Romance in Italy - 8

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The cold water dripping down my face cooled my heated cheeks as I stood in front of the wall-sized mirror in the woman's restroom. Staying in here for the past ten minutes, I'd already memorized the scent of Windex and jasmine coming from the little aroma fan. My eyes were pinkish and slightly swollen. I didn't cry. Well, actually, I couldn't really tell because there were no tears.

Females came and went but I stayed inside, never leaving the safe comfort of the premises. When I couldn't keep hiding out in the restroom anymore, I straightened my spine, transformed my expression into one of uncaring and walked out the door.

Back at the table, the food were cold and Ashton's eyes were roving around, trying to catch sight of me. Once he did see me, though, relief poured into his eyes and his contour practically shook with intense happiness.

"Where the hell were you?" He exploded, standing up as I stopped in front of the table.

"Restroom." I answered, detached.

"For ten fucking minutes?" He snarled, ignoring the odd and panicked look the waiters were giving him. I realized with a jolt that I'd never heard him cuss up until now. Of course, he'd never been this angry - at anyone! And the fact that I can draw out such anger from him scared me.

I cleared my throat and ducked my head, mumbling, "It was number two."

"You could've told me!"

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can come out here with my pants at my ankles and my bottom half bare just to tell you that I'm doing numero dos!" I said sarcastically.

He blinked and his lips twitched slightly. "Oh. Well, try not to take so long next time." He glanced at my plate and said, "Your food's cold. Want to order something else?"

"No. I'm not hungry anymore." Hearing those words: I already have my eyes on someone else come out of his mouth caused me to lose my appetite and I was sure that if I ate, I was going to up-heave the food anyway.

"Are you sure?" His brows furrowed. "We can get you something else to eat. It's really not that expensive if money's what you're worried about."

I shook my head. "It's not. I just...I'm not hungry. I'll eat something later." I assured him.

He scrutinized me for a minute before exhaling and nodding, "Suit yourself."

Ashton asked Maya for the check and slapped his credit card down on the bill. Maya carried the tray back and I frowned. I didn't see how much the total was. "How much was it?"

"Hm? It's nothing." The waitress brought back his card and he pocketed it. "Wanna go?"

"Yeah." On my way out, I saw a few death glares directed itself at me from the females scattered around the restaurant and couldn't help but smile. He may have his eyes on someone but it's nice to know how the other women felt when I'm with him. And if anything, I plan on changing what he feels about the other girl. Before this trip ends, I vowed, Ashton Blake will be helplessly mine.


I hopped on the bed, reaching into my pockets for my cell phone. Ashton was in the living room of the suit, watching none other than a rerun of the Steelers vs. Packers Superbowl match [A/N: I was rooting for the Steelers. Then they lost. :(]. So I flipped open my cell phone and dialed my mom's number. Hopefully, she picks up because if she doesn't then she's likely to freak out and bug me restlessly. She answered on the second ring.

"Hi, sweetheart!"

"Hi Mom. How are you?" I nestled the phone between my shoulder and the nook of my neck.

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