chapter 4

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"You've got to be completely kidding me", was the first thing Taehyung said astonished when he was pushed inside the car. He was immediately engulfed with the luxurious smell of an expensive car and he almost dropped everything before the door slammed shut, locking him inside but Taehyung was actually too busy to realize that.

"Woah... this is super cool", the blue-haired male exclaimed, pretty, brown eyes looking around. His lips parted when he took his surroundings in.

Taehyung looked like an excited puppy, if he had a tail, he would definitely wag it by now from how excited he was. "Sir, we have him. Yes, we're bringing him to the mansion. We'll be there in ten", Taehyung heard coming from the passenger seat.

He looked at them interested, head tilted to the side and plump bottom lip captured in between his teeth, rosy cheeks soft and squishy, brown watery eyes sparkling from excitement. "Yes, Sir. He's stunning", the driver replied, after looking back to the cute male.

Taehyung had his nose pressed against the cold window, taking the floating outsides in with a cute squeal.


"Mr Kim, we're here. Please get out of the car", one of the men, who brought Taehyung here, said respectfully, but the scared puppy pressed himself even more in the corner of the car.

"I d-don't want to", the scared male exclaimed with a cute stutter in his voice. The two men almost cooed by the cuteness but they still had a job to do and that included bringing the cute male to their boss.

So instead of forcing the boy out of the car, one of them moved around and opened the other door, making Taehyung fall out of the car with a squeak. He was caught by the man and put to his feet, a supportive but also threatening hand on his elbow while they half dragged half led him to the huge mansion.

The blue-haired male laid his head back, staring at the house shocked. "Wow... this is amazing...", he exclaimed in awe and the two men looked at him weirded out. "This is gonna be your home", one of them commented, making Taehyung gasp shocked before staring at first at the guards and then at the mansion.

"Are you... are you joking? Is this something funny? AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!", Taehyung yelled furiously before suddenly erupting into laughter, making both roll their eyes. "Mr. Jeon found himself a comedian", one said with an eye roll.

The blue-haired boy giggled amused before he looked shocked again after being led inside the luxurious house. And the insides were even more luxurious, making Taehyung gasp. He didn't even notice that the two have let go of him nor did he notice that he was pushed into the apparent living room.

"Young master, we brought him here like you requested us to", one man said respectfully, both bowing at the tall figure situated on the creme colored couch, playing with a glass of whiskey in his hand before looking up to them.

Jeon Jungkook was known as the 'masked prince' since he was usually seen with a mask covering half of his face once he was outside. He wasn't scarred, he simply preferred his privacy, especially going out incognito since he loved to party...

Oh yes, Jeon Jungkook was a playboy and he definitely didn't want to give his very comfortable life up for a dude his father took a liking in. The tall brunet has set his plan in scaring the guy away so he could enjoy the pleasures of his luxurious life again before he had to take over the gang and their company as his father's successor.

He has expected the guy to be ugly or a whole ass nerd, so he didn't expected the adorable blue-haired boy stumbling into the living room, wide brown eyes looking around in awe and overall looking like he fell straight out of heaven. God, he was so pretty. And Jungkook knew he was doomed when said beauty moved his eyes to him. 

They were tinted a beautiful brown, staring up to him cutely. He had pink pouty lips, full and plump, drawing Jungkook's attention to them but he quickly averted his eyes from them before standing up with a cocky smirk.

Might as well make the Cutie fall for me then break his heart to teach him a lesson, Jungkook smirked to himself before walking slowly towards the wide-eyed boy who finally recognized him, gasping loudly when Jungkook walked closer to him, stopping right in front of him.

The brunet was actually only a few inches taller than the blue-haired boy in front of him who seemed like the true incarnation of beauty, looking up to him with fluttering black lashes.

"There you are, little angel... It's great to finally meet you...", Jungkook purred, lifting his hand to caress the boy's cheek but he surprisingly flinched back, fire in his eyes before he glared at the man in front of him who dared to claim that he was his husband.

"Listen here, you bastard, I have absolutely no idea who the fuck you are, but let me tell you something! I'm not gonna fucking marry you or someone else, you get me?!", Taehyung exclaimed angrily but to his utter shock, the handsome male with the brown hair chuckled amused before reaching forward to take a hold of Taehyung's slim curved waist.

"That was a lot of cursing, Babyboy... guess I'll have to punish you for that", the man smirked darkly before lowering his head but Taehyung ducked his own away, flinching backwards.

"Hey hey, I don't even know you, don't you dare come closer! You're not my husband! This is just a sick joke, isn't it?", Taehyung hissed out and it actually surprised Jungkook. Did this boy play games with him...? There was no way he wouldn't recognize him.

"I am Jeon Jungkook, Sweetheart and I'll put a ring on this cute finger of yours", Jungkook said teasingly before grabbing Taehyung's hand. He bit into his ring finger, only shortly and teasingly. Taehyung blushed hard and then did something that'll change his and Jungkook's world, and especially his feelings for him, forever.

He slapped Jungkook hard.


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