chapter 28

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"Taehyung Baby, please talk to us", Namjoon's gentle voice caused Taehyung to cry even harder, sobbing into the pillows while curling himself up. He tried hiding himself from the twins' eyes and after sharing a worried glance, the two got up from their sitting position next to Taehyung's head.

Seokjin shortly stroked Taehyung's hair to which the beauty replied with a weak whimper, scooting away from the touch.

"Please rest and don't upset yourself, Babydoll. We'll be back once you calmed down", Seokjin mumbled gently before moving away from the sobbing boy curled up in the bed.

Taehyung didn't answer, only pulling the sweater protectively closer to himself.

The twins sighed, not wanting to scare the petite boy so they walked out of the room, closing the door. As soon as they door was securely locked, Namjoon exploded, banging his fists against the wall in despair.

"Why does he hate us so much?! We did nothing to him! We didn't even touch him in any inappropriate way!", Namjoon cried out desperately, tugging onto his own hair. Jin sighed softly, looking sadly over to the locked door.

"I might assume it's because we basically kidnapped our Baby. Not that we had bad intentions, he's better with us than with Park. But I guess we had a rough start so of course he's scared. Baby sees us only as kidnappers and not his saviors. He must think the worst of us", Seokjin remarked and Namjoon punched the wall again before exhaling loudly.

"Fine, you're right. Then what can we do? I don't want to hurt him. He's... he's different from all the others and I really want to keep him. Fuck, I want him whole, not just sexually", the male huffed, feeling annoyed with his raging hormones that seemed out of control.

Seokjin laid one hand on his twin's shoulder.

"I feel the same, Joonie. Let's apologize to him and start renew. Maybe he'll forgive us and we can work together to get to know each other!", Seokjin exclaimed enthusiastically, hope growing in his chest.

But it should never come to this.

Because the alarm suddenly started ringing, signalling that an uninvited visitor managed to get inside the apartment complex and the twins immediately panicked.

"Fuck! Who do you think is it? Jeon or Park?", Namjoon bit out panicked, running over to the small security monitor on the door.He bit back a curse.

"It's MIN? What has he do to with Taehyung?! What the fuck?! Jung too?!", Namjoon cursed loudly while Seokjin was already moving, barking commands over his phone t his subordinates and hissing out orders.

They had a huge problem. There were five large gangs, five large groups not to fuck with.

The Jeons, on top of the food chain, immediately followed by the Kims, the Jungs and the Parks, none of them were made to be taken lightly.

But especially not the last one, the most dangerous one as they were new to the system but already highly dangerous, growing out of nothing to the fifth most influential group.

And that was Min Yoongi's secret group.

Only known as Suga in this business, Jung Hoseok, his 'Boss' didn't have a single clue about his subordinate being the leader of a rivaling gang but the Kims were highly aware of Yoongi. They might be the only one but this information was now worth millions.

"They're here for Taehyungie", Seokjin growled annoyed, ending his recent phone call while looking over to Namjoon.

"We might've done our research more, why the hell is he involved with all of them?! Who's that powerful?!", Namjoon groaned annoyed before stalking back to the golden room where they kept Taehyung.


Taehyung on the other side has been pacing back and forth in the room, trying to find another way out but without any success.

It was very frustrating, he just wanted to go home but home seemed so far away now.

His life just got fucked over in the mere span of a few days.

First that asshole of a fuckboy came barging into his life, then the drama with Yoongi and his handsome friend and then he was kidnapped not only once but twice, almost sold in a fucking auction. And then fallen into the hands of two delusional twins who couldn't stop calling him Baby!

It was frustrating as hell.

The bluehead looked up on edge when there was a crash coming from outside and he ran to the windows, which were of course locked by the way, and looked outside.

He nearly cried from relief because he saw the familiar frame of his best friend. His Yoongi Hyung has come to save him!

"Thank god, Yoongi... after everything you hid from me, you're still coming for me", Taehyung whispered relieved but frowned when he saw that Yoongi wasn't alone.

But accompanied by his asshole of a fiance, Jungkook, the handsome guy he met at the cafe??? And to his utter shock, his first kidnapper. Park Jimin.

"Okay, what the fuck? Oh no no no, are they all allies?! What is this, is this a joke?", Taehyung cried out, sudden tears welling in his eyes and he started to panic. This was wrong, so wrong. These kind of group shouldn't have come together.

This couldn't be possible.

Taehyung knew about Yoongi's dirty secret but what about the others? This was all too much, way too much for the delicate blue haired male and he was on the urge of freaking out when the door leading to the door crashed open.

And a scream left his throat.



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