chapter 23

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"I cannot believe we're really going to this fucking auction", Yoongi huffed while fixing his jacket, glaring at his reflection in the car mirror. Hoseok on the passenger's seat chuckled when he stared at his spy.

"Your tongue is still as sharp as ever... no manners at all like usual", he commented amused, making the other growl irritated.

"I'm not friends with you, Jung so stop trying to make us seem like one", Yoongi snapped angry, not wanting to be in this fucking car with these fucking two men he hated. If it wasn't for Taehyung he wouldn't be sitting here.

Driving to an auction held by Park Jimin himself.

"I wouldn't irritate him if I were you, Hoseok", an amused voice sounded from the back of the car, Jeon Jungkook lazily stretching his long limbs like a cat, confident smirk on his face. The notorious gang leader has been scrolling on his phone until now, dark intelligent eyes fixed on Yoongi.

"Why are you even coming with us?", Yoongi snarled, disliking the younger's presence, the unwanted fiance of Taehyung who was pissing Yoongi of with his mere presence.

"'Coz I was invited and you weren't", Jungkook chirped, knowing he was pissing Yoongi off. Since he knew about the other's feelings, Jungkook despised the elder, hated him even because he was a concurrent.

A concurrent to Taehyung's love.

"Piss off, Jeon no one likes you", Yoongi growled back in response, making a harsh turn with the vehicle.

"Taehyung likes me", Jungkook continued to piss Yoongi off, loving how the man's eyes darkened in anger.

"He said it himself."

Well, Taehyung basically said that he didn't hate Jungkook but Yoongi didn't need to know that.

"He likes me so much, I'll have the Cutie wrapped around my fingers."

It was now surprisingly Hoseok's turn to look pissed, anger growing inside of his heart. He too has developed an interest in the pretty bluehead with the sassy remarks and beautiful doe eyes. He was fascinated to say at least.

"Shut the fuck up, Jeon. No one likes you", Hoseok spat.

Jungkook just laughed in the background. Getting out of the car, the three powerful men were surrounded by reporters, Park Jimin hosting a party was the event of the year as usual and the news all wanted to report on it.

To the outside, Jimin was a successful business man which he in fact was.

Just that he was making business with the black market instead of boring oversea companies.

"I hate people", Yoongi grumbled, locking the doors of the car before following the two gang leaders who have already left the car, posing for the cameras and leaving Yoongi to rush after them. The eldest man hated that they were trying to make him seem less powerful.

He wasn't.

But they didn't know about that.

Just him being Jung Hoseok's best spy, a subordinate. Not a leader himself. Not powerful himself.

But once he had his Taehyungie back, he would show everyone how powerful he really was. He was going to make Jeon and Jung bow to him.

"Thanks for waiting, assholes", Yoongi hissed at the two smugly looking men.

"We didn't have time to wait for the staff", Jungkook grinned devilishly before turning to walk inside the private hall reserved for the auction.

"I swear to fucking god, I'll fuck you up. Both of you", the shortest male growled before storming inside the room. Leaving Hoseok this time to follow him.

Inside the room, the three men immediately tried to spot either Park Jimin or Taehyung but assuming that the daring man was trying to sell their precious Taehyungie to a rich guy, he must held him away from the crowd.

"First step, find Park and bring him to a private room to have a nice chat", Jungkook said with low voice, cracking his knuckles. He of course wanted to fucking kill this guy for putting his hands daringly on cute puppy Taehyungie.

Jungkook has just discovered his slightly deeper feelings for the pretty male, wanting to make the sassy boy fall for him only to find out that he was kidnapped. By none other than his gang rival and enemy Park Jimin.

"Got him", Hoseok said, dark angry eyes fixed on a specific man looking very uneasy while talking to a tall fat man with grey hair, gesturing towards the curtain hiding the stage behind red velvet color.

Park Jimin had a bruise on his left cheek and a cut lip, visible even through his carefully applied make up.

"I really hope that was Tae and that he's giving Pork a hard time", Yoongi spat, sounding somewhat proud by the thought of his sassy best friend and crush.

The three then fixed their attention on the host of the event and slowly made their way towards him.

Unaware that Park Jimin didn't have their love interest in his possession anymore.



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