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18 pt. 3

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smut + short chapter bc I don't think you guys like when I write smut 😂


He begins to put the tip in and I'm already moaning.

He thrusts in and out slowly before picking up the pace.

"Jack I don't think I can hold on much longer." I moan.

"Don't cum until I say so please baby girl."

He begins to fuck me hard and I think he's about to break my kitchen counter.

"Gilinsky I can't-" I begin to say but he interrupts me.

"Cum with your daddy, princess." He says as we both release into each other.

"That was-" he begins to say but now I interrupt him.

"Yeah well now you got what you wanted so you can go tell everyone how loose I am right?" I say while putting my undergarments on.

"Elena." he sighs.

"Don't. What's done is done." I snap.

"Well since you got what you wanted you can leave now."

"Okay why the fuck are you acting as if I raped you or something?" He shouts.

"Don't fucking act all innocent or play the victim because you wanted that just as badly as I did or you would've told me to stop." He clenches his jaw and his eyes turn black.

I want to slap him and kick him out but he's right. I could've stopped it if I wanted to, but I didn't.

"Elena, what I said at the party was bullshit okay?" He lifts my chin making me stare into his eyes.

"I only said those things because I was angry you never told me you were leaving." His voice softens and I begin to feel guilty.

"I'm sorry." I say while I caress his cheek.

"Let's just go to bed yeah?" He smiles and I nod.

We clean up the kitchen and head into my room. Jack strips down to his boxers and I do the same. He hands me his shirt and I put it on while he takes of my bra.

We finally lay down and Jack is holding me. My back is pressed against his stomach, and his arm don't dare to leave my side.



"Promise me you'll be here when I wake up in the morning." My heart clenches.

"Yeah don't worry about it." I lie.


"I promise Jack." I say although my mother always told me don't keep promises you can't keep.

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