chapter 10

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"Tell me Taehyungie, I heard from our Jungkookie that you wanted to talk to me? I'm all ears for my angelic savior", Hyungwon smiled widely, ruffling Taehyung's bright blue hair and the boy blushed before trying to fix his hair. He was fiddling with his sleeves like always when he was nervous, hesitantly opening his mouth to speak.

But Jungkook beat him to it. "Father please, don't call me that", Jungkook from the other side groaned annoyed, finally putting his phone down which he previously has played with before shooting Taehyung a short glare.

He turned his attention back to his phone.

"I really appreciate how kind you've been to me, Sir. But... I don't want to marry your son", Taehyung said politely, intertwining his hands together. These last words caused Jungkook to abruptly lift his head, eyes wide from surprise because all this time, he has really believed Taehyung was just playing hard to get. But the beautiful blue-haired male surprised him, once again, by denying the marriage.

Hyungwon on the other side furrowed his brows, surprised and confused before grabbing Taehyung's delicate shaped hands into his own rougher hands.

"And why is that? My son might not have the greatest reputation, but I'd be so happy welcoming such a beautiful soul into my family", he told Taehyung with honesty and the young male instantly felt bad for rejecting the kind man's offer. But he had to hold his ground.

It wasn't his fault his child became a perverted playboy who loved to play with feelings and hearts. "I'm too young for a marriage, Sir... a-and your son is not quite fond of me. Plus I... I have my own life. I'm going to college, I wanna see the world... and I don't wanna spend the rest of my life by the side of a man who doesn't love me", Taehyung explained, shocking the Jeons.

The honest words of course stung to Jungkook's pride because yes, he has been a huge asshole to Taehyung, and he was truly speaking the truth. "You heard him, Dad... just break the engagement", Jungkook said coldly, denying his own feelings.

Taehyung gulped downhis anger, wanting to scream at Jungkook for being such an asswipe, for being so cold-hearted and disinterested, not only to him but to his father as well. He'd kill to have his father back.

"No! You just have to try and be nicer to him, Jungkook! Stop being selfish for one second in your life and see the worth of this angel", Hyungwon hissed angrily at his son before turning to Taehyung.

"Taehyung, I really wanna welcome you into my family... please give us a chance. At least for a month, let Jungkook try to woo you and if you then don't want him, I'll announce it broken", Hyungwon pleaded and Taehyung's heart immediately melted. How could he deny this nice, kind man his wish?

"Okay... only one month", he whispered, smiling sweetly when he saw how happy Hyungwon looked, pressing a gentle kiss to his hand, a gesture of gratitude. He has made his decision and Taehyung hoped he wasn't going to regret it.

Jungkook only groaned annoyed.

"Fine. I'll be nicer to him", the raven grumbled irritated, making his father crack a happy grin. "Excellent."


"I didn't know you could be nice", Taehyung said jokingly when he slid out of the car, Jungkook holding the door open for him, answering the cheesy comment with an eye roll.

"Well, I promised my father to behave better after all. Just one month and you're out of my life for good. I mean you're cute but you're not my type", Jungkook commented, Taehyung answering with a sarcastic snort.

"What, am I not slutty or willing for your liking?", he asked, making Jungkook chuckle lowly, a hot sound in the back of his throat. "No... I guess you're that type of person who would never talk to a guy like me", Jungkook admitted honestly.

He was suddenly leaning closer to Taehyung, admiring the boy's gorgeous face. The longer he looked at the smaller, he had to admit how beautiful the blue-haired boy was, blue locks falling prettily into his forehead, curling around his stunning face, sparkling doe eyes looking up to him with fire.

"You know what's good for you... unlike the people coming for me, you know that I'm not into feelings... you're not easy and... I like that on you. You're a challenge, Kim Taehyung", Jungkook whispered huskily, leaning more forward until their breaths mixed.

Taehyung felt his beating heart, waiting breathlessly for Jungkook to... to do what? To kiss him? "It would be a waste... to ruin these pure lips...", Jungkook suddenly exhaled, one hand coming forward to cup Taehyung's cheek, the blue haired boy gasping lowly.

But before he could stop himself, he has uttered the words spinning in his mind for a long time now. "What if I want you to ruin me...? Would that be so wrong...", he whispered, leaning forward, not knowing why he was reacting like this.

Maybe it was because Jungkook was incredibly handsome and if he wasn't acting like a complete asshole, he was actually nice. A cocky bastard, yes but not a bad person. Maybe misunderstood, Taehyung didn't know...

"Yes. Because I'm no good for you. I'd ruin you. And that would be a shame", Jungkook mumbled back, lips inches apart from each other. "Even though I want nothing more than this...", Jungkook whispered against Taehyung's lips but suddenly moved away, eyes wide.

Taehyung gasped for air, looking flustered and wide-eyed at Jungkook.

"Y-you... um..."

"Uh yeah, I know... I should go. Goodbye", Jungkook said quickly, turning on his heels.

Leaving a very confused and flustered Taehyung right in front of his doorstep. Not noticing the trouble he caused the apparently cold-hearted playboy nor the click of a camera.

"It's him, Boss. And he's gorgeous."



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