chapter 22

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Things escalated quickly now, Taehyung squeaking surprised when Jimin roughly pushed him behind him when the twins were aiming at them, Namjoon placing a well set punch against Jimin's jaw, making the gang leader groan.

"You little shit!", Jimin hissed, dodging the second punch and aiming one at Namjoon himself.

Unknowingly allowing Jin to get to Taehyung.

"Sh sh, Beautiful, no screaming, okay?", Seokjin smiled maliciously at the terrified boy who of course immediately started fighting against his grip and opened his mouth to scream.

Namjoon was still distracting Jimin who seemed to notice the distraction too late, eyes flying over to Taehyung who got cornered by Jin, wrists held in a bruising grip by the elder the other hand covering Taehyung's mouth, the boy looking up fearfully to the model who simply smiled rather friendly at his terrified doll.

"Sh sh, calm down, Taehyungie, we don't want to hurt you, just wanna take you with us", Seokjin cooed, rubbing his thumb over Taehyung's soft cheek, the blue haired male shaking his head while tears started to form in his eyes.

Jimin yelled out Taehyung's name and wanted to rip the boy out of Seokjin's hold but he has forgotten about Namjoon who used the moment and hit Jimin on the head. The gang leader blacking out this instant and crashing to the ground.

A weak cry left Taehyung's lips by this, staring shocked at Jimin laying on the ground, Namjoon dusting off his suit before focusing his attention on the captured male in his brother's arms.

"Jinnie", he purred, licking his lips when he eyed the lush frame of the pretty male.

"Let's bring Taehyungie out of here."


Taehyung was screaming and sobbing into the gag placed in between his soft plump lips, fighting back a panic attack as he was gently guided out of the building, the twins have taken him into their middle, cooing at the crying and screaming male who looked so afraid.

"Baby, calm down, we aren't going to hurt you, please don't cry", Namjoon mumbled gently while pushing the crying boy inside of a car, Taehyung struggling in their grip and especially when he was carefully placed on Seokjin's lap who looked at him with eyes filled with worry.

"First kidnapped and then said to be sold... oh my poor Baby...", Seokjin mumbled, gently untangling the knot behind Taehyung's head, the boy weakly gasping and hiccuping, fighting against Jin and Namjoon who rubbed his back in comfort.

"Stop touching me! P-please, l-leave me alone", he sobbed, nearly choking on his next cry while the two men cooed, tender hands wiping his tears away, locks fondly wiped out of his eyes.

"But we must protect you", Namjoon said with a small smile, admiring the beautiful boy.

Their new submissive. Their new Baby.

"N-no! I don't even know you! I-I... just let me go", Taehyung cried out, hitting Jin's chest who accepted the weak punches with a soft sigh.

"Lovely, please, you're going to hurt yourself and that's the last thing we want", he said softly.

That was a premiere. The Kim twins were known to treat their shared submissive rather harshly, kidnapping a possible target from the street and forcing them into their bed until they got bored and searched for someone new.

No one could reach their high expectations.

That was until they laid their eyes onto this cute little male by Jeon Jungkook's side and decided to get to know him.

"We freed you from Jimin... no one can hurt you now, we'll make sure of it", Jin assured the terrified boy who sniffed and looked at the man with pleading, hopeful puppy eyes.

Namjoon sighed in awe by the cute sight, mesmerized at how easily Taehyung managed to be this incredibly adorable. He was not only cute, but also so so pretty, sassy and intelligent, the two males might or might not have excitedly stalked the boy and found out that he was an university student and on top of his classes.

"Taehyung-ah, we're sorry for the rough start and lying to you... but when we heard about Park having you and wanting to sell you, we needed to act. Please don't be scared of us, we don't want to hurt you. We want to love you", Seokjin spoke gently, eyes full of admiration and it left Taehyung's insides confused.

Kidnappers shouldn't say that. Kidnappers shouldn't look like this and especially not apologize like this, Taehyung thought confused, moving around uncomfortably.

But what other options did he had? Go back to his normal life where he was bossed around by his unwanted fiance and his best friend who had so many secrets, including a crush on Taehyung and many dead bodies in his cellar?

Maybe these two handsome men were serious about their words and would offer Taehyung the much needed escape...

"And to show you that we're serious, I'll untie your pretty hands. But you have to come with us, to keep you save so Park cannot take you", Namjoon mumbled, leaning forward and pressing a kiss against Taehyung's temple.

The boy started to tremble, his thoughts turning into panic mode and he shook his head, pretty blue hair falling into his teary eyes, these were kidnappers, betrayers, liars, he couldn't trust them.

"Okay, then maybe not the nice tour", he heard one of them mumble, didn't know who it was and a soft scream left his lips when he felt a burning pain in his thigh. Namjoon had stabbed him with a syringe, looking apologetically at him.

"Sorry Pretty, but we really want to have you", he mumbled, kissing Taehyung's cheek who managed to break out of Jin's steel hold, smacking Namjoon right across the face with his left power before falling against Jin, his world turning upside down--

And just like that, his vision turned black.

"What a waste", Seokjin huffed, pulling the now unconscious beauty up to properly lay him onto his lap, Namjoon pulling the boy's legs over his thighs, resting his hand on the boy's knees.

"A shame he had to act out, we almost had him relaxed", Namjoon growled annoyed, not wanting to force unconsciousness on their pretty Baby but Taehyung was on the urge of having a panic attack.

"Let's bring him back to our apartment and bring him to the golden room. He'll like it there, I'm sure", Seokjin mumbled, plump lips brushing over the bluehead's cheek.

"God, he's so pretty. The prettiest we had so far", he said admiringly.

"Yeah... he truly is different. And he's ours now. Pretty little Taehyungie is going to be our Baby. Our first and only Baby", Namjoon mumbled.

Their plan had been set for the time they had discovered Taehyung.

Not wanting to force him into submission but rather have the gorgeous boy by their side and spoiling him rotten, loving him and making him love them.

The Kim twins were finally ready to leave the BDSM scene and set on keeping one special person.

And to them, this special person was none other than Kim Taehyung.

Fiance of Jeon Jungkook, first love of Min Yoongi, crush of Jung Hoseok and desire of Park Jimin.

Their now unknown turned rivals.



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