chapter 5

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"Yoongi, I swear on your damn Pornhub account that he didn't do anything to me except looking at me surprised! He even told these freaky dudes to bring me back to the university... I thought he was going to kill me", the blue-haired boy exclaimed while he was on the phone with his best friend, nail brush in hand in order to take care of his pedicured feet.

"That's at least something good... could you ask him what this is all about? And hey, why do you know about this-- I mean this isn't true! All fake news, I don't have such an account!", Taehyung giggled by the last exclaim, knowing what expression Yoongi most probably wore on his face.

"Hyung, I saw it with my very own eyes, don't lie... besides, a guy does have his needs, no biggie, right?", Taehyung giggled again, phone pressed between his ear and shoulder.

He didn't know that it made the other blush, imagining Taehyung being the star of one of his favorite porns, Yoongi himself fucking the delicate shaped boy until he was sobbing for mercy and clawing at the sheets. "Why are we friends again", Yoongi grumbled but a smile was dancing on his lips, he was relieved that this man didn't try anything on his precious best friend. Who was sadly too innocent for his own good.

After all, he wanted Taehyung just for himself and Jeon Jungkook definitely wasn't appearing in his plans on making the boy his.

"Because you love me. Anyways, Hyung what should I do? I searched for his name online and to be honest, I'm scared... how come his dick didn't fall off already?", Yoongi choked after this comment, coughing loudly while Taehyung laughed brightly, amused by the reaction of his best friend.

"Oh my god, Tae! You can't just say things like that out loud!", Yoongi coughed and the other boy giggled sweetly by this outraged exclaim.

"So, I asked Google about a certain Jeon Jungkook, this jerk who thinks it's funny to play with me like that, and Hyung, he's a playboy! The son of a business mogul!", Taehyung cried out after Yoongi has calmed down, clearly not drooling over the man's handsome features he was stalking. No no.

"Do you have any idea how much I'm praying for my ass right now?! I don't want to have anything to do with him!", the blue-haired boy said dramatically, whining to his best friend who opened his own laptop to see who dared to take Taehyung away from me.

Yoongi only hummed in response, using his skills to enter the dark web and looking over a website which led him to the official website of an Organization called 'ONYX'.

His blood froze reading the familiar header. "Yo, Tae, I gotta go, my um... my goldfish's drowning, yeah bye", Yoongi hung up, screaming out his frustration because out of all people... Why did Taehyung, his babyboy need to save the old Jeon??!

"Hyung, you don't even have a goldfish- Hyung?! Hyung...? Ugh, what an ass wipe", Taehyung groaned frustrated when he realized that his best friend hung up on him, ending the call himself. He rubbed his forehead while glancing at the photo right in front of him from his supposed to be fiance. "Masked prince huh... why me... why not someone else", Taehyung grumbled, glancing at the clock situated right over his TV.

"I bet you jerk doesn't even like dicks and just wants to get rid of me", the boy grumbled to himself, scratching some dried paint off of his desk before focusing back on the article of the masked young man, hair disheveled and looking like a mess, a few hickeys visible on his neck.

Taehyung scrunched his nose in disgust.

'JEON JUNGKOOK CAUGHT LEAVING STRANGER'S HOUSE', read the headline and it wasn't the first article about the young heir of a company worth billions of won.

"He sure as hell is a playboy... ugh I already hate him", Taehyung grumbled before closing his laptop, checking the time again. "Okay gotta go", Taehyung mumbled, picking up his bag to get ready for university, grabbing his phone and his keys before putting his earphones into his ears.

He looked around to see if he left some lights or the oven on or didn't close the toilet door before sighing. "I need a pet", he said to himself, some vibrant blue hair falling into his eyes and he quickly tugged his hair behind his ear again.

"Maybe a dog", Taehyung mumbled to himself, lost in his thoughts while he stepped out of his apartment, locking the door and heading downstairs, opening the front door. And Taehyung stopped right in his tracks, staring wide-eyed and shocked at the person leaning against an expensive looking car, mask over his face while staring at Taehyung.

"Hello, Baby."

"What the actual fuck are you doing here?!"



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