"No!" I hiss, backing away from Lou holding a mascara wand. She puts her hands on her hips.

"Come on, it's only mascara," she sighs. I clamp my hands over my eyes.

"Do whatever as long as you leave my eyelashes alone!" I beg. She rolls her eyes and removes my hands from my eyes. She puts the mascara wand back in the container and begins giving me light makeup.

After she leaves my room, I throw on a pair of skinny jeans and my "Bring me the Horizon" t-shirt. I look at the material for a moment, flooded with memories.

"Maddy, why do you want that?" my mom asks, looking at my shirt.

"My taste in music is phenominal, mommy!" I joke. She smiles.

"Well, hurry up, alright? Your brother and I will be at Gamestop," she tells me. I nod and smile.

"Okay! Bye Mom!"

I feel something warm slide down my cheek. I raise a trembling hand and feel a surprise tear. Soon, a flood of tears are cascading down my cheeks. I just sit in memory, remembering my mom. How much I miss her.

There's a knock on my door and it swings open. I whip around.

"Hey, we're leaving in-"

Louis stops when he sees my tears. His smile falls and he walks toward me, crouching down.

"What's up kiddo?" he asks. I angrily try to wipe my tears away, but they still fall.

"I was thinking a-about my mom," I hiccup. His face reads sympathy. I scoot away from him. I can take care of myself. Don't baby me.

He sighs, almost like he read my mind. "Well, we're leaving in about 10 minutes. You'll be fine," he assures me, closing my door. I sniffle and hug my knees to my chest. I try to think happy thoughts away from my family. They're the last thing I want to think about.

Shortly after Louis' visit, I calm down and look in the mirror at my eyes. They're a bit red, but not too noticeable. I am amazed at Lou's makeup job. There are no zits or blemishes on my skin. I look flawless!

I quickly use the bathroom and put on a few wristbands to cover a few "problems" on my arm and rush out to find the boys already leaving. Harry looks over at me.

"Hey, there she is! Now, come on," he urges, waving his hand toward the door. I shrug and plaster a grin on my face, stepping off the bus.

The sound of girls is overwhelming. Halfway inside the venue, I realize that just a few months ago, I would've been one of the girls screaming for Harry's gravy or for some other... things.

Liam casually shoves me inside the building. I glare at him, but he smiles without flinching. I shake my head and go backstage.

I stand outside their dressing room. Niall gives me a look. "What are you doing?" he questions.

"Well, you guys are getting dressed. I don't feel like I want to watch you all get changed," I lie. I would. I really would. It's just completely impolite to say, 'Hello, I want to watch you five strip down and get dressed again. So please, do a striptease for me'. No, that's just not what you do.

He shrugs. "Alright. Since you don't have tickets for this concert, you'll have to be backstage," he tells me. I nod. I feel kind of bad actually. I would love to bring those fans backstage and have them meet the boys. I can't though.

Their door closes and instantly, I hear Harry yelling, "Who put ice down my shirt?!" I crack up laughing and pace the hallway while I wait. The hallway is cheaply painted too. One end is a sky blue and as you walk down the hall, the color fades until it's just white.

Cheap venue, I scoff.

Eventually, Lou pulls me aside to do some touching up and the boys run onstage to do their concert. I smile as the tune of "Kiss You" begins blaring and the audience goes wild.

I watch the boys perform backstage along with management.

Harry continuously looks backstage and smiles and waves to me. I can almost hear the confused fans.

After the show, we go to an hour long meet and greet. I sort of hang out at the back. Louis, Zayn, and Liam decide to get back on the bus. Harry, Niall, and I go to a restaurant to get some food. They keep their hoods up and try to diguise their voices. It's adorable. They're so bad at hiding their identity.

Harry is basically shoving food at me, telling me I should try this and I should try that.

By the end of the night, I hadn't eaten anything. I sigh and we take off to tour destination number 2.

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