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Mondstadt. She absolutely loves the place. She once stepped foot into the region for her work, and ever since she had, she never was able to forget the warm feeling of the blaring sun. The white pale clouds. And most importantly, the nice wind that blows freely. Just as it's people. But she favors the other regions just as much.

It was all such a surprise. The warmth is just— just great! It was something new, and she felt like it was the home she never had.

When suddenly she heard a few irritating laughs that anybody, would possibly differentiate, and recognize.

Sighing to herself, bore some, and exasperated.

'Abyss Mages...' Something about them, she absolutely hated.

When she went through some of the trees and bushes, she saw a kid tied up around their waist and their arms to their side tightly. Hung from a tree branch.

She drew her weapon as it appeared into her open palm, ready to strike. When she remembered the feeling of the thrill of a battle. A battle she knew, she would win, and the fearless look in her eyes. Along with her confident movement.

The sensation when she would battle a ruthless battle as when she was still part of the Fatui Harbingers. She remembered it, along with the cruelty in her strikes. Not caring in the slightest of the opponents pain, and only worked to kill by the Tsaritsa's command. Maybe that was something she didn't like. To be a tool to kill.

It has only been one day, since she has resigned from her position. And left her homeland, Snezhnaya.

"Hands off of Klee's treasure!" The kid demanded, wriggling in the wrapped bonds around her small torso.

"Hehehe!" And blah, blah, blah. The Abyss Mage kept blabbing in their robotic voices.

Until Y/N decided to step in without a second thought. Hitting the pyro mage with hydro, and electro at the same time. Swiftly slicing its furry head, potentially placing a crack in its bone mask. And while in those acts, she used anemo to sweep a few leaves, to save the child from the violent scene. Though she probably couldn't have possibly seen her, due to her movements being too fast for the human eye.

She stood still with her pole-arm in in hand, and threw it in the air to let it precipitate. Y/N let the kid down from the ropes.

"Thanks!" The kids smile wide, and excited.

Y/N pat her head. She felt the need to, despite her trying to tell herself not to.

"Are you alright?" She asked the little bomber.

"Yup! The Abyss Mage took Klee's treasure. And got hurt. Then they tied Klee up." Klee pouted to herself, while swaying to the side cutely.

"It's fine, now. I took care of it. I'll take you to your house."

"Okay! Are you...  new  around here?"

'She's pretty keen.'

"Yes. I am." Y/N glanced at the location of Snezhnaya for a brief moment, already feeling slight saddened by the departure. She won't be visiting there for quite a while. Then looked back to Klee as they started trudging towards Mondstadts gates.

"Who are you, may I ask?" Y/N spoke first.

"I'm Klee, of the Knights of Favonius!"

Y/N almost tripped. 'Knights of—'

"You're quite young." She composed herself.

"Yup! I go outside to adventures! Grand Master Jean gets mad at me when I blow up the fish in the pond.." Her voice trailed off.

'Blow up—'

The two guards at the gate welcomed the two, and she let Klee lead the way.

Their conversation were of little importance to her.

"My big brother is the bestest big brother!"

"Oh? Really? How best?" Y/N played along.

"The best of the best!" Klee jumped, letting her backpack jump up, and her small keychain float in the air, only for it to come back down due to gravity.

"Do you have a big brother?" Klee's large orbs looked at her, with curiosity.

"I have someone who is like a brother. But he is somewhere else." She referred to Scaramouche, and a certain ginger bread man.

"Somewhere else? Do you ever get lonely?"

"Lonely?" The girl questioned herself, repeating the question. She didn't quite understand what was lonely. Was it because there was nobody to bug you? You want attention? Or an excuse to be needy?

"No. Not really. But I'd like for them to visit me sometime, if possible. I don't plan on visiting him. Though I'm not sure if they are willing, I left them with an unsettling feeling."

"Oh. Did Klee make you sad? I'm sorry..." Klee looked very sad, and Y/N couldn't help but pat her head in reassurance.

"You didn't. It's alright. More likely that I have made the atmosphere sappy."

They made it in front of the door to her house.

"This is where we part. Goodbye, Klee."

"Will I get to see you again?" There was hope in the red small girl's eyes, as she looked pleasing towards Y/N.

Y/N thought for an answer.

"Perhaps." She turned around to leave, and at that every moment, water started to poor down from the very gray sky that was a bright ultramarine blue a moment ago.
And Klee couldn't see her figure anymore.

"Klee? It's rain, come inside the house." Albedo opened the door wider letting the small elf indoors.

Klee told him about being captured by the Abyss Mages, and suddenly a gust of wind blew. Leaving the Abyss Mages on the ground, defeated. Mentioning the 'Miss' she had encountered who had saved her. And it all only happened in a matter of seconds.

Albedo was a bit interested in this 'savior', who had suddenly appeared. And kept in mind she was new to Mondstadt.

"Is that so?" He mumbled, while drying her hair with a towel. And placed it on the nearest chair he could currently find.

"Mhm! I hope I get to see Miss again." She sulked, into the chair.

"I'm sure you will eventually." Albedo pat her head with a smile of his. 'I hope so too.'

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