chapter 14

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Taehyung froze in his spot. He felt Jungkook kissing him, but he couldn't help but to soften against Jungkook's lips, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of Jungkook kissing him.

After a while, his eyes widened when he came to realize that Jungkook stole his first kiss.

Yes, this has been Taehyung's first kiss, although in college, Taehyung has always been shy, especially after coming to know he preferred guys over girls. So he couldn't bring up the courage to actually date anyone, especially in an environment such as Korea, where homophobia was normalized.

He ouldn't walk out the door and announcing that he was gay, too many people knew him and his parents.

Taehyung couldn't bring such a shame upon them...

"You asshole!", Taehyung gasped after breaking the kiss, suddenly smacking Jungkook right across the face, startling the man.

"Tae...", he said, coming to the realization of what he has just done to the little male..

"Don't fucking call me that! You're nothing to me, Jeon! Absolutely nothing! How dare you play with my feelings like that! You think I care for you? You're just a burden I have to deal with because an old man decided it would be fun for me marry his son! Fuck you and fuck your behavior!", Taehyung seethed angrily before pushing the male more fiercely away from him.

"Fuck you, I'm leaving this place. And for the sake of yourself, don't fucking follow me", the blue-haired boy angrily exclaimed before turning right on his heels, ignoring the expression of pain on Jungkook's face.

Jungkook wanted to move forward to stop him but halted in his tracks.

"Forgive me my sudden lack of control, Sweetheart. I didn't mean any harm, but just the sudden thought of you not being with me, not annoying me and seeing your pretty face... it makes me realize I've been an idiot for too long", Jungkook whispered, watching the pretty boy disappear from his sight, heart suddenly aching.

"Why do I have the annoying feeling I'm falling for you...? When I actually should be the one to make you fall for me and then break your heart..."


People the blue-haired male passed were staring at the pretty boy who had tears running down his golden cheeks, ignoring the stares he received.

Taehyung only wanted to go home, enjoy a hot chocolate and then cry for hours over some romance movies.

How dare Jungkook, steal something so precious from him! His first kiss, gone to a playboy, a man who didn't care about anyone's feelings... Taehyung felt his heart aching, finally looking up to where he was going and he was surprised to find out he was standing in front of Yoongi's apartment.

Of course he would seek the love and support of his best friend...

Ringing the apartment's buzzer, Taehyung felt himself trembling, looking up with teary eyes just when he was let in by the electronic sound of the door.

The blue-haired boy stumbled inside, running towards the elevator while his sobs grew louder, a shaky hand pressed onto his mouth.

"Y-Yoonie...", Taehyung sobbed, yearning for his best friend.

Yoongi was actually surprised to hear someone ringing on the door late this afternoon. He pushed Hoseok out of his apartment once he realized that it was Taehyung.

The other man, his boss threw him a suspicious glance when he was thrown out so harshly but as soon as he laid his eyes on the softly sobbing boy walking up to the apartment, he understood.

Because tears were running down Taehyung's cheeks and the most broken expression was visible on his face.

"Taehyung, my dear, what happened to you? Are you alright?", Taehyung's head snapped upwards by this sudden question, swollen eyes fixed on the tall man in front of him.

"O-oh hi, Hoseok-ssi", Taehyung stuttered, blushing adorably when he looked at the handsome man but as soon as he spotted Yoongi, he ignored Hoseok and his embarrassment to be seen like that.

"Whatever business you have with Yoongi stays with Yoongi... I just want t-to", Taehyung couldn't even complete his sentence before bursting into tears.

"Hoseok-ssi, please go... Tae isn't feeling well."

Yoongi quickly reached forward to hug Taehyung, hand gripping onto his waist while Hoseok almost snapped at his employee for being so disrespectful but seeing the state the pretty boy was in...

He just left.

But not without looking worried at the beauty in Yoongi's arms, crying his eyes out.

"Whoever hurt you, pretty boy... will suffer through my hands for causing tears in your eyes, for making such an amazing boy like yourself cry...", Hoseok exclaimed darkly.

The gang leader watched how his best spy took the crying Taehyung inside of his apartment.

"You have my promise for that."



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