Chapter Seven: wedding night

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"Haley, you're gonna piss off the people in the room below us." James says, watching me jump on the bed.
"I don't see you stopping me." I say, getting off the bed and grabbing the champaign and pouring another glass.
"Nope." He looks at me with love, and pulls me to him. He dances me around the room, ending with a kiss. Heat explodes throughout my body where he's touching me.
"It's not a fairy tale." I say, looking up at him.
"What?" He asks.
"Love. You just gotta find the right person." He picks me up so that I'm at the same height as him. I giggle, the champaign finally getting to me.
"Haley, it's always been that way. The moment I first saw you, I knew."
"I know." I kiss him as he walks to the bed. Him being bigger than me, he keeps his weight in his elbows so he doesn't crush me.
He's been worried about me for a while because of the rape, but I'm ok with me and him. Usually when we do it, all I think about is the rape, but he's replaced it all now. We're full if passion and lust when we do it, but tonight, the aura of the room is different. It's...
"Love?" James asks.
"Hmm?" I ask.
"You were talking out loud." He smiles and runs his fingers through my hair.
"Love me?" I ask.
"Always, don't expect anything less." I nod. He pulls my dress off and holds my arms gently.
"Don't, please." I beg. "Not tonight." He's made a habit of kissing my scars when we do it. He wants me to know I'm loved. I love it when he does, I can't keep from crying though.
"One more time." He says, looking at my arms again. "Cause they're almost gone. I barely see them." He brushes his lips across the scars, then puts my arms down.
"No more. Ok? I don't want to see scars ever again." He says.
"I won't. I promise." I say and he nods, kissing me.
James has his head resting on my stomach, his arms on either side of me.
"Baby, you wanna carry my children?" He asks, looking up at me.
"Yes, I would love that." I smile and run my fingers through his hair.
"Imagine how cute they would be." He says. "A mini me or you running around." He kisses my stomach. I bite my lip and look at him.
"I have to tell you something." I whisper. He leans up on his elbow and looks at me.
"I'm pregnant." His eyes go huge and he looks at my stomach.
"Hals, don't be pulling my leg." He says. I sigh and get up. I pull a picture out of my purse and hand it to him.
"I got it the day before you got drunk." He looks at the picture in awe, looking like he's gonna cry. "It's just a blob, but..."
"That blob is our kid." He says, never looking away from the picture. "I'm gonna love you and this baby forever."
"I know." I whisper, lying back on the bed. He abandons the picture and kisses my stomach. "I love you." I say.
"I love you too." He says, putting his hand on my hip.
"How many kids do you want?" I ask quietly.
"1 or 2." He says. "No more."
"Ok, that's good with me." He rubs circles on my hip while humming something. "What is that?" I ask.
"A song we learned to sing when we were watching some of the kids. It's a traditional song."
"It's pretty." I mumble, listening to him hum, falling asleep soon after my eyes close.

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