chapter 12

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"Can I still leave?", Taehyung asked annoyed while Jungkook led him to the front row near the running walk, hand gripping Taehyung's elbow. They walked past the other guests, all of them staring interested at the gorgeous being by Jeon Jungkook's side, looking too pretty to be real.

"Nope. Now sit your pretty ass down and wait here for me", Jungkook commanded with a smirk and Taehyung obeyed surprisingly, grumbling under his breath.

"That's my good boy", Jungkook grinned widely and headed off, not noticing the pretty blush visible on Taehyung's cheeks aftet his praise, Taehyung clutching onto his chest.

"Focus... he's an idiot, Taehyung", the blue-haired boy grumbled to himself.

"You know, instead of talking to yourself, pretty boy, you could just talk to me", he heard a new voice right next to his ear and Taehyung gasped surprised, head turning to his side where he saw a man sitting behind him.

"U-uhm, do I know you?", Taehyung stammered, making the man laugh before leaning closer to Taehyung.

"You of course do not, pretty boy. But I'm eager to get to know you", he smiled flirty, making Taehyung blush.

"Well, I'm Taehyung... nice to meet you", the blue-haired boy shyly smiled.

His anxiety was kicking in once again, like every time when he met people he didn't know before. And he actually wished for Jungkook to come and save him.

"I never saw you at such an event... might I ask who you're accompanying, Beautiful?", the stranger asked with a kind smile towards Taehyung who blushed even more, stumbling over his words.

"I-I u-um... w-well..."

"Taehyung, I'm actually surprised you didn't leave", Jungkook's voice saved Taehyung and the boy squeaked, looking towards his supposed to be fiance.

"Here, I brought you something to drink", the raven even smiled a bit before handing Taehyung a flute of champagne, the smaller scrunching his nose cutely.

"I don't drink, Jeon but I appreciate the gesture", Taehyung said, relieved to see the man before taking the glass out of his hand. But when Taehyung turned around, after Jungkook sat next to him, the stranger was gone.

"Turn around, Pretty, the show is going to start", Jungkook grabbed his chin gently, turning his head to the runway, Taehyung blushing before getting out of his grip, shyly fiddling with his fingers in his lap.


The fashion show was dominated by the presence of their yet most famous model and star designer, Kim Seokjin. His unrealistic beauty captured by the most defined art pieces of the collection, hugging and showing his body off just right.

Seokjin was wearing his chin high in the air, enjoying the attention of everyone and when his eyes fell on the gorgeous blue-haired beauty by Jeon Jungkook's side in the first row, he smirked at him before throwing him a wink.

Right now, Taehyung was standing next to Jungkook, feeling tiny and unimportant while the other was talking to some high-ranked men abouut business, wanting to leave but he was stopped by an arm around his waist.

He was left flushed and embarrassed, not wanting to move a single inch, scared he'll get noticed or more specifically, the intimate touch of Jungkook getting noticed. Confusing his heart... one time being a total fuckboy and jerk and now, being actually... nice.

And Taehyung didn't like how Jungkook made him feel. At all.

"You seem like you're lost in your own world", he then heard a new voice, sounding maliciously but amused the same time. When Taehyung turned his head, he saw a tall, handsome male with blond hair walking up towards him, wine glass in his long fingers, body hugged by the expensive form of a tuxedo.

"I saw you were looking intensely at my brother, you seem to know much about fashion...", the man trailed off, Taehyung now getting rid of the arm around his waist. "My name's Kim Namjoon... it's a pleasure to finally meet you", the man stretched his hand out for Taehyung, the shy beauty reaching out for it and Namjoon used this to pull him closer, exhaling Taehyung's intoxicating scent.

"You're extremely gorgeous, might I say... so beautiful... you're art yourself", Namjoon mumbled, making Taehyung tilt his head confused, looking like an adorable puppy. "U-um thank you, S-Sir", he stuttered.

Not knowing what this made Namjoon feel, a groan on his way past his lips but he quickly locked them, not wanting to reveal his interest for the boy... he and his brother Seokjin loved to have playtoys... and Taehyung was their new target now.

"Please, call me Namjoon."

For now, pretty little dove, you're allowed to call me by my first name... but soon, I'll have you moaning under me like a bitch in heat, Namjoon thought to himself with a little smirk before his eyes caught the tall, easily to spot figure of his twin brother.

"Taehyung-ssi, I want you to meet my twin brother Kim Seokjin... the face of this campaign and highly requested model", Namjoon smiled, hand sneaking down to grip onto Taehyung's heavenly curved waist, the blue-haired boy looking awed at the stunning man approaching them.

"Joon-ah, you finally got to talk to him? How amazing. Hello, Lovely. I was yearning to meet you", Seokjin exclaimed with deep husky voice before leaning down onto Taehyung's eye level, the petit male shying away, being in the middle of these hot, intoxicating twins.  "Y-you're Kim Seokjin", Taehyung whispered stunned, looking up to Seokjin with pretty fluttering lashes hiding his doe eyes from the world, looking so innocent and like the perfect prey.

Both Kim brothers groaned by this innocence displayed for only their eyes.

"And this is my fiance, you're talking to."


Introducing the hot Kim twins !!


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