chapter 7

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Yoongi was burning with rage after Taehyung told him what happened with Jungkook in his car. He was so close to kill this fucker for touching Taehyung against his will but Taehyung calmed him down, saying he was going to do it himself and handing Yoongi his coffee before sitting down next to him and joining the lesson.

But the other male couldn't stop thinking about the other one. He hated the sound of it, the other one... another male trying to approach Taehyung, Yoongi was freaking out.

Especially since it was Jeon Jungkook, heir of ONYX. His boss would definitely try to use this for his advantage, would try to use Taehyung and Yoongi couldn't let that happen. His boss was called Jung Hoseok, another leader of a gang called OPAL.

Yoongi was working for the said man, being his spy for many years. Their top rival was none other than ONYX, and with Taehyung being the future husband of Onyx' heir, Hoseok would finally have the chance to bring them down.

Now Yoongi needed to protect not only Taehyung, but also prove that Jeon Jungkook didn't have any feelings for the gorgeous blue-haired male. A difficult task but from what Taehyung has told him, Jungkook really couldn't stand the male. Lucky for Yoongi.

"I don't even understand why he hates me so much. Like, I didn't ask to get engaged to him only because I apparently helped his father?! And now I have to listen to his fuck boy bullshit, dear lord this bitch isn't going anywhere near my ass or else I'll choke him to death", Taehyung complained.

The lesson was finally over, the two leaving the large room and successfully ignoring all the other students staring at them. "I hate these asshats staring at us like damn, chill for a second", Yoongi grumbled under his breath, grabbing Taehyung's arm who giggled cutely, moving closer to his best friend and clinging to his side.

Not knowing what he was actually doing to Yoongi with his innocent minded action. "Just ignore them, Hyungie, they aren't worth it anyways", Taehyung chirped before pulling him towards a small café near their college.

"My treat on coffee", he smiled lovingly, pretty lips stretched into his infamous box smile which Yoongi adored so much. The two stumbled across a poster of a new fashion show taking place in Seoul soon enough, with model star Kim Seokjin participating.

Taehyung immediately stared at the poster with wanting eyes. "Hyung, do you think I had the talent to model?", and Yoongi nearly spat out his coffee by this question, the imagine of Taehyung wearing beautiful lingerie and posing for photos was enough for him and he abruptly stood up, excusing himself from Taehyung. "Uh okay", Taehyung said perplexed and watched his best friend hurrying to the bathroom.

He didn't notice what he has caused the whipped man and he also didn't notice all the other stares he got from a few café visitors, looking all hungry at the pretty male. A woman finally found the courage to go and talk to the beautiful man but she was stopped by a warning glare of another person and sat back down, gulping scared.

The scary other man was staring with a smirk at the pretty male sipping on his coffee, long lashes fluttering over doe eyes, hand curled up in a fist under his sweater paw, tugged in between his thighs which he has pressed together. A truly adorable sight and the man bit his lip while allowing himself to imagine how it would be like to get close to the boy.

Jung Hoseok had always had a soft spot for pretty things and the beautiful boy was no exception, looking incredibly stunning. The man already imagined the pretty boy laying in his own bed, ready to be devoured. Already imagining the boy to smile only because of him.

He didn't call himself a stalker but he preferred to look at the boy from a safe distance. And he could only meet the beautiful boy named Taehyung because of Min Yoongi, the best spy for his gang.

So why didn't he tell Hoseok that this little angel was set to marry Jeon Jungkook, their enemy's son?

Yoongi didn't know that Hoseok knew about Taehyung and especially their friendship, keeping his distance and admiring the beautiful boy from afar.

But now, with this information Yoongi didn't deliver him, Hoseok decided to go speak to the lovely boy.

"Hey, mind if I sit here?", Taehyung looked up concerned and surprised. He almost started to drool when he saw the handsome man standing in front of him with a friendly smile.

"U-uh o-oh yeah s-sure", Taehyung internally slapped himself for stuttering but quickly moved away for the man to sit down.

'Yoongi's so gonna kill me', Taehyung thought but smiled at the man who was obviously going to flirt with him.

"My name's Hoseok and I must say, you're absolutely gorgeous", the man introduced himself with a brilliant smile and Taehyung gulped down his coffee, staring at the handsome man.

He was littered in tattoos and a nose piercing was decorating his nose, he looked dangerous but also friendly at the same time, an interesting mixture. Taehyung felt himself drawn to this man.

"U-um, thank you. I'm Taehyung", the blue-haired boy smiled shyly, looking to the side and brushing a few locks out of his face.

"It's a pleasure to meet you", Hoseok smiled.


When Yoongi walked back into the Café, his heart sank right into the ground when he saw his boss talking to his love interest, laughing loudly and with Taehyung smiling shyly, the typical gorgeous blush on his face like always when he was talking to someone he liked.

"Oh my fucking god, please tell me I'm dreaming", Yoongi whispered, chest aching from the sight but he still had to face the two. Hoseok was the first one to notice the other, lips stretching into a lazy smirk, a tattooed arm flung over the backside of Taehyung's chair.

"Hello Yoongi", he purred and the spy gulped. He was so fucking doomed.



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