chapter 11

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Jungkook has been forced to attend a fashion show this Friday evening which was a pain in the ass for the young man since he already had to take care of his father's businesses due to his absence but he already found something to make this evening more pleasurable with.

And this something was no one else than his gorgeous fiance Kim Taehyung.

"Why do I have to come with you? Can't you go alone? This sucks", Taehyung whined annoyed, making Jungkook chuckle amused before pulling him close, surprised by the slim curve of his waist. The two men were heading towards the limousine that was meant to pick them up for the exclusive fashion show held by no other than the Kim Brothers and Jungkook was truly enjoying Taehyung's lack of want to go with him.

So the devilish male of course decided to annoy the pretty boy further, somehow seeing this as payback but overall thinking of Taehyung being incredibly adorable.

He smirked evilly, moving closer to Taehyung who backed away until his back hit the limousine's door with a thud.

"Because Baby, you're my husband", Jungkook grinned, claiming Taehyung's plush thigh with his large hand, gripping possessively onto the surprisingly thick flesh and loving how Taehyung was squirming.

"Fiance", the blue-haired male corrected him, wriggling out of his grip.

"And I don't see a reason why this is something important for me to mean that I'm forced to go with you", he growled at Jungkook, making the other sigh annoyed.

"Listen, I promised my father to get closer to you and I'm trying my best but I swear to fucking god, I'll bend you over if you won't come with me. Or I'll embarrass you in front of your college."

Taehyung gasped outraged by the last words.

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Watch me Beautiful."


"C'mon Pretty, get out of the car", Jungkook was pretty much enjoying himself to be honest, loving how grumpy Taehyung was looking. Pouted lips and puffed out cheeks making him look adorable, arms crossed in front of his chest clearly told Jungkook to just fuck off.

"Don't wanna, go alone, I'll go to McDonalds", the whined response immediately came in return, making Jungkook chuckle amused.

"Get out, Beautiful or I'll have to carry you outside", Jungkook warned, actually liking this new, more pouty side of Taehyung and really asking himself how this male could be so fucking cute and innocent when he might just be a gold digger.

But Jungkook now wasn't even sure of it, with Taehyung acting up so badly against him, not wanting to obey him and always saying how much he hated the CEO and wanted to get away from him.

Maybe Taehyung was telling the truth all along...

"You wouldn't dare to do such a thing", Taehyung hissed, not quite impressed by the threat. Jungkook growled annoyed in response before abruptly leaning forward, grabbing Taehyung by his sweet thighs in order to forcefully lift him out of the car.


"Is that really... Jeon Jungkook? And he has a date?", Kim Seokjin asked quite surprised, bottoming up his shirt while he was standing on the window of his dressing room in the top floor of the building.

His brother chuckled behind him.

"What does he look like, Jinnie? Didn't see the little Jeon kid since a long time", Kim Namjoon exclaimed, finger tips brushing over bruised red skin, the little male next to him trying to crawl away with a choked mewl.

"Stay still, little toy and stop acting all scared", Namjoon growled, their current toy answering with a choked noise since he was pretty much helpless, gagged and tied down.

"Let him, Joonie. I think I just found the perfect replacement", Seokjin smiled, eyes suddenly fixed on the gorgeous boy by Jungkook's side.

"He is gorgeous... absolutely perfect... now we just have to snatch him away from Jeon's side."


"I hate you", Taehyung complained when Jungkook dragged him inside the building, more like half carried him since Taehyung still denied to walk all by himself, before ending in Jungkook carrying him over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I know", the CEO replied nonchalantly and it made Taehyung's heart flicker by the coldness in his voice, the nonchalance.

"Hey... I don't really hate you... I just don't like how you are sometimes", the pretty male suddenly exclaimed quietly, surprising Jungkook by this exclaim but a soft smile soon enough played on his lips.

"I know, Darling. You're just clawing at my ego like a cute kitten. It's sweet, really. Just like you."

"I think I take that back", Taehyung immediately grumbled, suddenly squeaking when he received a smack on his ass.

"H-hey! You can't do that in public!", Taehyung protested loudly, making Jungkook laugh before letting him down, the boy now pressed against his firm body, so close Taehyung could even feel Jungkook's abs against his soft tummy. Fuck.

"And why is that? Are you wishing I'd do that in private? Spanking your naughty ass for being such a brat? Hm, Pretty?", Jungkook suddenly reached forward, taking a hold on Taehyung's plump ass cheeks, kneading them while Taehyung was left a blushing mess and he weakly punched his chest.

"S-shut up, you know nothing", the blue-haired boy stuttered, making Jungkook smirk.

"Guess I'll do that after the party", Jungkook whispered huskily, minty breath fanning over Taehyung's plump lips.

"Ew, I dont want your playboy hands to touch me!", he exclaimed angrily, Jungkook's heart actually skipping a few beats.

He felt himself getting more and more drawn to this pretty boy resting in his arms. But that couldn't be possible...

Not when he was supposed to hate Taehyung. The same went for Taehyung.

He should hate Jungkook.

Why was his heart beating so fast then?


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