making the others gasp in shock. Staring at their supposed male friend.

"PROVE IT. Prove it you Shinomiya-san" Tokiya ordered this time grabbing her by the waste and hauling her over his shoulder and carrying her towards the lounge area like a bag of potatoes. The other's sweat dropped while watching the whole scene and followed behind the two.

Reaching the lounge, Tokiya gently placed the girl down the couch.

"Why don't we just remove her glasses? If she really is Natsuki there's bound to be a Satsuki" Cecil suggested standing beside Tokiya.

"Satsuki?" Their sensei's and senpai's asked.

Ignoring them. Nanami whose the only person who can calm Satsuki down gently asked if she can borrow Natsuki's glasses.

"Can I borrow these?" Nanami asked gently holding her hand up.

"Hai" Natsuki agreed removing her glasses and placing them on Nanami's hand.

They waited with deep breaths as the cheery atmosphere slowly turned cold. Shivering they saw as Natsuki's warm green eyes slowly turning hard as ice.

"Satsuki" they breathed.


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