chapter 15

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"Tae, Baby, please tell me who made you cry so I can go and kill whoever it was", Yoongi said gently while walking up at the sniffling boy on the couch.

Taehyung was wrapped in a bundle of blankets, only his cute fluffy hair sticking out, cheeks squished from the blankets tightly wrapped around him. The gorgeous male looked up to Yoongi who offered Taehyung the steaming cup in his hand filled to the brim with his infamous hot chocolate.

A drink he always made whenever one of them were sad and which they shared whenever they were together.

"Y-Yoonie." But Taehyung only whimpered, eagerly stretching his hands out for Yoongi and the elder was quick to put the cup onto the couch table before scooping Taehyung into his arms, the younger boy clutching onto his best friend before he started to sob.

"I-I... this jerk was so rude, all the t-time, b-bossing me a-around, f-forcing me t-to attend t-this show a-and when I met my favorite idol, you know Seokjin, he drags me away a-and t-then tells me some shit about me belonging to h-him... a-and... he stole it, Hyung...", Taehyung sobbed into Yoongi's shoulder, words blurred together and Yoongi understood just the half of it, tilting his head confused.

"Who did what, Tae? And what did he steal?", the man asked the crying boy in his arms, even pulling Taehyung onto his lap, the cute male clinging desperately onto his best friend.

"J-Jungkook", Taehyung whimpered and the next words of Yoongi's long time crush made him freeze completely.

"H-he kissed me..."

Yoongi felt himself going as cold as ice.

He had already hated Jeon Jungkook with a burning passion. He might be the ally of Hoseok's gang but even Hoseok despised Jungkook and his father, especially the young heir who was nothing but a cocky playboy. He despised him for being selfish and destroying his father's hard work.

And that prick, Jungkook got Taehyung's first kiss.

Something Yoongi has wished to receive for years now and knowing that this... this brat got what Yoongi yearned for for years...

"Fuck", Yoongi growled and suddenly sat up, making Taehyung squeak and clinging onto Yoongi surprised.

"H-Hyung?", the blue-haired Baby asked with trembling bottom lip when he saw how vicious Yoongi looked.

"I'm going to kill him", Yoongi seethed, gently moving Taehyung out of his arms, making the vulnerable boy whine, wanting to reach out for Yoongi but as soon as he saw how angry the man looked, he gulped anxiously.

"Y-Yoongi... p-please", he begged and Yoongi looked down at Taehyung who was curled up under protective blankets, huge watery eyes looking up to Yoongi.

Taehyung was fucking innocent and Yoongi wanted to protect him from all the bad in the world.

But for now, this had to wait. Yoongi first had to make Jungkook pay for harming his Taehyung.

"Stay in my apartment, Taehyung or I'll make you. I have to take care of this asshole for harming you. He cannot get away for making you cry", Yoongi growled before storming out of his house, not even allowing Taehyung to answer.

"Hyung!", the blue-haired boy called out worried before jumping onto his own feet, his sadness and frustration forgotten, only worrying about his angry best friend who had stormed out of his apartment.

"Hyung!", Taehyung finally unfroze from his position on the couch and he unwrapped the blankets from his body before jumping to his feet. Taehyung messily ran towards the entrance before turning grabbing Yoongi's keys and quickly locking the door.

"Hyung will thank me for this", Taehyung grumbled, checking if he had his phone before placing the spare key under the doormat as always. Running out of the house, Taehyung immediately searched for Yoongi, not caring for the weird glances thrown at his way, only desperate to find his best friend.

When he couldn't find him, Taehyung grabbed his phone, calling Yoongi panicked, afraid that he would try something, try to go to Jungkook...

Taehyung didn't know why he was so scared but maybe it was because he didn't want the both of them getting hurt...

And he also knew of what Jungkook was capable of... and Yoongi as well.

"Shit", the blue-haired boy cursed when the voice mail greeted him and he ran through a smaller alley as it was a faster way to the main building of Jungkook's company, somehow fearing Yoongi would go this way.

Unlocking his phone, he went to call someone else, knowing he had to at least warn him if Yoongi was really going delusional... and knowing his protective best friend, he probably was.

Yoongi's protective nature was cute most of the time but Taehyung now feared it, scared to see anyone, even Jungkook, get hurt because of him.

"Taehyung? Are you okay? Listen, I apologize for my actions, I was stupid for treating you like this and-"

"Apology accepted Jeon but I have to request something. Someone is on his way to you, most possibly. Please don't let him inside. He's my Hyung and he's angry because you kissed me", Taehyung interrupted the pitiful apology of Jungkook.

"Alright. Anything for you, Tae... I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have treated you like that... I was an asshole and I apologize, I was so stupid", Taehyung rolled his eyes by this exclaim while hurrying his steps, panting even a bit and not caring for the weird looks.

"Just forget it, but don't do it again, alright? I'm on my way to your company or whatever it is and I really need you to keep my Hyung outside. Tiny guy, likes to scream around and curse out everyone in his way. You'll know when you see him. Bye."

Before Jungkook could say anything, Taehyung hung up on him. The gang leader chuckled, staring at his phone.

"Only you are allowed to talk to me like that and be rude to me... only you, beautiful Taehyung."

Taehyung was on the urge of running, trying to call Yoongi another time and cursing loudly when the mailbox answered him once more.

"Fuck, Hyung... why are you like this--"

A yelp left his lips when he was suddenly grabbed and pulled into a dark little alley, a hand falling onto his mouth and preventing him from screaming.

"Look what we have here... aren't you Jeon's slut?"



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