chapter 2

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"You've got to be completely kidding me", Taehyung cursed when he saw the four guys entering the small bakery he was working at, announcing their entrance loud for everyone to hear and laughing while patting each other on the back.

"No no no", the blue haired boy groaned underneath his breath before putting on his false smile for greeting the newcomers. They were in some of Taehyung's university classes and their leader was a real asshole, always making fun of Taehyung whenever they met and the blue-haired male hated the other's guts, hated how focused he was on looks and commenting on every passing girl's body which was so disgusting in Taehyung's opinion.

"Hello, and welcome to Eva's bakery, feel free to find a place to sit or buy anything", Taehyung smiled forced at the group before hurrying to get into the back so he didn't have to interact with them. But unfortunately, the leader spotted him. "Hey, it's the tiny guy!", he yelled loudly, making Taehyung cringe because more customers stared towards his direction and he hated attention on his person.

"Yo Tiny!", the other males greeted him loudly as well and Taehyung groaned, rolling his eyes before smiling forced again at them. "Hey guys", he said through gritted teeth before turning to the customer in front of him, smiling more friendly at the old lady who wanted some sliced bread.

"Tae, dear can you go and wipe the counters?", his colleague asked him, a young woman in her thirties, smiling at the petit blue-haired boy who looked with begging puppy eyes at her. "Maya, please no, can't you do it for me?", he asked with a pleading voice. "I'm busy over here", she snapped, glaring at the younger who huffed, grumbling a 'fine' before grabbing a wet cloth and another dry one, throwing it over his shoulder before walking into the small dining section of the bakery.

The four guys were sitting in the back of the Café, watching Taehyung intensely.

Their leader smirked when he moved his eyes over the boy's slim figure, lingering longer on the boy's plump ass before looking back at his friends with a smirk. "Yo Tiny, our table's dirty too", the leader announced with a smirk, purposely flipping his almost empty coffee cup over, making the black drink spill onto the wooden surface.

Taehyung moved shyly over to them, ignoring their eyes while he bent forward to wipe the coffee away, gritting his teeth. He stood back straight once he felt a hand groping his ass and he turned around, fire in his eyes before glaring at one of the guys who smirked daringly up at him.

"Cutie got an ass", the male commented, earning laughs from his friends and a blushing but furious Taehyung. "Do this one more fucking time and I'll report you for sexual harassment", the blue-haired male warned the guy with a disgusted look on his face.

"And keep your disgusting hands to yourself, you get me?", Taehyung growled before turning on his heels. Not noticing the comments he received for his snapping. "Damn, that was fucking hot", one of them whispered, looking at the pretty boy walking back to the aisle, apron tied around his thin waist.

"Didn't know Tiny had this kind of fire inside of him... makes him even more fuckable... do you think he's a virgin?"

"I bet he is", the leader said with a disgusting smirk while staring at the boy's ass.


"Please tell me this is a joke, father", an obviously pissed off young man said while he stared at the elderly male in the hospital bed, arms crossed in front of his chest. He glared at his father.

"I am afraid I'm not joking about my wish", the man said sternly, looking at his son through hard cold eyes. "Dad. Is it because of the scandal I had? I'm really sorry and I promise to never do that again--", the young male was interrupted by his father who shut his newspaper close, glaring at his son.

"You fucked a secretary, Jungkook. Not to mention, MY secretary! While I was in a meeting next door!", he growled, coughing when his chest started to ache.

"I will not accept this type of behavior anymore and this needs to stop now! I tolerated your playboy act long enough, Jungkook. You're about to become the leader of Onyx!", Jeon Hyungwon said with a glare.

Jeon Jungkook, his 21-years-old son, groaned annoyed, clearly not pleased by the conversation, even glaring down onto his Rolex before turning his attention back to his sick father in the hospital bed situated in one of the most exclusive hospital, with a private suite of course.

Everything for the leader of Onyx, a feared Mafia organization.

"But Daad! You don't even know this guy! Plus, I don't know how to break it to you... he's a guy! And I like boobs!", Jungkook exclaimed, black mask pushed down his chin, black eyes now looking pleadingly at his father.

"You're bisexual, Jungkook, you said it yourself. And I want someone for you who's kind, open minded, beautiful, loving and selfless. And this boy is everything of it. He's a little beauty, so just see it yourself", Hyungwon said, chuckling when he thought of his kind savor, looking like an angel sent out of heaven.

"My decision is set, son", the old man said to his son firmly who groaned in defeat, already hating this boy who got so stuck in his father's head, wanting to get rid of this nuisance as soon as possible.

"Jeon Jungkook, you're going to marry my savior Kim Taehyung."


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