chapter 17

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Min Yoongi was burning with rage once he arrived at the building Jeon Jungkook was supposed to be located, the main building of his company and he didn't give one flying fuck for the panicked secretary he crossed, going straight for the elevator and almost punching the button that lead to Jeon Jungkook's floor.

"Sir, you can't be here without permission—!", the secretary screeched panicked, Yoongi just showing her his middle finger before the doors closed.

He was going to beat this daring CEO's ass for ever thinking he could own Taehyung. Jungkook was the last one to deserve Taehyung, he was cold, selfish and a playboy. No one worth Taehyung's love.

Innocent, precious and happy Taehyungie who was such a sweetheart, beautiful and kind. He deserved to be carried on hands and treated like a glass doll and the most precious angel on earth.

Once the doors opened, Yoongi immediately stormed towards the large office in the back of the floor, pushing the door open without even listening to the protests.

The man he despised was sitting behind a large glass desk. He looked up calmly when he saw Yoongi entering, fixing his black suit jacket before standing up, dark hair swept out of his face.

"You must be Min Yoongi, am I right?", Jungkook asked cockily, smiling maliciously when Yoongi stalked closer.

"You fucking asshole! How dare you touch Taehyung?! How dare you kiss him?!", Yoongi screamed at the young gang heir, grabbing the collar of his shirt. Jungkook simply chuckled, looking the intruder straight into the eyes.

"Why are you so upset about the fact that I kissed him? He's my fiance, going to be my husband soon so I have every right to claim him as mine. What could you possibly do about it, Min Yoongi, spy to Jung Hoseok? Don't think I don't know who you are and who you are working for... it'll be a shame if Tae finds out, huh?", Jungkook teased Yoongi who growled.

"Don't fucking call him your fiance. He doesn't even like you, asshole! So don't get cocky", the spy hissed, making Jungkook raise one brow. He felt superior, knowing everything about Yoongi and his feelings for Taehyung. And he could say that he hated this short male.

Jeon Jungkook was a very possessive person about things belonging to him. And since Taehyung, gorgeous little Taehyungie snuck his way inside Jungkook's heart, he was determined to get rid of every concurrent for Taehyung's love.

"You don't have feelings for him, do you?", Jungkook suddenly asked with a sneer, making Yoongi tense, stepping back from him and letting go of his collar, face cold.

"What's with everyone bullying me for my feelings, huh?!"

That was enough for Jungkook to understand that he was.

"His best friend in love with him... wow", Jungkook chuckled, now that his fear was confirmed, he was determined to get rid of Yoongi when he himself had just discovered his feelings for the sassy little beauty he called his fiance.

"What would Tae think of you? How long do you love him already, Yoongi-ssi?", Jungkook mocked him.

"You won't be alive to tell him. I'm not giving Tae up, he's going to be mine and a selfish brat like you is not going to stop me!", Yoongi yelled, making Jungkook laugh before looking to the entrance of his office.

"Why not tell him yourself?", he smiled just when a figure entered his office. But it was only his secretary, rushing up to him.

"S-Sir, y-your fiance... he didn't appear like you said he would", she stuttered, making both men turn their heads towards her.

"What the fuck do you mean? Where the fuck is Taehyung?", Yoongi exclaimed panicked, making Jungkook worried.

Something was incredibly wrong.

"S-Sir according t-to the one watching o-over M-Mr. Kim... he had disappeared."

It was silent for a moment before both men started yelling, cursing not only at each other but also at the poor woman who flinched by their booming voices. Jungkook walked up to her, harsh commands leaving his mouths while Yoongi hesitantly picked up his phone, staring at the number he was about to call.

He knew he would need help to get Taehyung back. Something terrible must've happened to his poor Baby, he knew Taehyung and by now, he should've been in the building. Something must've happened.

And he knew that the only person capable of finding Taehyung would have a price for his help.

"Yoongi? How do I come to the pleasure of receiving this call?", he heard the deep voice on the other side of the line and he grit his teeth before answering.

"Hoseok. You have to help me find someone", Yoongi spat, glancing at a panicked looking Jungkook.

"You're asking me for a favor? You know my price, Min. But first, tell me who did you lose?"

"You bastard... it's Taehyung... he disappeared. And I fear without his permission. He was... rather kidnapped."

There was a moment of silence before Hoseok answered.

"Then answer me this, Yoongi. What is your intention with Taehyung? You sure do have feelings for him, don't lie to me."

Yoongi groaned, knowing he would be faced with this question. But for the safety of Taehyung, he had to be honest.

"Yes... I have feelings for Kim Taehyung", Yoongi whispered.

Hoseok on the other side grew silent, sniffing another competition, not liking the confession at all but he knew he could make use of Yoongi's feelings for his own advantage. Saving little Taehyungie, the sassy beauty he grew interested in, would mean gaining his trust. And that could mean he could use Yoongi for that.

"I'll help you, Yoongi... Hyung. You have my word that I'll find the pretty boy", Hoseok said before hanging up.

Yoongi cursed, hating the heavy feeling in his chest, hated that he just exposed himself.

"Min", another voice called out and when Yoongi turned, he was faced with the expressionless face of Jungkook.

"I'm going to find my fiance. And you'll help me find him or I'll expose your feelings to him."



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