Character File #2: Brittany

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Full Name: Brittany Smith
Age: 16 (born June 20th 2004)
Height: 5'8 (around 175cm)
Elemental Power: Lightning
Level: 4.5
Power: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Speed: 5/5
Luck: 3/5


Bolt (Teleportation ability)
-Brittany teleports a small distance from her original location

Alternate Sprint (Augmentation ability)
-Brittany infuses herself in lightning, rendering herself immune to direct attacks whenever she runs, also gains speed over time

Barrier (Shield-type ability)
-Brittany can summon a barrier that will reflect all elemental magic, but it can only endure 1 hit

Mastery Of Magic (Passive ability)
-Elemental combat-type abilities are more effective when reacting with other elements


The lion, the witch, the audacity of this bitch. As a child, Brittany was very naughty. Pardon me, she was Satan. God would pee his pants if he was on earth.

She always used to fight other kids when they tried to take her things. Brittany didn't have her powers back then, but her kicks and punches were strong enough to catapult a child of her size into outer space.

As she grew older, she found out that she had a hidden talent, the talent is that she can manipulate a small bolt of lightning in her hand. She thought she was powerless, and that she will be bullied for it, but the thing is, she wasn't bullied.

People actually admire her, then and now. Why? She can be a child, but a responsible child. Brittany always learned that the best thing is being your true self.

What did the new kids in school do when they reached grade 5? They already knew how to seperate the pretentious rich bitches from normal kids like Brittany.

Her home life was normal, but a bit after her 13th birthday, her parents started arguing about everything. Be it work, be it drinking, be it going out, be it their daughter's friend group.

Especially the friend group. From what she told her parents, she is friends with a thief, a boy who is 99% certain that he's gay, and a tomboy. From what you can see, she is supportive of everyone and accepts everyone for who they are.

Her mother being the accepting, less religious one, has no issues with her friends, as long as they don't give Brittany a hard time.

Brittany's father on the other hand... in short, she saved him in her phone as 'Toxic Twat' with capital letters.

He is a religious fanatic who must have everything go his way, just so he can keep a good reputation and impression. His daughter needs to have good friends, all rich girls but one rich boy to marry.

Yeah... Brittany cringed hard at that. Her father went ape shit in front of her school after a parents day, and on who of all people? Her gay best friend. The witnesses hated and still hate her father for that, but they feel sorry for her and her mother.

After that day, she dyed her strawberry blonde hair into a bright red. She ditched skirts and dresses except one black dress she liked. She started to stick to hoodies and ripped jeans.

Brittany also found love in video games. However, her favorite free time activity is watching animal compilations on YouTube.

When she hit the power training center a bit before high school, she tested all of her abilities in a single day, but needed to practice for a bit to master them. Now when she is in high school, and in the dorms away from her father, she feels free.

Only thing she didn't expect is that she will meet a like minded girl, who just happened to have the only free spot next to her.

Author's Note:

Finally the second character profile.

This is my Sunday upload... yay! Part 10 is the next one, stay tuned.

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