ep 3 🛹 pt 1.

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(3rd person PoV)

Y/n arrived at the scene , all of them looked at Y/n , y/n just stared with still a monotoned face , until Miya Broke the silence.

Miya: " Oi! Who are u calling a brat?  Miya asked with an annoyed expression , then Y/n simply answered with a small tilt of her head still monotoned
" who am I looking at exactly? Isn't it quite obvious ...brat? "
Y/n talked with a bored tone
" Tsk! Do u even know Who I- " Miya answered angry af the new comer infront of him , but he got cut offed by this new comer " oh and Gomen Raccoon , and Berry-kun i drove off without saying goodbye , I had to go home cause of an urgent text , and I didn't wanna ruin your guy's ' bro moment ' so yeah mah bad "  Y/n spoke looking at Reki and Langa.
" and oh- ah.. Ohayo Manager-san " y/n spoke once again acknowledging Oka's presence , Oka Nodded towards Y/N'S direction.

Reki was the first one to respond to Y/n
" It's fine Y/n , tho we were a bit confused since u just disappeared without saying goodbye so we thought something bad happened or something , I tried to contact you but I realized I didn't have your number yet , but yeah it's alright " Reki spoke with a gentle smile letting Y/n know it's alright , Y/n nodded in acknowledgement to what he said and looked towards Langa to see what his statement would be ,
" Yeah it's fine Y/n - chan , and plus as u said it was urgent , but a little goodbye would be appreciated , don't forget to give us your number later ,Kay? " Langa exclaimed , facing Y/n the 3 definitely forgot about another existing human being in the store with them until they heard him Cough.

" Oh and who is that again? " Y/n asked who the Kid was , Reki looked at Miya then Back at Y/n " that's Miya Chinen an international  Japanese Hopeful , he's really good at skateboarding I'm surprised u haven't heard of him y/n-chan " 

( Y/n POv )

After Reki explained who he was I looked at him and ...so that's why

Ohh ...so that's who he is ..ah yeah I remember now Miya Chinen , so that's why his name rang a bell , Tsk it's this brat ofcourse I know who he is I've seen him before .. he's actually quite two faced , and a brat that is ..tho I dont really think this tough act of him is quite real , your eyes sends different wave signals sweety...has...that mask will break soon

I was staring at Miya The whole time while thinking of that Was I? Damn someone mentioned I looked scary when I stared.

" Aahh...and what business did he have here? " I asked still looking down at the boy.

I heard Reki answer me
" He came here to have a beef with Langa "  
Oh...is that so? That's quite entertaining...
" but I would- " Reki spoke once again but he got cut offed by Miya

" Oh and you Nee-san I would like to have a beef with you as well "  Miya spoke towards me looking up quite bit with a smug look on his face .

I look down at him still with a bored face , like seriously? Who does he think he is? Just because he's a Japanese blah blah doesn't make him any higher than any of us , he must be looking down at us huh .

" No " I answered monotonely 
I looked down at him , he seemed to be quite shocked by my answer and I can see Reki with his eyes quite wide but looking at Langa , his faced showed that he was expecting this type of answer from me. 

But the shocked looked on Nita's face was quickly morphed into a Smug on

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