chapter 27

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"I'm not going to wear this! NO!", Taehyung screamed loudly but his protests were ignored again by the twins walking up to him. Taehyung threw the pink dress at them before running away, chasing out of the bathroom he has hidden inside before the twins broke the door.

"Taehyung-ah, where are you going?", Seokjin yelled after him worried but seemed to be pretty relaxed since their home was protected and their cute little doll couldn't escape anyways.

"Baby, stop being stubborn!", Namjoon shouted too, frowning when he picked up the pink dress, looking over to Jin.

"Maybe he'll like a skirt better? Or one of your fluffy sweaters", the taller twin guessed, Jin's face instinctively lighting up.

"He'll look adorable... but if he runs away like this, he'll hurt his precious skin... and we cannot leave him unpunished even if he's our Baby. He needs to learn and we need to teach him", Seokjin pointed out before they went after their Baby who has run away.

Taehyung on the other side was crying hysterically, not believing that this was really happening to him, fastening his steps. He ignored his burning lungs and ran faster, turning around another corner.

Only to run right into a rock hard chest, stumbling backwards and falling flat on his ass with a groan and followed by a sobbed hiccup. The man was unknown to him but from what he looked like, he must be working for the twins. And even that thought made him tremble, crawling backwards.

"Baby! Don't be stubborn with us, Babydoll, you can wear something else but please behave--", the voice of Namjoon was the first thing Taehyung noticed before the man turned around the corner, stopping in his tracks when he saw his desired prey sitting on the ground.

"Babydoll", Namjoon now growled, seeing how Taehyung flinched, crawling away.

"N-no! Leave me alone! No!", Taehyung yelped, tears running down his cheeks when he looked up to Namjoon who sighed, rubbing his temple. A terrified yelp left the beauty's lips when he was suddenly lifted up by his collar, like a kitten being picked up by its owner. The other man put Taehyung back on his feet, looking stoic at Namjoon who nodded.

"Thank you, you may go now. Leave my Baby to me", the gang leader exclaimed with a hungry smile before walking up to Taehyung, a lion eyeing his prey.

The bluehead tried to run away again but was quickly caught by Namjoon's bulky arms, pressing him against his chest.

"I'm really trying to me nice here, Baby but if you misbehave, we have to teach you a lesson. We just want to dress you, not hurt you!", Namjoon fiery exclaimed at the end, resulting in louder sobs and begs.

"P-puh-please just let me go, please!", Taehyung cried out, kicking his legs when he was being lifted up, crying out in protest but Namjoon didn't care for the pretty cries, he instead carried the boy back to the golden room.

Taehyung screamed and sobbed terrified in his arms, struggling so much Namjoon felt like his arms were ripped out but he only gritted his teeth, reminding himself to be gentle with the little Baby as he was completely new to all of this and especially got kidnapped before they saved him.

"Sh sh, Baby, relax. Jinnie and I don't want to harm you, you're our little Baby!", Namᅟjoon cooed at the trembling boy in his arms. He usually hated their toys crying and ugly sobbing and especially going against him but the Baby in his arms made him want to take care of him forever and wrap him up in a blanket.


Namjoon has never had these kind of feelings.

But the cute beauty crying in his arms made him think differently so he simply sighed, walking back into the golden room where Seokjin was sitting on the bed, looking up with a frown but turned it back into a smile when he saw his brother and Taehyung.

"Baby", Seokjin purred, getting up from his seat and Taehyung struggled even more, screaming loudly to be released.

Namjoon's hand shut him up, pressing tightly onto his plump lips and Taehyung whimpered against his palm, watching Jin with wide puppy eyes.

"Baby, why are you so stubborn? You're practically begging us to punish you", Seokjin mumbled with a frown, reaching forward to cup Taehyung's squished cheeks.

"Your clothes are dirty. Let's get you new ones", Jin's smile turned into a hungry smirk and the twins started to undress Taehyung who was screaming and crying against Namjoon's hand, struggling in their grip.

The twins stayed polite the whole time, their hands not lingering over his skin for more than a second, only dressing him in a fluffy white sweater which was Jin's own, the large sweater falling down to his golden thighs.

Taehyung continued to cry helplessly, squirming in their gentle hold and their cooed praises weren't helping him.

"Baby did so good", Namjoon mumbled, removing his hand from Taehyung's lips, pecking his cheek lovingly before moving his lips down to Taehyung's jaw, sucking gently on the skin while Jin smoothed the sweater, loving how plush Taehyung's thighs felt in his grip.

"So good for us, letting us dress you... see, it wasn't that bad now was it?", Seokjin cooed gently, coughing to get Namjoon's attention. The male huffed, interrupting his marking session because Taehyung has started to sob softly, looking up with puffy eyes at Jin.

"P-please... l-let me go", he whimpered weakly, sparkling tears in his eyes. Jin wiped one tear softly away, smiling at the whimpering beauty. Namjoon was holding Taehyung's arms, stroking them softly and their captive shook his head desperately, not wanting any of this to be true.

"L-let me go, I-I promise to not tell anyone", he sobbed softly but the same moment, Jin shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Baby. But you belong to us now and we cannot risk Jeon or Park taking you away from us. If you behave, we'll give you the heaven on earth but if you disobey, you'll have to face the consequences. And it would be a shame to bruise that perfect face of yours", Jin mumbled sweetly before pressing his lips against Taehyung's, the boy gasping surprised.

"Joonie", Seokjin said without taking his eyes off of his little Baby. "Let's get Taehyung to bed, shall we?"



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