chapter 26

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"I'm so going to kill him", Hoseok growled, staring at the uneasy looking male who just finished his conversation with the elder gentleman before walking the stairs up which led to the small stage the objects were going to be presented on.

"Not now, Jung. Let's wait until Tae is on the stage. Then we have every right to kill him as he stole what's mine", Jungkook said lowly, he too was burning with rage but wouldn't show it.

It wasn't the time to risk a scandal, they had to be sure that Park still had Taehyung in his grasp and after knowing that, they could make their move.

"Yours? The fuck you mean Jeon?!", Yoongi growled angrily, interrupting his equally angry glaring at Park Jimin who has taken a microphone, smiling charmingly down at the crowd.

"Gentlemen, the auction is about to start so please take your seats now", he said with a smile, the guest following his command.

"He isn't yours, shithead. If anyone could have a chance with him, it would be me anyways", Yoongi then whispered at Jungkook who only scoffed before walking to his seat, sitting down before smirking cockily at Yoongi.

"Are you the one he'll call husband soon? No", the soon to be CEO smirked, knowing how much his comment was pissing Yoongi off but the man only grit his teeth before focusing back on the stage.

"Fuck you, Jeon."


Once the auction had ended, the three men were furious. Because Taehyung wasn't out up for sale, as disgusting as it sounded.

There was no a single mention of the gorgeous blue haired male, Jimin didn't utter one single word about his disappearance but rather focused on selling the other objects.

And it made the three go insane, because it was now obvious for them: Jimin had decided to keep Taehyung to himself, because to their current information, Jimin himself has kidnapped Taehyung, brought him into his own room and kept him there apparently.

"I'm going to fucking kill him", Hoseok growled unbelievably low and this time, none of the other two interrupted or held him back. Because they were as furious as the gang leader was, enemies or not, all of them in some sort of way liked Taehyung and were really angry that this little shortie had stolen the cute bluehead.

Once the curtains closed, the three got up, fixing the suit jackets and stalking forward in order to find the daring Jimin.

No one of Jimin's bodyguards could stop them when Yoongi, usually the calm and collected one, grabbed the surprised male and slammed him against a wall.

"Where the fuck is he?!", Hoseok furiously demanded to know while Jungkook took out the guards, Jimin struggling in Yoongi's hard grip.

"What the fuck are you talking about?! Let me go, Min!", Jimin screamed, slamming his head under Yoongi's chin and making the male groan. But before he could harm Yoongi further, he was grabbed and pinned to the ground by Hoseok.

"You know exactly who we're talking about", Jungkook now butted in, sending a hard punch to Jimin's jaw.

"That's for taking what isn't yours", Jungkook furiously growled. He could only think of how scared Taehyung might be, cute little Taehyungie didn't deserve any of this and certainly not to be kidnapped and put through this kind of torture.

Taehyung who was so sassy yet cute and adorable the same time, fighting with Jungkook but actually ending up being a pouty kitten and it was exactly what had drawn Jungkook to Taehyung, fiery beautiful Taehyung not taking any shit.

"Jeon, coming to the rescue, huh?", Jimin smirked cockily, feeling superior for knowing something they didn't. He looked over to Hoseok and Yoongi who also looked pretty pissed.

"And the annoying pair. You're always together, ain't that right? All the guys... lovers too?", Jimin continued to mock them but Jungkook was not having any of his shit, punching him again before bringing him close until their noses touched.

"Where is Taehyung?! Did you keep him for your sick pleasures?!", Jungkook nearly yelled into Jimin's face who looked at him.

His words only meant to mock them, knowing about the relationship of the two but not knowing that Jungkook seemed to have actual feelings for the cute Baby.

"You really like him, huh...", Jimin said but moaned in pain when Hoseok grabbed his arm, digging his nails into it.

"Tell us now or I won't hesitate to kill you. You think you can go and take him away? Keep him like a toy? You dare to touch him and we hunt you down, Park. This is not only a warning", Yoongi spat towards the man who grew angry and desperate, not risking a fight with his two biggest enemy gangs.

"Maybe you'll sell him somewhere else... not to these guys but to someone giving you more money... you were always so greedy and won't hesitate to use an innocent soul like Taehyung-"

"I didn't sell him! I intended to keep him for myself but these two fuckers had to ruin it!", Jimin yelled, making Jungkook sneer.

"Is that a fucking excuse again?! Do you think we're stupid?!"

"I don't have him anymore! The fucking Kim twins broke inside my room and took him!"

"The sick bastards got him?!"

"You better not be joking, I take the safety of my best friend very fucking serious", Yoongi said. Jimin turned his head to glare at him scoffing.

"You're one to talk about lying, Min. Do you really think your precious best friend is stupid? He seemed to know about your secret", Jimin spat, making Yoongi turn pale.

"The Kims took him away... and if we don't save him, they'll try to manipulate him."



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