Events of GTA V

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While once again having sex with Ashley, Trevor learns about the robbery of a jewelry store in Los Santos after a witness quotes a movie line that was a favourite of Michael's during their time as partners. While Trevor is shocked after hearing about Michael's sudden re-appearance, he grabs a beer and leaves his trailer where he is confronted by Johnny for again having sex with Ashley. While trying to avoid a confrontation between himself and Johnny by simply walking away, Trevor is pushed to a breaking point as Johnny continues to express his rage at Trevor. Trevor is unable ignore to Johnny's rage anymore and then starts telling him offensive jokes about his meth addiction and mockingly invites him to have sex with Trevor, joking that this is the reason for the friction between the two men. Johnny lays his guard down and tells Trevor that he still loves Ashley. Trevor then hugs Johnny and starts "consoling" him. Finally, Wade, Ron, and Ashley watch in horror as Trevor finally snaps to the point that he suddenly grabs Johnny by the neck and throws him onto the ground, then smashes a beer bottle against Johnny's face and begins stomping on his head, instantly killing him.
Knowing that Johnny's gang will be outraged over its leader's brutal murder, Trevor decides to wipe out The Lost and their meth business from Blaine County before they have a chance to exact revenge for Johnny. He drives with Wade and Ron to a Lost hangout in Grapeseed where Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons and other members of the Lost are. After announcing and mocking Johnny's death, the members of The Lost retreat to their Lost MC hideout, known as The Range which is just outside Sandy Shores to notify the rest of the gang. Trevor follows them there.

Immediately afterwards, Trevor, alongside Ron and Wade, attacks the hideout. Trevor wipes out most of the crew there (including Terry and Clay), and orders Wade to find out where Michael lives. In the mean time, Trevor and Ron do more work, including attacking the trailer of Aztecas leader Ortega (he has the option of killing Ortega or sparing him in order to take over his position as Blaine County's drug and gun king) and taking over The Lost MC's airbase in Sandy Shores Airfield along with its cargo after they trash his trailer as revenge for Johnny. He would later return after a new chapter of The Lost is recommissioned there to continue business, blowing up the camp entirely and removing The Lost's presence from Sandy Shores once and for all.

Trevor continues to attempt to do business with other organizations including the Chinese Triads, led by a dealer known as Wei Cheng, who wants a reliable business partner so that he could expand his business in Blaine County. Cheng sends his son to Blaine County along with a translator. Trevor attempts to show them his meth lab, but is forced to hide the translator and Tao in a freezer and face gang members, who want to kill Trevor for attacking Ortega (or killing him). Trevor manages to kill all of the attackers, however this results in the Chinese backing off from Trevor and doing business with the O'Neil brothers instead. Enraged after learning the Chinese decided to work with the O'Neils whom Trevor highly dislikes, Trevor decides to kill the O'Neils. On the way, Trevor receives a phone call from Elwood O'Neil who invites Trevor to talk at the O'Neil ranch, but Trevor dismisses the offer and lets Elwood know what he will do. A panicked Elwood tells his brothers to protect the farm before leaving with two of his brothers, Walton and Wynn, to meet with the Cheng family. Despite the O'Neil family's efforts, Trevor attacks the O'Neil's household, slaughtering many of the brothers single-handed (except for Elwood, Walton and Wynn) and destroying their farm.
A short time later, Trevor receives news from Wade that two "Michael Townleys" live in Los Santos and neither matches Trevor's description. However, a man of Michael Townley's age named "Michael De Santa" lives in Los Santos, has two children and is married to a woman named Amanda. Trevor recognizes his old partner's alias, and (after stopping briefly to wipe out a recently-established Lost camp on the outskirts of town) he and Wade make the trip to Los Santos, where they take refuge in Wade's cousin Floyd's girlfriend's apartment.

Trevor then tracks down Michael at his home, surprising and shocking everyone in the house. When Trevor asks where Tracey is, Jimmy then reveals that she is auditioning for Fame or Shame. Trevor and Michael then rush to the Maze Bank Arena, knowing full well that Tracey will humiliate herself with her terrible dancing in front of the country. The two break into the audition, where Tracey happily greets Trevor. When the host of the show, Lazlow Jones, began to make sexual advances towards Tracey during her dance, Trevor and Michael become angry and give chase to Lazlow.

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