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"I warned you."

As the hammer comes down onto my head, I lift my left hand upward and catch it. The ground under me cracks, so I assume the strike to be fairly powerful, but not enough to make me exert myself.

I look up at the man named Charles and give him a nonchalant look.

"Is that it? I guess it is my turn then."

I raise my right leg and kick in his left kneecap, to which it bends and makes a loud audible cracking noise.

"AHHHH! My leg! What the hell have you done?" He looks at me with a horrified expression before falling, screaming in agony.

Strangely, I feel nothing when doing this to them. I would feel awful if I did this to a person if I was still human—probably a side effect of becoming a demon.

I sense an arrow coming straight towards my head. I catch it with my right hand before it makes its mark.

Dropping the arrow in my hand, I disappear from my previous spot and appear right next to the ranger who shot at me and kick her in the side while holding back as much as possible.

The lady named Riza flew and got rammed into a tree. Man, I need to work on my suppression skills, or it's just that humans are weak.

"Run, he's too powerful. When you get away, report this to the guild!" Charlie yells at his teammates.

Seemingly understanding that they're not my match, they turn around and start running away. All except the big guy and tree lady, obviously.

"Wow, leaving behind your companions? Not even I'm that cold." I say in a mocking tone.

Why the hell am I enjoying this? Damn, I need to stop that. It might become a liability.

"[Flame Prison]" I kick the floor, and a box of fire springs up all around them, preventing any escape.

"P...please let us leave! We didn't do anything to you! What do you want from us? How about all of the other people here? None of them matter! I can help you!" The warrior Brad speaks up in his defense.

I turn to look at the neutral woman I saw with my [All Seeing Eye]. I finally understood why that is the case. She is a half-human: half-human, half-elf. I can choose to see a lot more with my eyes, so I looked into each of them once more. Each of them has done atrocities to monsters like me except the neutral lady.

It is honestly disgusting to watch as I can't filter out what I do and don't want to see. Beating to death innocent families just because we are monsters in their eyes.

This warrior, on the other hand, is complete trash. He abuses his power and kills humans and monsters alike. Always weaseling his way out of trouble and committing horrible acts like r*pe, murder, assault, theft.

I might as well get the reason for their arrival before I kill him.

"For what reason have you trespassed on the southern region?" I say in a threatening tone.

"It wa...was for a job. We were ordered to destroy southern farmland to weaken the Demon King's army!" The mage responds fearfully.

So it seems like they were sent to destroy my residence...and the old man. If they managed to make it to the house, they would undoubtedly attack and or attempt to kill him. I'll let most things slide as I don't want to get too involved with anything, but this crosses the line.

"You picked the wrong house, fool." I walk over to the warrior, look him in the eyes, and shove my foot through his skull.

"I may be a monster, but I still have morals. Priest lady, you're free to go." An opening large enough for one person to go through forms in the prison walls.

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