chapter 20

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"This is not fucking funny! Let me go! Let me out, right now! I'll never stop screaming if I'm getting ignored!", Taehyung yelled against the door, huffing loudly when he was ignored again... he was chained to the bed in the middle of the room, a blanket wrapped around his naked body.

Since Jimin left, no one came into the room again for which Taehyung was secretly grateful for but also anxiously waiting for, knowing he had only a thin time frame to escape. But with this heavy chain connecting him to the bed, it was nearly impossible for the petite bluehead to escape which frustrated him to no end.

Just when he fell back on the bed with a huff, the door opened again and Taehyung fearfully sat up, only to be met with the smirking face of his captor, this Park Jimin. In his hands a bundle of clothes.

"Heard you shouting for attention, Pretty. Didn't know you were so needy for me", Jimin smirked when he closed the door softly behind him, locking it and the defensive puppy on his bed cursed loudly at him, trying to move away.

Without any success because Jimin simply tugged onto his chain and Taehyung fell flat on the bed, face buried in the soft sheets and a muffled huff escaped his lips.

"Let go of me!", the muffled protest immediately came afterwards, making Jimin laugh heartily before smirking when his eyes fell on Taehyung's perky behind.

Taehyung squeaked when he felt a smack on his ass and when he turned his head, he was met with the perverted smile of Park Jimin who giggled before winking at Taehyung.

"Was too tempting. An ass like yours needs to be cherished", Jimin smugly said.

"You little-", Taehyung started, aiming for Jimin's head but the angry puppy was caught and pinned to the bed. Jimin watched him with a stupid smirk on his handsome face how Taehyung was raging, tossing around and screaming for Jimin to let him go.

"Done, Baby?", he asked the exhausted boy under him amused who was panting strongly, glaring at Jimin.

"Let me go", he demanded angrily, Jimin shaking his head with a small laugh.

"That would cost me too much. You're worth quite a fortune, pretty", Jimin said, wanting to stroke Taehyung's cheek but the boy moved away with a hiss, looking to the side.

"I brought you a fresh set of clothes, by the way. Thought you'd like wearing some more than a blanket", Jimin said, pulling teasingly on the fabric, making the blue haired boy clutch harder onto it.

"Give me back my own clothes, pervert", the little male demanded.

"They were full of blood", Jimin said with a blank expression on his handsome (stupid) face.

"Now go change before I'll do it", the man threatened the petite boy who glared at him but grabbed the clothes.


Yoongi was anxiously waiting for a response of his friend while he was forced to stay with Jungkook who has also ordered his best hacker, a messy, loud guy named BamBam to track any signs of Taehyung.

The male apparently was the boyfriend of Jungkook's friend Yugyeom, annoyingly loud and giving Yoongi a headache.When his phone rang, he almost dropped it, shakily answering the call.

"Suga's speaking", he answered swiftly, hearing a smooth laugh coming from the other end.

"Yeah I know since it is your number I was calling", the cocky answer immediately came back and Yoongi rolled his eyes, knowing it was his boss speaking.

"Did you find anything?""You mean on the beautiful little boy you for sure wanted to introduce me to but forgot?"

"Don't fuck with me, Jung, did you find something?"

"Easy there, Suga, remember who you're working for. Yes, I found something. But you won't like what I'm going to tell you."

"Tell me."

"Obsidian got him. And you know damn well what they make with beauties like Taehyungie."


Jungkook has lifted his head interested by this exclaim, furrowing his brows when he saw the panicked look on Yoongi's face.

"What's wrong?", he asked concerned but Yoongi ignored him, rushing to grab his scattered things and starting to messily dress himself into his jacket while talking fast on the phone, ignoring Jungkook.

"Yoongi! Tell me what the fuck is wrong!", Jungkook demanded irritated, making the male turn around. His face wide as a sheet from panic.

"It's Tae... Park Jimin has him and I fear he's going to put him in one of his auctions to sell him!"



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