After school, Gavin and I went over to his place

The door was halfway opened...yet again

"Gavin..." I said

He went inside then a few seconds later came out again "come on"

"Why is your door always unlocked?" I asked

"I guess I forget to lock it when I leave"

I wasn't buying it. He always secures the door he has like 3 locks on it but again I left it alone and went inside

"Is your friend ok?" He asked pulling out the sushi we bought

"I don't know...we didn't get to see her" I said as I sat on the barstool

"What happened?"

"Apparently she doesn't stay there anymore...she's probably staying with her druggie boyfriend" I said stuffing sushi in my mouth

His phone began to ring he put his index finger gesturing a minute

I sighed and stuffed more sushi in my mouth

Later I collapsed on the couch watching reruns of The Walking Dead

Gavin had stepped out for a moment he said he had a family emergency but still wanted me to stay at his place

There was a letter on the coffee table and I tried my damnedest not to be noisy because I want to trust him

All I saw was "we're honored that..." It couldn't be bad right?

I stared at the letter for another 5 seconds before finally grabbing it off the table and skimming it

It was from Florida state University "Mr. Rivers We're honored that you have agreed to take our job offer if you have any questions call us at..." I put the paper down exactly the way it was when I found it

"Wow fucking wow" I mumbled under my breath

Gavin came back

"You got a job in Florida?" I blurted

His face dropped

"I was going to tell you" he said


"When I was ready"

"Apparently you are ready, you agreed to take the job Gavin"

"I got offered a job as a tutor and its just for the summer"

"Don't you think you should've told me this"

"Yeah but... you don't understand" Gavin said

"Don't tell me I don't understand, don't single me out I should be aware of what happens in our relationship"

"Ok what do you want to do? call them and tell them I dont want the job"

"No that's not what I'm saying-"

"Then what are you saying?"

I felt the anger building up inside of me so I sat down on the couch

"I just don't want to lose you" I whispered "There are a lot of beautiful woman your age on campus and I can't compete with that"

He sat down next to me "I'm not asking you too...I with you because you're you"

I kissed him "Im sorry for being a crazy girlfriend and looking at your mail I promise not to...if you stop shutting me out"

"Deal" he said as he kissed my forehead

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