chapter 24

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Taehyung awoke in a room that must have been made for a king or a queen. He was surrounded in gold and luxury, large windows welcoming warm sunlight, heating Taehyung's cheeks who fluttered his eyes open, delicate body entangled with silky petal thin sheets.

The temperature inside the room was cool, not too low but not too high, enjoyable in the heat of summer.

The drowsy male groaned, rolling to his side and cuddling into the sheets with a contented sigh. That was, until he heard a small clicking sound once he moved his leg and the tired boy mumbled incoherent under his breath.

Laying comfortably for a few more seconds before he shot up, grasping onto the sheets with a gasp falling from his dry lips, hectically looking around.

Because he has remembered what has happened. He was not only kidnapped one but two times in a row, laying in an unknown bed he has mistaken as his own. Needless to say, Taehyung was low key freaking out.

Especially when his eyes fell on his ankle.

"What the fuck!", Taehyung screamed, staring shocked at his ankle, not believing what laid there. Because he would have expected cuffs, iron, shackles, maybe rope cuffing him, maybe to the bed as well but not a fucking diamond anklet decorating his foot.

"Oh my fucking god", Taehyung said in fear and awe, delicately touching the shimmering diamonds nicely contrasting against his golden skin.

"These are worth a fortune", Taehyung mumbled, pinching into his arm and flinching when the pain hit him.

"Ouch. Seems like I'm awake and this is not a dream", the male mumbled and frowned cutely. He stayed in his position for what seemed a long time before hesitantly standing up and walking around the room, exploring every inch of it.

Before falling right back onto the bed from boredom. Huffing loudly. The door was locked as well as the windows except the bathroom, leaving Taehyung alone in this gold covered room filled with luxury Taehyung never asked to have.

Taehyung really asked himself what was going on and why he has been kidnapped by these two twins... one being his most admired fashion model... Taehyung felt so betrayed and sad and scared. So so scared of what they were going to do.

When noises outside grew louder, Taehyung moved back, looking around in the room for anything to use for his defense. Quickly grabbing the nearest pillow as the door opened, Taehyung jumped up and screamed loudly.

The person who has walked into the room huffed when the pillow hit him, looking amused but confused at the gorgeous boy huffing in fear and anger while glaring cutely at the intruder.

"I would've thought you'd take the golden clock on your nightstand rather than a pillow", Kim Namjoon commented amused, seeing his Baby glaring so adorably at him.

"Fuck off and let me go!", Taehyung screeched loudly, Namjoon laughing because his Baby was so goddamn adorable.

"No no, Baby. That wasn't the deal", the man smiled, fully entering the room and closing the door behind him before turning back to the pretty male he has captured.

"Jinnie told me that you might want to talk about this situation. You're liking your new room? We made it extra for you", Namjoon smiled warmly, Taehyung moving back.

"You kidnapped and drugged me! This is not funny and no, I don't like it! It's dripping from gold!", Taehyung exclaimed loudly, lithe body moving backwards more and more, looking like a captured prey pinned to the ground by Namjoon's powerful stare who smirked when he saw the distress in pretty Taehyung's eyes.

"We can remove the gold... our Baby deserves nothing but the best", the taller said, dimples appearing on his face when his smile deepened, slowly starting to cornering Taehyung.

The gorgeous bluehead was still wearing his clothes he has been kidnapped in, the large sweater teasingly exposing his collarbones to Namjoon who was very fond of the view.

"Stop calling me that", he hissed, flinching away when Namjoon inched closer, walking confidently towards him resulting in Taehyung panicking more and more.

"G-go away! J-just leave me alone!", he squeaked.

"Baby", Namjoon cooed friendly, reaching out for the scared boy who flinched away from his touch, dugging under his arms and making a run for the door.

But he couldn't even reach it. Because his other kidnapper, Namjoon's twin Seokjin stood in the entrance, smiling widely at the boy. Looking really pleased to see Taehyung.

"Hey, Baby. I heard your lovely voice and needed to check on my Baby", he smiled widely. The model was way quicker in reacting to the situation, grabbing Taehyung by his waist and pressing the slim boy against his chest before he could escape.

"Our Baby is still so feisty, Jinnie... was always running away from me and not even thanking me for the nice room we gave him", Namjoon behind them pouted, Jin turning to Taehyung who blushed intimidated.

"Is that right, Baby?", Seokjin asked, voice filled with concerned sweetness, Taehyung trembling in his arms. Trembling because their nice act terrified him even more.

Psychotic... these two were absolutely psychotic.

"But you're supposed to be our good boy... our little gem", Jin said and frowned, his beautiful face scrunching up while eyeing Taehyung closely. Taehyung squirmed under the intense gaze, struggling in Seokjin's muscle packed arms.

Namjoon was quick to interfere, standing behind Taehyung and pushing the boy back into Seokjin's arms when he broke free, a noise of fear escaping the caged male.

"It's okay, he's still learning... our Baby needs to first accept us, Jinnie", Namjoon purred.

Taehyung panted, fear bubbling in his stomach and he felt like he was going to black out.

"W-what do you w-want from me?", he asked with trembling voice, gasping for air, on the urge of hyperventilating.

His captors seemed to notice his distress because they started to coo, rubbing soothing circles over his body, Seokjin stroking his cheeks and Namjoon rubbing his back, making noises like trying to calm a crying Baby.

"No no, sh sh, don't cry, Baby. It isn't in our intention to harm you. You're our little gem", Namjoon shushed him gently, Taehyung choking out a hiccup.

"Joonie's right", Jin purred.

"Our precious jewel, we don't want you to be scared. We're gonna shower you in our love, Baby. Our Baby. Our treasure", Jin mumbled, nosing against Taehyung's neck and inhaling his scent, Taehyung answering with a shuddering gasp.

"Y-you're crazy", he whimpered, immediately shutting up when he heard dangerous growls coming from the two men holding him in their hold.

"Careful, Baby. You might be our Baby but we won't hesitate to punish our daring Baby for speaking like this. No bad words, jewel", Seokjin scolded Taehyung.

Who gulped, timidly nodding because he was intimidated by the sudden darkness they radiated. Receiving the tiny nod, Seokjin immediately started to smile.

"Good boy", he cooed, continuing with scenting Taehyung, Namjoon doing the same.

Taehyung just closed his eyes, exhaling shakily and asking himself, how the fuck he ended up in the arms of such psychotic men who referred to him as their Baby.



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