chapter 21

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"Taehyung-ah, you better wearing your clothes by now or else, I'm going to be really fucking angry!", Taehyung heard the loud voice of Jimin booming outside of the bathroom, the blue haired male gulping intimidated before glaring down at his naked legs, pulling on the shirt he was wearing.

"Fuck you so very much", Taehyung grumbled, glaring down at his feet before slowly walking towards the door, carefully unlocking it since he didn't want to push his luck by making Jimin angry.

When he re-entered the room, Jimin sucked in a deep breath, seeing the beautiful male wearing his shirt and only his shirt, long golden legs on display, gorgeous rosy blush on his face, vibrant blue hair ruffled and the cutest glare on the cutest face made Jimin want to pin Taehyung down and ravish him for hours.

Having him screaming his name and his name only while he was giving the gorgeous boy so much pleasure he'd forget who he was.

"Oh fuck", the bluehead heard his captor groaning and he looked up only to be pinned to the ground by Jimin's lusted gaze, the muscular man eyed him like a predator his prey and Taehyung shivered, feeling small and exposed.

"The um, the pants didn't fit", Taehyung mumbled, cheeks flushed because he wasn't very fond of the idea of telling Jimin that he couldn't wear the pants because of his butt.

"And why is that? Not that I mind the view... very... alluring, pretty boy, your body is so goddamn", Jimin groaned and the dirty comment made Taehyung burn with redness but also felt... oddly proud of the gang leader to say that.

"I'm not gonna tell you. You kidnapped me and plan to sell me!", Taehyung growled angrily, stepping back when Jimin suddenly moved forward.

"Careful with that sharp tongue or yours... that's not appreciated by many", Jimin mumbled, caging Taehyung suddenly with cornering him against the wall, one hand resting close to Taehyung's head, the other grabbing his slim waist.

"What a slim waist, doll... so pretty, so cute", Jimin cooed, nosing Taehyung's neck and the boy's breath hitched.

"Let go of me, pervert", Taehyung demanded, squeaking when his ass was suddenly grabbed, Jimin roughly smacking the flesh.

"Like I said, watch your mouth... many won't like their toy speaking like this", Jimin purred.

"And what about you?", Taehyung asked, suddenly feeling brave and he gulped when he saw the hungry look in Jimin's eyes.

"Oh, I love a challenge... do you want to be mine, Taehyung?", the gang leader asked, looking up to Taehyung who was taller than him but more slim and more resembling a caught deer while Jimin was a lion.

"I want to be free", the young student replied sassily, but flinching away when Jimin smacked his ass another time.

"That was not an option, pretty boy. After being with me, you're never going to be free again. But seeing you like this... makes me want to keep you", Jimin mumbled, pulling Taehyung even closer, the boy looking away flustered.

"Now tell me, pretty boy... do you want to seduce me? With not wearing the pants? Or is there another reason?", the man asked with a smirk, Taehyung grumbling under his breath.

"What was that?", Jimin grinned.

"Your ass didn't fit in the pants? How unfortunate for you, lucky for me", Jimin grinned, Taehyung snapping his head towards him, glaring at the man.

"You're sassy, beautiful doll... but you should be careful around men like me or else they'd cut your tongue out of that cute little mouth of yours... and that would be a shame, wouldn't it?"

In this moment, Park Jimin felt something odd and he made a decision that would change his life. He decided to keep the pretty boy to himself.

"Fuck it. I'm not giving you away. You're gonna be mine and no other can have you. Fuck the auction because like hell I'd let someone else have a piece", Jimin growled and harshly pressing his lips onto Taehyung's, the boy gasping confused.

Taehyung tried pulling away but Jimin was holding his hips in a bruising grip, pressing the boy close and devouring his lips hungrily like Taehyung was everything he was craving for. The poor boy was helplessly hanging in Jimin's arms while trying to escape his demanding lips without the opportunity to breathe.

This could've went on for hours if the doors weren't thrown open, Jimin turning around and shielding Taehyung. Entrance was made by none other than the Kim brothers.

"Hello there, Park. Of course you had to bring your dirty fingers upon our pretty doll", Seokjin smiled brightly as if he just didn't destroy Park Jimin's entire mansion to get to him.

Taehyung shyly peaked out from behind Jimin's back, doe eyes wide and looking terrified at the intruders, Namjoon's dark eyes moving over his body.

"I suggest you to give me my property back, right now Park! Release him", Namjoon demanded.

"What the fuck. I'm no one's property!", Taehyung immediately protested but shut up when he saw the three dark glares sent his way. Namjoon smirked when he saw the gorgeous little tiger again. He couldn't wait to have the feisty thing whimpering for mercy.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, little cub. still as fierce as ever, huh?", Namjoon smiled amused while Jin chuckled, loading his gun. Jimin groaned annoyed, pushing Taehyung further behind him.

"The Kim brothers....two pains in the ass...", the gang leader huffed, hating the cocky twins for always messing up his plans. And now, for wanting what he has just claimed for himself. And that was the gorgeous little thing presses against his back.

"Well, we plan to be in the cutie's ass behind you so to make this easier, and save precious time, give him to us. Heard you were selling him anyways so we'll take him", Seokjin said with his usual friendly undertone before hungrily eyeing Taehyung who looked like he has been punched in the gut.

"Sweetie, don't look at us like that. Didn't you know? We're Underground moguls", Seokjin said amused.

"You can still model for my company though but only after we have claimed every part of your body. Want to show you off as ours", Seokjin said flirty, Jimin growling possessively.

"That's not going to happen. He's staying with me."

"Oh Park, we didn't ask for your opinion here."



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