#30 Adorable *Calum Hood*

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        "(Y/N)! C'mere! You gotta hear this!" Calum whisper-shouted, waving you over to him.

        You walked over to him curiously, your eyebrows raised when you realized he was standing in front of the bathroom. "Isn't Luke taking a sho--?"

        "Hush! Just listen," Calum giggled, placing his finger to your lips. You blushed at the contact, falling completely silent. In his effort to shush you and get you to listen, Calum had unconsciously snuck his arm around your waist, your back pressed into his chest.

        "I de-di-cate thees song tu yoo! Te one hoo neva sees te truth!" Luke sung, his voice choppy and robotic.

        "What the heck?" you giggled, holding your hand up to muffle your laughter, for fear of Luke hearing.

        "I know right," Calum laughed, his chest moving with his giggles.

       You felt your cheeks grow warmer, the heat traveling to your neck. Even though you and Calum had been together for about two months and best friends for over four years, he still managed to get you incredibly flustered whenever he so much as touched you.

        "And Iam riyt heeyah! Wen yoO GuNNa REELIYZE?!" Luke shouted, his voice rising towards the end.

        "Holy balls," Calum choked out, his face red from laughing so hard. You joined in his laughter, finding Calum's reaction hilariously adorable. As he continued to laugh, you felt his grip on your waist tighten, him struggling to keep himself up. "(Y-Y/N)," he giggled, his knees giving way leaving him clinging onto you for support. "H-Help. Please," he begged, tears running down his face from laughing so hard. "I- I just... I just can't."

        You sighed and tried to pry Calums arms from your waist to keep yourself from falling down but to no avail, your hands shaking from laughing with him. After trying for a few more moments you shrugged, deciding to try and get him off by walking. As you moved, Calum's legs dragged behind you, his face buried into your back as his body wracked with uncontrollable laughter "Calum, s-stop. You're going to make me fa-- AGH!" you squealed, losing your balance and toppling to the ground.

        "Oh shi--!" he gasped, his arms still wrapped around your torso, causing him to fall with you.

        You landed on the ground with a huff, all of the air knocked out of your lungs. "C-Calum. Can't. Breath. Or. Move," you groaned, struggling to get him off of you.

        "I d'know," he teased, squeezing your waist tighter and snuggling into your stomach. "It's kind of comfortable here."

        "Ugh," you groaned, giving up on trying to push him off and instead deciding to try and pry his arms away, "You're so annoying."

        "Mhm," he hummed, his mouth pressed against your stomach causing you to giggle at the vibrations. He glanced up at you, one eyebrow raised in questioning. Your eyes widened as you realized what he was thinking, hoping with all your might that you were wrong. "Are you... ticklish?" he asked, a mischievous smile on his face.

        "No," you answered, a little too quickly. You mentally cursed yourself, anxious for what was coming next,

        "So it wouldn't bother you if I did... THIS?!" he shouted, attacking your stomach with his nimble fingers, tickling you with no remorse.

        "YES! YES IT WOULD!" you yelled, trying to push him away. "Y-you're a... You're a h-horrible per-person!" you stuttered between laughs, trying to kick him off of you.

        "You love me really," he teased, moving his hands to tickle your sides.

        "I do not!" you yelled defiantly, immediately regretting your tone as his tickling intensified.

        "I'll stop if you say that you love me!" he shouted, his eyes glowing with humor.

        "Never!" you yelled, continuing to kick and push. Suddenly, you heard the door to the bathroom open and shifted your gaze, seeing an incredibly confused Luke watching the mess of limbs you and Calum made up. "L-Luke! Help!" you yelled, a pleading look in your eyes as Calum continued his relentless tickling.

        "I am not getting involved!" Luke shouted, rushing in the complete opposite direction of you and Calum.

        "Luke! Y-you traitor!" you choked out, struggling to catch your breath.

        After a few more moments, Calum finally stopped, a satisfied look on his face, "That was fun."

        You glared at him playfully, crossing your arms over your chest, "No. It wasn't."

        He giggled, nodding his head childishly, "Yes. It was." You sighed, uncrossing your arms and placing your hands on his arms, trying to pry him away so you could get up. You felt Cal's arms tighten, a sly smirk on his face. "Not until you give me a kiss."

        You sighed, glaring at him in annoyance. After a few minutes of you glaring and him smirking, you sighed, "Fine, but I still hate you."

        "Good enough for me," he smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling cutely.

        You blushed as he released your waist slightly, shimmying upwards so that your faces were level with each others. You pecked him quickly, the corners of your mouth curving upwards as you felt him giggle against your lips. "You're so adorable," you teased, pulling away so you could look at him. "I love it."

        He stopped laughing at your words, a hopeful gleam prominent in his eyes. "Does that mean you love me?" he asked, a small smile adorning his lips. You nodded shyly, a bright smile on your face. "Good, 'cause I love you," he whispered, kissing you tenderly on the nose. You scrunched your nose at the contact, a cute giggle escaping between your lips. "And your adorableness too." he finished, burying his head in the crook of your neck, a sigh of content escaping his lips.

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