Gia's POV

'How long you leaving?
Well dad just don't expect me home this evening'


I was happily singing along to the music as I packed my suitcase. I was leaving for the holidays in a matter of hours and I was excited. Priya was gehting married, and to Loueh of all people; this was all very cool. According to Priya Loueh's mom, Jay was throwing them an engagement party on Friday and we had loads off shopping to do. Whah better way to spend my holiday?

'It's gonna take a bit if time
To heal this
It's been a long day-"


"Huh?" I looked up at a frustrated looking Laura.
"That's like the tenth time I'm calling you!"
"Really? sorry" I chuckled.
"Arrgg nevermind" she sighed and I went back to what I was doing.

'Cause I love him from the skins on my bones
But I don't wanna live in his home'


I heard her sigh loudly, but I kinda ignored her till the chorus was over. Hey nothing comes between me and my Ed Sheeran alright?

'And there's nothing to say cause he knows
I'll just run away and be on my own
On my own'


"Okay okay bravo. Now can we talk?" she clapped.
"Yeah sure" I turned down the music and then turned to face her lehtin her know she had my full attention.
"You aren't gonna miss me are you?" she rolled her eyes at my unusually chirpy mood.
"Aww of course I'll miss you Laura" I went over and gave her a squeeze.
"You promise?"
"Promise" I chuckled.
"Okay and make sure you keep me updated on Zayn, cause you and I both know stuff's gonna happen"
I rolled my eyes at thah buh was also unable to keep a blush from filling my features.
"I don't think soh buh I'll text you every day"
"Oh you better!"

Zayn's POV

"Malik get UP!"
"Uhh" I moaned turning my back towards the noise and refusing to leht it disturb my slumber.
"Bro get your ass up or else I'm leavin!"
How was thah supposed to be a threat?
"Leave then" I sighed hugging the pillow close to meh.
"You sure you wanna make that choice?"
This lad was playin gehms with meh now, ah could hear the smile in his voice. Where was he goin anyweh, as far as ah knew we hadn't made aneh plans for the dey.
"Okeh Loueh where are ya goin?" ah finally turned to fehs him and opened my eyes buh I was still clinging to the covers.
"To fetch Gia from the bus station" he shrugged like it was soh obvious. At the mention of Giashka I was wide awake.
"Why didn't you tell meh ?"
"So what you coming or not?"
"Two minutes bro" I jumped out of mah bed.
"Ah Zayn we don't have time"
"Buh ah needa shower" I protested.
"I'm already late"
"I'll be quick"
"You're really gonna leave your girl standing alone at the bus station?"
Hell no I couldn't do thah, whah if something happened to her?
"Go wash you face and get changed, I'll be in the car"
Ah felt soh awkward to just goh like thah but I couldn't miss the opportunity to see her. Soh I changed into sweats and had to go with mah hair down.

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