chapter 19

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Taehyung sat up straight in the bed, hectically looking around and trying to find something to protect himself with. When he couldn't find anything, he tightly wrapped the covers around his naked frame, looking up anxiously to be faced with the handsome figure of his kidnapper.

The pretty boy remembered him to have called himself 'Park Jimin' and fear rose in his heart once he recalled the other things the man said. He wanted to sell him... Taehyung wanted to run far far away from this room and this person but when he looked around for an escape, he sadly had to come to realize that there was none. The door seemed to be locked and the man has already spotted him.

"Oh, you're awake already", Park Jimin said with a smirk, drying his hair with another towel, another white towel hanging from his small hips, exposing his toned stomach, glorious abs where little water droplets got caught in between the muscles and a perfect V line leading towards the towel. His golden skin was glistening from the water, hair slick from water and pushed out of his stupidly handsome face.

Plump lips stretched into a cocky smirk when he caught his pretty captive gawking at him and his appearance. "It's a compliment to have such a pretty boy like you staring at me like that", the comment made Taehyung jerk awake, shaking his head angrily before glaring cutely at Jimin.

"Why am I here? Didn't you want to sell me?", one stupid characteristic of Taehyung was that he started to ramble once he got scared, often enough bringing him into dangerous situation but he couldn't seem to take control of his tongue once he was scared. Jimin chuckled, the towel now resting over his shoulders while he slowly walked towards the bed and eyeing the pretty boy on top of it like a predator its prey.

"I'm still debating. You're so beautiful I might not allow someone else to have a taste of you", Jimin said, suddenly hovering over Taehyung who fell back onto the bed with a soft thud, eyeing Jimin out of fluttering black lashes over curious doe eyes. Hands pressed softly against his chest while his captor rested one hand next to his head, the other sneakily exploring Taehyung's body.

"It'll be a shame to not have you exclusively", Jimin purred, admiring how delicate yet masculine Taehyung looked the same time, how fragile yet so confident with soft shaped plump lips, round nose and soft rosy cheeks but sharp jaw and intelligent big brown eyes. "I'm not a thing to be owned", the boy bit back, flinching surprised when Jimin caressed his cheek.

"Of course not... you're rather a prized possession meant to sit prettily on a wealthy man's lap. I'd willingly become such a man for a beauty like you", Jimin purred, thumb now moving from his cheek down to Taehyung's lips, thumb slipping inside his warm wet mouth.

"I heard some stories about you... that you're engaged to Jeon Jungkook... rumored to not became his fiance willingly... I knew you'd be interesting, might as well keep you as my own personal arm candy and maybe make you more if you want me to... I could give you anything you desire", the gang leader continued, now fully hovering over his captive, pretty brown eyes staring up to him.

"Like I said... do not treat me like a thing, Mr Park...", Taehyung hissed, still continuing to defy Park Jimin only to find himself fully pinned to the bed, a knee in between his soft thighs, Jimin cocking a brow at his behavior. "You're rather fiery... I might not have the time to have that brought out of you... maybe you're better in that auction. Make me some money for my investigations and for my troubles I'll get once Jeon finds out about your disappearance", Jimin said.

Lips forming into a smirk while he moved his hand that wasn't pinning Taehyung to the bed, over his chest, teasing a nipple with his fingers, pulling on it before moving all over the squirming boy's waist, down to his hips. "Maybe I'll get a taste before... just enjoying and having you to myself", Jimin husked against Taehyung's neck, suckling a hickey into the golden honey skin, Taehyung moaning in protest.

"S-stop", he weakly fought against Jimin's hot grip, hand laying right on top of his dick, giving it a squeeze which made Taehyung buck his hip up. "You're so amusing... as if your sweet little body isn't craving for my touch", the man whispered huskily, kissing the shell of Taehyung's ear before pulling away.

"But if you want me to stop, I'll go. I have to get dressed for the special day. And your pretty ass is gonna stay in my room and wait for me like a nice boy", Jimin jerked away from the alluring beauty under him, lust rushing through his veins and he couldn't put a finger on it why he was feeling this way.

Especially since no captive or anyone else made him feel like this before.

Maybe he should really keep this beauty, Kim Taehyung, to himself and not have others getting a taste of his addicting self.



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