chapter 16

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"Let go of me!", Taehyung screamed, almost hysterically when he was dragged into a dark alley, hands coming down to his body and holding him there. A hard punch was directed at his face and he cried out in pain by the rough contact.

"F-fuck", he cursed in a whimper, throwing a punch himself, blindly at the man or men who held him down and he heard someone yelling in pain, making him satisfied. That was only for a mere second before he got slammed onto the ground, face roughly making contact with the floor.

Taehyung cried out in pain, feeling blood running out of his nose and he screamed painfully. He was yanked upwards, hand gripping onto his collar. Another punch hit his cheek, making him cough up blood.

Bloody saliva running down his chin and a tear escaped his eyes when his arms got grabbed. Roughly twisted behind his back, a hand in his hair yanked his head upwards.

"L-let me go", Taehyung weakly whispered, fighting against the strong grip preventing him from escaping.

"Shut up! Be a good boy now and come with us and nothing happens to you", the male in front of Taehyung purred towards the scared puppy whose arms were held behind his back, painfully twisted.

Blood was running down from one side of his face, whimpers leaving his plump lips.

"Y-you already beat me up...", Taehyung commented weakly and screamed in pain when his arms got twisted harder behind his back, tears of agony leaving his eyes.

"And talking back to me? Look at this cute fuck, looking all pretty like a little girl. Are you even a boy?", the man in front of him mocked him.

"How about we take off his pants and find out?", one man behind Taehyung suggested and the young boy panicked.

"Don't you fucking dare! Leave me alone!", he yelled but gasped after being smacked across the face, wounds breaking further apart.

"So naughty. Will be fun to see him break. Once we brought you to the auction house, you won't be demanding anything anymore", the man in front of Taehyung growled into his direction. Grabbing his face again and tilting it upwards, he was met with the shocking delicate and beautiful features of the bruised boy, baring his teeth angrily at him.

Taehyung gasped in horror when he saw how the man licked his lips, eyeing Taehyung's exposed neck and collarbones, his shirt ripped from where they pushed him.

"Looking all pretty, babyboy... maybe Park allows us to have some fun with you", the man grinned, licking his lips again before moving closer to Taehyung's gorgeous face.

The blue-haired puppy tried to back away but he was held down by the other men behind him, almost ripping his arms out of his body. He screamed, tossed around until a hand covered his mouth.

So roughly that he nearly blacked out, sobbing quietly when he felt hands digging into his sweater, sliding over his collarbones...

"I clearly told you not to touch the beauty, didn't I? You'll mess up his worth with your filthy hands", a new voice suddenly joined in and Taehyung looked up to steal a glance over the shoulder of his attacker who turned pale.

"B-Boss", he stuttered, looking shocked at the approaching male. The man had silver hair falling into cold, intelligent eyes scanning Taehyung's disheveled frame, face glowing faintly in the dim light, highlighting the red blood dripping down his golden skin, huge glossy eyes staring anxiously at the newcomer.

Park Jimin felt himself getting angry once he saw the bruises on the gorgeous boy, beauty not seeming to be affected.

His stunning brown eyes pleaded Jimin to help him out of his misery. A misery, the other man has put him into.

Park Jimin was a gang leader himself, having a talent to find beauties like Taehyung and bringing them to auction houses, selling them to rich businessmen, millionaires and whoever had the needed money to buy such a exquisite beauty.

As toys or slaves.

And the angel in front of Jimin should be no different, looking so fragile and ready to get devoured, so beautiful and innocent.

"Are you fucking insane??! Ugh, not the fucking face! Have you seen his face?!", the silver-haired man now cursed at his men.

Taehyung weakly lifted his head when his attacker left go of his chin, finding himself gasping when the handsome man approached him, making his tormentor stop his movements to bow respectfully at him.

"Forgive me, Sir", the man apologized shakily, backing away and the silverhead took his place, crouching down in front of the ethereal male held down on the ground, forced on his knees.

Jimin growled angrily, roughly grabbing Taehyung's face and turning it to the side to examine his bruises.

"What did I say? I hate when beautiful things get harmed. And he's... stunning", Jimin sighed, fingertips brushing over Taehyung's red tinted cheek, thumb now covered in blood.

"It appears you put up quite a fight against my men, Gorgeous. How silly of you. It will only lower your price and that truly is a shame. An exquisite beauty like you should hit the highest price."

The man clicked his tongue annoyed while Taehyung was sobbing, helplessly whimpering, still fighting against the hands forced onto his delicate body.

Jimin cooed at the adorable boy and continued to talk sweetly to him, rubbing his thumb over his bloody cheeks to get rid of the velvety liquid.

"Stop resisting. No one is coming to save you", Jimin said. Taehyung was then released and Jimin followed the plump curve of Taehyung's pink bottom lip, smearing his own blood onto it in the process.

"So sweet... might even keep you for myself. I'd have so much fun training you...", Jimin sighed dreamingly, staring at the sweet whimpering thing in front of him. It really was the boy he ran into, his vibrant blue hair exposing him.

Jimin had caught himself looking for the pretty boy. Having him now in his grasp was deeply satisfying.

"Tie him up and bring him to my car. Oh, and cover his sweet mouth. I'm afraid he won't come with us willingly", Jimin smiled, tapping Taehyung's cheek who hissed at him, trying to scream but a cloth was shoved into his mouth before he could utter a word.

The silver-haired man cooed again at the helpless boy who was shaking from helpless anger.

"You're from now on the property of Park Jimin."



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