chapter 13

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"Well, it's such a pleasure seeing you too, Jeon", Seokjin smirked before his eyes fell back onto the petit male by Jungkook's side, looking incredibly uncomfortable because of the situation.

The blue haired boy actually clutched onto Jungkook's suit jacket with his hand, noticed by the CEO with a confident smile before turning to look at the twins, burning with rage.

He didn't know what came over him, claiming Taehyung like this, the one he was supposed to hate for getting the respect of his father with one action, creeping his way into Jungkook's life. But then, looking at Taehyung, Jungkook suddenly didn't mind.

Didn't mind to have this gorgeous being by his side who was so deliciously sassy and entertaining, yet so pretty and easy to be flustered. And Jungkook wanted to explore every inch of Kim Taehyung and make it his own. And he especially didn't need an annoying pair of twins.

"Oh, your fiance, Jeon? Didn't know you were one to... focus on just one lover at the same time... how did your other whores take it? Not that beautiful Taehyung over here is one of your whores, I am just concerned", Namjoon said, smiling when he saw how Taehyung shuffling in Jungkook's grip.

"Well he is so I therefore suggest you to quit talking to him", Jungkook growled annoyed, pulling Taehyung closer. "That is quite rude, even coming from you. You had to expect people asking questions about him, suddenly appearing with such a rare gem and claiming him just for yourself. That's rather selfish, even for a brat like yourself", Seokjin now said, smiling politely at Taehyung who timidly returned the smile.

"Don't talk to me like I'm some sort of a stupid child", Jungkook hissed furiously. "Well, you behave like one right now", Taehyung commented quietly. The Kim twins answered with equally attractive laughs, looking at the beauty who wriggled out of Jungkook's embrace.

"Not only beautiful but sassy as well... you cannot claim him for you alone", Namjoon said, Taehyung scoffing. "Don't start to act like this man child over there because you were really nice until now... also, Seokjin-ssi, might I say that I adore your work? Really, I'm a huge fan. Can't say the same about your brother but this show was lovely. One of your best might I add", Taehyung said, bowing towards his Idol who answered with a fond laugh.

Seokin smirked at Jungkook for receiving Taehyung's attention and compliments. Jungkook grit his teeth in return.

"You should come and see a few of my newest sets, Taehyung-ah. I might even be able to give you a job... with a body like yours, you were made to model and looking at you, I feel inspired... you seem like you understand something from fashion so why not share it with me?", Taehyung nearly glowed by this, nodding his head eagerly before beginning to smile widely.

"Oh my god! Yes, yes! Oh god, I can't believe that my favorite designer just said this to me, am I dreaming?", Taehyung squealed, making Namjoon laugh huskily. "Do you want me to pinch you, Gorgeous?", he asked amused.

"Okay, that's enough", Jungkook roared, pulling Taehyung away from the intoxicating twins. "My fiance wouldn't want to spend his precious time with you", Jungkook growled. "Now if you excuse us, we have things to take care of", the furious (and jealous) male breathed out.

"Just go to my company, Gorgeous, I'll answer you whenever you decide to come by", Jin smiled towards Taehyung who breathlessly nodded before he got pulled away.

"A fan of yours... that's too easy", Namjoon laughed, watching how the blue-haired boy was pulled away by Jeon Jungkook, Namjoon's gang enemy.

"I'll make him ours, Joonie, in just a short amount of time. This Jeon brat can never succeed against us... with Taehyung loving my work, it'll be easy to get him under our spell... snatching him away from Jeon will be the easiest part...", Seokjin smirked.


"I really don't understand your fucking problem, Jeon. You don't even like me or want to be with me, so why are you making such a drama right now?!", Taehyung pointed out, incredibly annoyed while he was dragged away by Jungkook.

Who was fuming, hating how the gazes of the twins lingered over Taehyung's pretty form. "You're my husband! You're here with me, therefore you're fucking mine, you get me?! Mine! So don't fucking flirt in front of my fucking face or I'll lock you inside my house and won't let you out ever again!", the furious gang leader screamed before twirling Taehyung around.

Before Taehyung could even react, Jungkook's strong arms locked him in place.

The gang leader then forcefully pressed his lips on Taehyung's.



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