chapter 3

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Taehyung was running late for college, once again and he was cursing in his mind for being such an idiot and forgetting to activate his alarm. But no, he had to fall asleep right before doing so and now he was late for his lectures.

"Great job, Tae, thank you for that", Taehyung scolded himself before grabbing his ear phones and starting his favorite Spotify music playlist. Once he was out of the door, he started to run and thankfully, his small apartment was near his university, he had only a small walk of five minutes until he got there.

And therefore, he didn't pay attention for anything around him, only focusing on getting to his lecture on time. The blue-haired male especially didn't have eyes for the male coming right into his direction so it was no surprise that the two crushed into each other, both falling to the ground with a thud.

Some other people stared at them while Taehyung cursed under his breath, quickly grabbing his splattered things again before turning to apologize to the man. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?", he apologized to the man who gripped onto his head before shooting Taehyung a glare.

"Watch the fuck where you're going, pretty boy", the man exclaimed, silver hair ruffled where he messed with it and he elegantly got on his feet again before leaning over Taehyung who looked up to him with wide eyes.

"Or there will be consequences", the man whispered into his ear as a warning before pushing his silver hair out of his forehead, storming away with angry steps while Taehyung hurried to get up and run to his college.


"I don't know what's with me and guys running into me, but I was about to throw some hands at this guy, no matter how handsome he was!", Taehyung grumbled heatedly to his best friend Yoongi after packing their things together and going out of the room. Taehyung indeed has been late for his lecture and sneaked silently into the room. He rushed to his best friend who has thankfully saved him a seat next to him.

And his professor luckily didn't notice his absence nor did he care, so Taehyung could relax in his seat and listen to the rest of the lecture, without another embarrassing moment of their professor interrupting his talking and asking where the hell Taehyung has been.

"Well, at least you didn't spill coffee on him like the last dude you ran into", Yoongi commented dryly and took a sip from his own coffee while Taehyung was sipping on his own, a morning greeting of Yoongi, just like always.

They alternated with each other on who was going to buy coffee for the day and today it was Yoongi's turn which Taehyung was really grateful for. "Ugh don't remind me", the blue haired male exclaimed and sipped cutely on his Caramel Frappuchino, his favorite.

Some whipped cream he loved as well, sticking to his lips and he quickly wiped it away. Not noticing the stares he received for that seemingly innocent action. Especially not the groan coming from his best friend who watched his plump pink lips he wished to taste so bad.

But Yoongi didn't, he needed to keep his image so he quickly shoved his coffee back into his face to hide his smirk. "What's going on there?", Taehyung suddenly asked, pointing towards the main entrance of the university where a huge pulp of students gathered around, some with their phones out.

They all were talking in excitement with each other. "C'mon Hyung, let's see what's going on there!", Taehyung exclaimed excited and grabbed Yoongi's arm who immediately protested but let the hyper blue-haired boy drag him towards the entrance.

A large car came into sight, a super expensive car where two men, dressed in black suits, were standing, shielding the car from the gawking students. One of the men looked around the crowd and caught Taehyung's eyes who gasped and pulled Yoongi back.  He wanted to leave, until he heard a loud voice asking something that made him stop in his tracks.

"We're here for a Mr Kim Taehyung? Is he here?", he heard one of the men say and he turned pale while Yoongi gasped as well. "Tae, what the fuck did you do that these dudes are searching for you?"

"Bro, I have no freaking idea...", Taehyung exclaimed shocked, backing further away, hand still clutching on Yoongi's arm and trying to hide in the crowd. But since he had blue hair, he was easily to be recognized.

It was the dork who called him Tiny to spot him and yell out: 'It's the one with the blue hair! That's Kim Taehyung!", and Taehyung wanted to punch him. Especially when the men came rushing forward, coming towards him and the crowd parted like they were Moses parting the sea.

Taehyung stood there dumbfounded while the men came forward and suddenly bowed deeply in front of him, making him blush because everyone was staring at him.

"Mr Kim, your husband is waiting for you."

"My excuse the flipping fuck what?!", Taehyung screeched perplexed.

Yoongi breaking out into laughter next to him. "Husband", he wheezed. "Oh my god, Tae, you're so fucking dead, what the fuck did you do?!", Yoongi laughed loudly, his jealousy overshadowed by his amusement and patted Taehyung's back who stood frozen in his spot.

"We were sent by your husband to fetch you. He and his father request to see you", one of the men spoke politely, pointing towards the shining black car and Taehyung gulped thickly.

"U-uh, y-yeah... w-we shouldn't let him wait then", he said slowly, trying to realize what the fuck was happening while Yoongi next to him was having the fun of his life. "Well, bye bro, greet your husband from me and tell him April fools are already over", Yoongi cackled and the blue haired boy threw him an annoyed glare.

"This is so not funny, Yoongs", Taehyung grumbled and yelped when he was touched by one of the guys. "Yo, no touching!", he squeaked, making the man back away guilty. "I'm sorry Mr. Kim, but the young Master doesn't like to wait", he apologized and gently took a hold of Taehyung's arm.

The poor boy was too perplexed to struggle and let the two guys escort him towards the car. "And I don't like stupid jokes", he grumbled. "Believe me, this is not a joke", the other bodyguard told Taehyung and opened the back door for him to slide into the expensive car with black windows at the back.

"After you, Mr Kim."

And Taehyung did the most stupid thing: getting into this car.


Rewriting this sucks but I only have to rewrite it until Chapter 19 so yay


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