I don't want to be king

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Currently, I live on the outskirts of the southern region in a small house with my grandfather. I don't get how he sees since he's got that typical face where characters always have their eyes closed until something serious happens. He, like me, is just a perfectly normal demon. We do farm work for the monsters, which is pretty lame, but I'd rather not be forced to be a general.

My thoughts get cut off when I get smacked in the head by my grandfather. How can he, of all people, hurt me, but I can tank blows from rank 6 magic with nothing but a scratch?

"Stop looking at the wall and get back to work, brat!" Why is he so loud?

Even if he is hard on me, he is a massive tsundere.

*Flashback 7 years ago*

"Okay, brat, I need help, and you seem to be old enough to work the fields."

He picks me up by the shirt and carries me outside, to which he throws me out of the house. When I open my eyes, I see a tool right above me that ends up hitting my face.

After showing me what I was supposed to do, he told me.

"Good luck!" The door slams shut.

I groan in annoyance. Turning around, I see the massive field. Looking down at the tool, I ask myself.

How the hell am I going to do this? I have no experience whatsoever other than watching some TV shows and basic knowledge.

Taking the time to figure it out, I eventually get the hang of it, to which I decide to abuse my powers. Even at 5 years old, I can already break the sound barrier, and I can keep up with my speed. Everything seems to move in slow motion.

Damn old man.

On the inside of the house, an entirely different scenario is playing out.

"Oh my Satan, he is growing up so fast." He wipes a tear from his eye.

*Flashback End*

My grandfather really isn't my grandfather. His name is Daggaz, and he used to be one of the demon king's generals before he was defeated and lost his position. He doesn't hold it against him because he always told me that he purposefully lost because he was bored out of his mind. I don't know who my parents are because, according to him, I just came out of the sky and smashed through his house.

As I start to tend to the fields, I hear a group talking around 500 meters away in the forest next to our house. I close my eyes.

"[Detect Life]"

I see a group of 6 humans with armor and weapons. By their appearance, they seem to be adventurers—one priest, one mage, two rangers, one tank, and one warrior. A party like this isn't meant for a simple job.

Opening my eyes, I dash towards the forest hopping from tree to tree faster than the eye can see, and end up where the adventurers are. Hiding in one of the trees, I decide if I should take them out or not. I have a stealth skill, so I don't think that they will find me.

"[All Seeing Eye]"

My eyes shine red as I use a skill to read their strength and mindset.



(B) Tank

[Hostile against Monsters]



(B) Priest




(C) Ranger

[Hostile against Monsters]



(B) Ranger

[Hostile against Monsters]



(A) Warrior

[Hostile] {Danger to Humans and Monsters}



(B) Mage

[Hostile against Monsters]


I expected all of them to be hostile against monsters, but I didn't understand why the priest girl is neutral, and the warrior is dangerous to humans.

Compared to me, they are extremely weak, but I am worried about my house considering that they are headed right for it. If they ran into the old man, he might have trouble on his hands dealing with a full party of adventurers.

*Sigh* It looks like I have to get involved.

Jumping out of the tree that I'm in, I land right in front of them, to which they jump in surprise.

"Hey uh, can you guys please leave? I'd rather not fight you guys." Hopefully, they leave so I can go back home and finish my work, but I doubt it.

"Oh, it's just a demon child, nothing to get worked up over. For a second, I thought we were in trouble there. Hahaha." The tank guy laughs it off to which a tick mark appears on my head.

The adventurers feel a cold sweat on their backs when they all look at the child who now has a look of annoyance.

"Oh, haha, don't worry, I'll take care of it. It's not your lucky day little guy." The tank walks over to me before trying to intimidate me with a sadistic smile. Currently, at 12, I am about 5'8 and this dude is easily 7 feet tall.

He raises his hammer high into the air and I mumble a few words.

"I warned you."


The first chapter of my new story! I will be working on it later as I just finished my other story, but here's a little sneak peek of what it will look like. Love you guys, peace!

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