chapter 25

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"I think we owe our Baby an explanation, Joonie", Seokjin mumbled quietly, looking lovingly down at the caged boy in their middle. After their first encounter, the Kim twins have taken Taehyung to his bed, forcing the scared boy to lay down in between them, hands claiming various parts of his body to have him still.

Namjoon just hummed in response, currently occupied with stroking Taehyung's curved waist, dipping into wide hips and gorgeous thighs and plump ass.

They somehow have gotten rid of his pants in the process, the boy squirming in their arms but staying silent, too afraid to repeat the scary darkness growing in them.

He preferred their sickly sweetness over that actually. Gulping down his anger and irritation of being constantly called 'Baby', Taehyung looked up to Seokjin with his puppy eyes. The model cooed at him, eyes so incredibly soft, hands following the dips and curves of the canvas that was Taehyung's body.

"We do... poor Baby's so scared... need to tell him that we're not Jeon and especially not Park", Namjoon mumbled against Taehyung's neck, the student looking up surprised with a gasp.

He knew that he has met them at the after show of a show along with Jungkook but he didn't know that they are informed about his 'relationship' with the play boy.

"Y-you know a-about me and J-Jungkook?", he whispered in a scared thin voice. Resulting in the twins to laugh and looking at him playfully, almost mockingly like speaking to a child.

"Sugar, we know everything about you."

Taehyung gasped again by this but his small noise of protest soon died into a terrified whimper when he was gently pushed into the sheets, body falling into the soft sheets and the twins suddenly hovered over him.

"W-wait, no-", Taehyung whimpered scared, eyes teary when he looked up to the confused twins who both tilted their heads.

It was scary. So so scary to Taehyung being faced with his idol and his twin brother showing interest in him.

It was simply too much for the soft hearted boy. Taehyung was always so sassy and spitting harsh comments only to have people stay away from him, make them turn away so he wouldn't get hurt. Although he was craving for affection, he was simply too afraid to get hurt again.

"We're not hurting you, Baby. We don't want to sell you nor do we want to marry you against your will", Namjoon said worried, stroking Taehyung's tear strained cheek who flinched away shakily.

"You kidnapped me... using me for your sick games", Taehyung whispered before he could stop himself. The twins' eyes visibly darkened and Namjoon lifted his head, glaring down at Taehyung.

"We're not sick", he spat, sudden hatred lacing over his voice, all the sweetness gone in the split of a second.

"And you should watch your fucking tongue or we'll be treating you differently... punishments aren't enjoyable, Sugar, remember that", Namjoon warned Taehyung who looked wide eyed and scared up to him, squirming under them.

Seokjin put a calming hand on his brother's arm and Namjoon instantly relaxed.

"Joon-ah, don't. Remember we wanted to treat him differently", Seokjin whispered to his twin, the gang leader nodding slowly.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, Tae-yah... it's still different for me to not treat our subs harshly and I need to adjust to this new lifestyle", Namjoon kissed Taehyung on his forehead before stroking his vibrant hair, Taehyung looking up with teary puppy eyes.

Making the twins sigh because they must have scared the confused boy away with their behavior.

"Great job, idiot, now he's scared", Seokjin hissed, hitting Namjoon on the back of his head, the male whining in response from the hit. The elder twin then swiftly pulled Taehyung up and gently placed the squirming male onto his lap.

"We're used to have many subs, y'know. We're in the BDSM scene for many years and our taste is... really specific. We love to force young cute males into obedience and break them until they're obedient toys... gets boring but then you came. And you're so sweet, so innocent, makes us want to treat you like our little Baby", Seokjin cooed the last words, Taehyung squirming even more.

These two crazy men just confessed to force people and take over their free will! The fact that they admitted  it, made it even worse.

"Sh sh", Namjoon shushed Taehyung who started to cry, clawing at Seokjin's hands holding him down.

"Taehyungie, dear, please we don't want to use the drug on you again, okay? Be a good baby and calm down", Seokjin tried helplessly, not wanting his precious Baby upset but that only worsened things.

Because the panicked and horrified male started screaming like a mad man, clawing at Jin's arms in order to break free, screaming curse words to let him go, search for someone else to play sick games with.

Namjoon sighed sadly by this before firmly grabbing Taehyung under his armpits, pulling him up and manhandling him onto the mattress, pressing the tossing and loudly sobbing boy into the sheets.

Before gently inserting the syringe filled with a calm drug into his system, Taehyung's attempts to break free growing weaker until he fell limb in Namjoon's arms, his hands sliding off of Namjoon's which was pressed over his mouth.

"Such a shame, he's so pretty and perfect, I do not want to discipline him", Seokjin mumbled annoyed, stroking Taehyung's cheek who was resting against the soft white sheets.

"Give him one day, maybe he'll calm down. He hasn't eaten too, he must be starving. Our poor Baby, we're treating him so harshly", Namjoon said, kissing Taehyung's hair before getting up.

The left on the bed model sighed, stretching his long limbs.

"At least we're better than Jeon and Park", he chuckled, getting up elegantly and adjusting his shirt which collar was ripped thanks to Taehyung's panic attack.

"You think Jung has gotten informed about him too?"

"Possibly, with Min being our Baby's best friend."

"Shit... I don't want to deal with all of them. We have to do something about them before they come and mess everything up."

"Yes, I'll see what I can do... maybe Taehyungie will calm down and tell them that he's happy... I still want to see him model for my lingerie line though."

"Depends on how Taehyungie will perform tomorrow. And if we have to punish him."



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