chapter 29

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Namjoon stood in the entrance and he didn't look pleased, eyes immediately finding the petite beauty he and his brother held captive of, eyes narrowing.

"There you are, Pretty. Mind explaining to me how you're involved with Min and Jung?", he snarled out, stalking towards Taehyung.

A surprised gasp left the male's lips when his head was roughly grabbed, hair yanked so he was forced to look upwards, right into Namjoon's burning eyes. The man was obviously angry but Taehyung couldn't take a grasp on why he was, only blinking up to him confused.

He knew for the start that Yoongi's Surname was Min but who was the other? It scared him how angry Namjoon looked, reminding him of the first time he has upset the dangerous man and he whimpered, making himself smaller.

Namjoon carefully studied Taehyung's face, searching for the lie in his eyes but there was nothing but sparkling innocence and he huffed annoyed, not having the time to be gentle with his scared Baby now, he needed answers and he needed them now.

"I asked you something!", he barked out, feeling guilty when the scared boy flinched away with a whimper, his hands grabbing onto the hand buried inside his full cyan locks.

He didn't have enough time and he needed to know if the boy has been faking his innocence and was secretly a spy to bring them down.

Taehyung made helpless noises of confusion before he managed to get the courage to speak up.

"M-Min i-is the surname of m-my b-best friend... h-how d-do you know Y-Yoongi?", Taehyung's voice came out thin and scared while Namjoon narrowed his eyes at him again, investigating his body language to see if he was lying.

He wasn't.

Which confused him, because form his knowledge, Min Yoongi aka Suga didn't have any friends but only enemies. Then how could he keep Taehyung away, especially from the underworld when the boy looked like this?

It just didn't add up.

"And Jung? Why is he coming for your rescue huh?", Namjoon asked while roughly grabbing Taehyung's wrists with his hand, surprising the male so it was too late already to struggle for him when Namjoon tied his hands together.

"I-I don't know a-a Jung", Taehyung hiccuped, moving around in his restrains and trying to fight Namjoon's grip.

Taehyung again wasn't lying.

Namjoon has been around liars enough to know every tick, every traitorous blink to tell him whether a person was lying or not. And Taehyung wasn't at all, only incredibly scared and flinching away from his touch. The scared little thing really didn't seem to know what was going on and Namjoon relaxed.

He somehow felt very relieved that Taehyung was not a bait nor a spy but completely innocent and only scared out of his mind. Nothing of his actions has been acted. He really was just a precious bean somehow ending up in the middle of a war.

Like a deer falling into the lion's den, Taehyung accidentally has become the prey of five huge mafia names.

"Forgive me, Baby but I had to ask", Namjoon apologized, just when Seokjin barged into the room as well, seeing Taehyung crying and screaming loudly while trashing around in Namjoon's hold.

"Joon-ah, they're coming, we don't have enough time!", he yelled panicked and motioned his brother to come who dragged Taehyung along.

"He's innocent, Jinnie", Namjoon told his twin who glanced around before taking out his hidden gun, Taehyung's eyes growing wide like saucers by this and he tried backing away.

"He has not a single clue about the rivalry. But he said he's friends with Min which doesn't add up", Namjoon briefly explained while Seokjin covered Taehyung's mouth so the boy couldn't scream again and reveal their hiding spot.

"Friends? Min doesn't have friends", Seokjin mumbled with furrowed brows while they moved away. They of course even had an emergency exit in their apartment as well for such cases.

"Exactly. My theory is that Min wanted to hide him so no one else can have him. But he's now ours so he can try taking him away from us", Namjoon growled out.

"Jung probably saw him with Min since Min's working for him so he wanted to have a taste. And we know about Jeon and Park already."

It all made sense now, the little beauty in his arms managed to wrap not only him but also six others around his petite fingers without even knowing how dangerous they were. And that they all were rivals.

"Poor Baby. We'll bring you far away from this misery", Seokjin said, pushing Taehyung towards the hidden staircase only they knew about.

Taehyung was still struggling, crying and hiccuping against Seokjin's palm, just wanting this mess to end. He didn't know what they were talking about and he was scared. So so scared.

He just wanted to wrap himself up in his favorite blanket, make himself hot chocolate and cuddle with his Hyung.

"Oh, I think the fuck not. He's mine", a dark angry voice growled right before a weapon was aimed at the twins and their captive.

Right in front of them were standing the intruders and all of them looked pissed as hell, especially when they saw how panicked their desired love interest looked.

"Hand him over right now or this bullet will find its way through your thick skulls", Jeon Jungkook now hissed. He wasn't here to play games but to finally take what was going to become his.

And that was Taehyung.



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