chapter 18

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"Taehyung had apparently disappeared and now Jungkook went rigid, trying to find him", Kim Namjoon said before looking up from his phone and turning to his twin brother Seokjin.

The elder, a gorgeous man, was laying lasciviously on the bed, open shirt exposing his built chest and he sat up, resting his weight on his elbow.

"How is that? Who's the one responsible for his disappearance?", Seokjin asked. He ignored the whimpering boy next to him, tied up against the metal headboard of the bed in their red 'playroom'.

"I honestly don't know yet but I intend to find out", Namjoon replied, rubbing his temples before turning to look at his brother.

"I fear someone was faster in getting their hands on the little beauty", the blond male exclaimed disappointed, his grey-haired brother wearing the same expression.

"I'll use my contacts to find out who it was. Don't worry, Namjoon-ah, we're going to have him", Seokjin assured his brother confidently.

A choked sob made the dangerous men turn to their current play toy, their eyes darkening with deadly lust.

"Oh Sweetheart, what are you trying to do there? You cannot escape us", Namjoon cooed when he saw how the tied up boy struggled in his restraints, sobbing loudly. Snot was running out of his nose, his entire body was littered with painful claim marks and purple bruises, body a ruined canvas.

The twins had kidnapped the poor boy and had tried to form him for their likings. Unfortunately for the poor tied up being, his owners had their eyes already fixed on a possible new toy. Making him useless and disposable.

The two men smirked, coming closer to the broken boy who was having a break down, screaming into his ball gag, crying and trashing around.

"I guess our toy already knows what's waiting for him, Joonie", Seokjin laughed devilishly, leaning forward to the whimpering mess, naked body twisting and turning.

"He at least knows that... always putting up a fight, what a nuisance. And always crying, so fucking pathetic", Namjoon spat annoyed, leaning over the little boy.

"I'm getting tired of his ass anyways, he's not so tight anymore and the fight he puts up isn't worth his price", Namjoon commented in a growl, his hands coming down to the fragile throat of the pale boy who shrieked.

"Do you think Taehyung will be different?", Seokjin asked, holding the boy down with an amused smirk.

He didn't like getting his hands dirty, preferring Namjoon to do the work while he was performing in the back and setting everything up, having powerful allies and partners, providing them with successful parties.

Namjoon was the official leader of their gang but Seokjin was holding all strings in his hands when it came to relationships and allies. Making them the perfect duo.

"Yes, he's gonna be different from this one. Not only pretty but beautiful. Sassy but still submissive. And I bet Jeon couldn't even get Pretty's perky ass on his dick", Namjoon giggled, ignoring the weak fights their toy put up, growing weaker and weaker as his eyes slowly fluttered shut, Namjoon's hand squeezing the life out of him. Literally.

"Can't wait to have him here... wanna own him so badly", Namjoon sighed, letting go of the now lifeless boy. Seokjin nodded in agreement, properly buttoning up his shirt and fixing the collar.

"I don't want to kidnap him like this one. I want to charm him and I want him to fall for us willingly. Wanna make him our pliant Baby", Seokjin exclaimed, getting out of bed now that their toy was gone.

"Yeah, we have to be charming. He's a fan of your work, Jinnie. I wonder how he'd look in lingerie. I think white must look amazing against that beautiful golden skin", Namjoon groaned, imagining the lively beauty posing in nothing but white silk lingerie, exposing his plump ass and amazing figure.

"We'll have him, Joon-ah... Jeon is not a competition compared to us", Seokjin said, finishing dressing himself.

"I'll go talk to all my contacts. As soon as we know it, we can start courting him. Gonna sweep sweet Taehyungie off of his feet", Seokjin smiled, walking towards the door.

"Oh, and we should prepare the room for him... nothing but the best for him, am I right?", the grey-haired model smirked.

"I don't want him to be our toy, Seokjin-ah... he won't come into this room ever", Namjoon said sternly, referring to the red room.

"I'll prepare a room in our apartment complex then, not this flat. Wanna have him by our side", the blond said and Seokjin nodded.

"Do that."

Seokjin turned, throwing a last glance at their disposed toy, scrunching up his nose in disgust.

"Oh, and get rid of the body while you're at it, please."


When Taehyung regained his consciousness , he felt his head aching from where he had neen hit and slapped.

A weak groan slipped out of his lips that were swollen. Moving his head, Taehyung was relieved to see that his hands weren't tied anymore but the same moment, he shot up.

Because he found himself laying under the white sheets of a large king-size bed. When he looked down, he was met with his own bare chest, covered in faint bruises.

Taehyung was completely naked, laying in an unfamiliar bed after being drugged and kidnapped by none other than Park Jimin, ready to get sold in an auction house.

After coming to that realization, the little beauty opened his mouth to scream absolutely terrified, just when a nearby door opened.



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