chapter 9

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"Go away", was the first thing Taehyung said to him. After opening the door and spotting his possibly most hated person right now standing in front of him, Taehyung wished he didn't open the door.

He was wearing a black face mask as usual and dark clothes, baggy to be exact. "You're very rude", Jungkook pointed out with a small smirk, leaning cockily against his car while looking at the boy amused. "Don't care. Go away", Taehyung hissed, wanting to shut the door.

"My father wants to see you. Please. The old man seemed desperate to meet his savior again. And son in law", Jungkook spat the last thing through gritted teeth. So it was now Taehyung's turn to look amused. "Don't like the fact your old man wants me to marry you? So sad to be you, your fucking around has to end", Taehyung pouted in fake pity, suddenly a lot more motivated seeing the elder man.

"You know what, playboy, changed my mind, let's go meet your Daddy. Oh wait, sorry, do your flings call you that?", Taehyung teased while Jungkook seemed like he wanted to kill the pretty boy walking up to him.

Even if Jungkook was telling himself that he wasn't gay (or interested in Taehyung), he couldn't help but to admit that the blue-haired boy was stunning, hips gently swaying, delicate formed waist but firm thighs.

Still, Jungkook assumed that Taehyung already knew what a fine piece of art he was. While the reality was different but Jungkook didn't know that. Taehyung was oblivious to the seduction of his body and his face.

"Get in Beautiful, before I'll let you walk", Jungkook only threatened, making Taehyung roll his eyes. "Can't wait to tell your Dad that this is not going to happen. Any time", he hissed, pointing at himself and then at Jungkook.


Once arriving at the hospital, Jungkook turned to Taehyung, face cold and stoic. "Listen here, pretty boy", he started but got interrupted almost immediately. "I have a name you know. Use it, asshole", he grumbled moodily.

"Yeah and I don't give a shit. Outside are reporters and want to take photos of us. And since you're by my side, they want to know who you are. So don't talk to them and most importantly, don't answer any questions. I don't want a scandal", Jungkook commanded sternly.

Taehyung rolled his eyes.

"You're really thinking I set this all off just to get famous or something", he growled angrily, Jungkook smiling, almost sweetly but it was too wicked to ignore the true intentions behind his smile.

"And I also think you're playing hard to get. But in reality, you already want me to fuck you stupid", he said, Taehyung choked out a stiffled laugh.

"Stupid? Youre taking all the stupid with you. Plus, as if I want to be fucked by a used cock like yours, Jeon", he scoffed before roughly opening the door. Flashing lights hit him and he heard Jungkook cursing behind him.

Taehyung was grinning secretly to himself. But his moment of victory didn't last long, a hand grasping tightly onto his elbow, pulling him into a different direction.

"Mr Jeon, who's that with you?"

"Is that one of your lovers?"

"Sir, please tell us about your relationship with Mr. Jeon!"

"Mr. Jeon!"

"Oh man, you're really famous", Taehyung laughed, amusement lacing over his voice, breathy laugh escaping his throat.

Jungkook needed to admit that Taehyung's laughter was a beautiful sound. This boy was messing with his emotions for being so illegally pretty.


When they finally reached the room Jeon Hyungwon was staying in, Jungkook let go of Taehyung as if he was poisoned.

"Don't try anything. His heart is fragile and he seems to believe that you're really a good person. Not the gold digging whore you really are", Jungkook grumbled the last part under his breath but Taehyung heard it. He stopped in his tracks.

"Woah there. Trust me, you're right now the last person I'd like to spend my free time with. It's not that I begged to be married to a stupid and heartless jerk like you", the insult stung harshly to Jungkook's pride, snarl evident on his face when he leaned closer to Taehyung.

"Don't think I'll make this easy for you. If you want my money, I'm not giving you any fucking penny. So be careful what you say", he warned Taehyung who only glared at him.

"I hate you and i don't want to get married to you. You're everything I despise in a person", he hissed that at a now surprised looking Jungkook before yanking the door open without knocking, not caring about his lack of manners.

So Jungkook stood there, frozen for a second after hearing those heated and somewhat true words. This pretty boy really just defied him like that.

Him, Jeon Jungkook, soon enough leader of a powerful gang. This gorgeous little thing managed to get a hold on something rarely a person could.

Jungkook's attention.

And now, the raven wanted to find out the real of Taehyung's intentions.


"Ah son, so nice to bring Taehyungie here, I wanted to talk to him finally and thank him so much for saving my life", Jeon Hyungwon smiled, already managed to take Taehyung into his grasp when Jungkook entered his hospital room.

The blue haired boy was sitting on the edge of his bed, hands in Hyungwon's hold, the old man smiling.

"And he's so pretty", Hyungwon complimented Taehyung with a warm fatherly smile.

Taehyung felt slightly bad for the old man for having such a jerk of a son but decided to stay quiet, smiling at the wealthy man.

"I'm glad you're doing better, Sir", he said quietly, Hyungwon waving his hand, smiling. "Oh please, don't be so formal, you're family now! Call me Dad", he smiled and suddenly, tears were brimming in Taehyung's eyes.

His father has run away when he was just a kid, leaving his mother and him alone and he has always wished, begged for a father figure.

So having this man telling him such a thing was truly heartwarming to Taehyung.

"Thank you a million times", Taehyung whispered, heart filled with sudden gratitude and instinctively, he bowed over Hyungwon's hands, kissing his right hand before leaning his head against the man's hands, a sign of deep respect.

Jungkook was staring shocked at the usually so fiery and sassy male.

Hyungwon was patting Taehyung's head with a soft smile before making him look up. His son on the other side was frozen in shock, once again.

No one wanting to get to his money or fame has ever shown such form of respect to his father. And that... truly surprised him.

Seemed like Taehyung was really full of surprises.



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