chapter 6

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Taehyung stared shocked at the man who was leaning against a luxurious and very expensive car. It was none other than Jeon Jungkook, wearing his infamous mask and large bucket hat so no one could recognize him.

Jungkook had his arms crossed in front of his wide chest, staring at Taehyung with a bored, almost cold expression. And it made the blue haired boy feel very uncomfortable.

 "What are you doing here?", Taehyung asked suspicious, still very perplex but he finally closed the door behind him, standing uncomfortable in the entrance while the other moved his eyes all over Taehyung's frame.

Jungkook really hated the thought of marrying a stranger and especially a man since he preferred women over all.

But seeing this beautiful male standing in front of him, with his adorable fluffy blue hair, the adorable oversized sweater and jacket. Overall, the boy got more adorable in Jungkook's humble opinion and he despised himself for thinking like that.

"I'm taking you to your college of course. After all, we'll be married soon enough and you're going to be mine. So hop in, it's cold, baby", Jungkook said, voice cold but he quickly changed it into a more sweeter tone .

Yet this only made Taehyung more suspicious. He has already assumed that Jungkook wanted to get rid of him, after all he has stalked his entire social media accounts and saw that this idiot of a handsome playboy liked his expensive lifestyle and especially liked his women.

And after seeing his accounts, Taehyung found out that he had lots of women, almost a harem and Taehyung really really hated the cocky smirking man in front of him.

"Can I protest?", Taehyung asked annoyed but Jungkook has already opened the door, smiling charmingly at the pretty blue-haired boy.


"If I scream, would you leave?", Taehyung tried again, looking down shortly at his watch because he feared to be late.

Again. Plus it was his turn to buy coffee today.

"I'd rather scream back", Jungkook said swiftly, still wearing this stupid and cocky smirk on his equally stupid and cocky face. Damn you, Jeon Jungkook.

"You- what?", Taehyung was stunned, gripping onto his bag harder while he thought of ways to walk around Jungkook and his stupid car. But luck wasn't on Taehyung's side today because Jungkook, and his stupid car, stood in the middle of the driveway.

And that made it impossible for Taehyung to leave without the possibility of getting stopped by Jungkook. "Just come with me, I'll drive you. Judging from the way you look at your watch, you need the time. And I think we need to get to know each other more", Jungkook said and the other male groaned because he knew that Jungkook was right.

"Fine, only this one time and only because I'm late", Taehyung grumbled in defeat and walked towards Jungkook. The brunet on the other side couldn't help but to stare at the beautiful boy approaching him.

Kim Taehyung looked like an angel and made it hard for Jungkook to stay cold and unbothered. He actually wondered how the boy would look under him and he couldn't help the smirk forming on his face by this thought. What a... lewd image forming in his head.

But there was no way in hell that he would surrender to his father's wishes like that and fall for this beauty elegantly approaching him, hips swaying in a seductive manner but his innocent doe eyes proving him wrong.

Kim Taehyung... a total misery and Jungkook didn't like how he couldn't look right through this boy with the bright blue hair and the curvy boy... and the beautiful face.

He usually was very well capable of reading people but this boy standing in front of him... he confused Jungkook. And Jungkook hated feeling vulnerable.

He couldn't wait to get rid of this gorgeous, beautiful and so... captivating boy. He had to. Kim Taehyung was a vixen.

"Your car doesn't have STDs or something like that, right? I really hope that for you or else I'm gonna sue you", the cute threat made Jungkook laugh before patting the seat right next to him after getting into his car on the driver's seat.

"Get in, Beautiful, my car's clean and tidy. This is my good car, only a few special people are allowed to get into. Consider yourself lucky", Jungkook smirked and started the car with a roar coming from the motor.

"Yippie", Taehyung said sarcastically.


Taehyung has succeeded in forcing Jungkook to drive him to a nearby Starbucks near his college, thanking him with his wide box smile and Jungkook's heart answered with a weak flip the brunet successfully ignored.

"Does that smile mean you're warming up to me?", Taehyung rolled his eyes, after leaving the car and reaching inside for his two coffee cups but Jungkook stopped him, capturing Taehyung's hands in his.

"I'm picking you up after your classes, my father requested to see his future son in law. And I want my lovely fiance to come as well. Here's my number so you won't miss me. I'm one call away if you're horny. Having me as your husband must be hard and I'm sure you're just playing hard to get until you're begging me to fuck you", this was the last thing for Taehyung to snap and he turned around, a raging fire in his usually so calm brown eyes.

He ripped his hands out of Jungkook's hold. "Listen, you asshat, I don't think you understood me the last time I told you this. I. Am. Not. Interested. In. You!!! Go fuck a whore or whatever because like hell I'd care", Taehyung growled towards the cocky smirking brunet who pulled his mask back up, forearm resting on the black wheel of his car.

"Whatever you're saying, lovely", the man replied with a laugh, starting the engine and driving off.

Leaving a cursing Taehyung behind with his two coffee cups in his hands and his bag flung over his shoulder.

"Screw you, Jeon Jungkook!"


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